Nodds & Nends: Star Wars Wipers, Crochet Chemistry Set, and Zero Gravity Dancing

{Edit: WordPress is driving me batty. I cannot get the right version of this post to go up. I apologize for it’s hackneyed look. I’m trying here.}

One of my favorite celebrities to follow on FB is George Takei. He and his team post some awesome geeky stuff. (Yes, I follow celebrities, Mindy Kaling is hilarious, stop judging.) Recently George Takei posted this awesome picture of Darth Vader as a windshield wiper. It is the bomb. 

 Also seen on FB recently, this crochet chemistry set. Which I may have to figure out if I can make something similar, just because it is awesome. Unfortunately, the artist is not selling this set or the pattern. But still super amazing just to view.  [via here and here]

Watch this video from OK Go. If you can. Guh, WordPress.

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