Nodds & Nends: Barbie’s New Bodies, Favorite Food, and Vaginal Fantasy

Mattel has finally gotten the hint that people are looking for a new kind of model image for their children. With toys like the Tree Change Dolls spreading across social media like fire, Barbie is finally following in their footsteps and diversifying her body type.  Is it weird I want to go out and buy that curvy Barbie like yesterday?!  [via The Mary Sue]

[brief pic description]

I thought this picture below, which showed up on my FB timeline, was freakin hilarious. Mostly because I can see myself doing this. Chris and I don’t really argue all that much, we have plenty  of adult discussions, because we are adulting, but when we do argue it’s usually over who took the last of the favorite cookies and why wasn’t at least a bite offered to the other person. [via Purple Clover]


I’ve been doing a lot of data entry recently, which I really don’t mind. It’s good to clean up software systems and it’s definitely a project that will benefit me in the long run, but it can get mind numbing after a bit. So I’ve been listening to Vaginal Fantasy and catching up on past episodes and the time has flown. I just love the interactions between Felicia Day, Bonnie Burton, Veronica Belmont, and Kiala Kazebee.

Most of the books I have not read, I’ve gotten a few recommendations that are on my GoodReads want to read list, and I don’t mind spoilers, so I’ve giggled away the time and finished my project to boot! I will warn you that some of the recommended videos that pop up on the side on YouTube (because it is called Vaginal Fantasy) will make you want to hide your computer screen. You have been warned.


2 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Barbie’s New Bodies, Favorite Food, and Vaginal Fantasy

  1. Can you answer me this, because I haven’t understood with the news coverage, are they all “Barbie”? Or, are they all differently named dolls released under the Barbie brand?

    I’m still confused about when news that seeped into my consciousness that Barbie had dumped Ken for some Australian surfer dude. I saw the list of stats that this year Barbie would have 30 hair colours, 24 hairstyles, 22 eye colours, 14 face shapes, 7 skin tones, and 4 body shapes and that (for a man, admittedly) seems too much to handle.

    • My understanding is that this is all “Barbie” she now comes in “original, tall, petite and curvy.” American Girl Dolls has had a similar program of finding a doll that looks like your child for years, and it works for them! I think it is great to have a wide and diverse set of options.

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