About Me

I am a nerd, blogger, and Whovian who enjoys practicing my stand-up comedy on the unsuspecting public. I love reading books, watching movies, and anything having to do with Firefly or Doctor Who.  I go total fan girl at times. I Internet stalk my favorite dancers on SYTYCD. I can recall faces and names of random people who have caught my eye and who continue to show up in my favorite movies and television shows. I love connecting random pieces of trivia, and often excitedly exclaim over such connections to my friends. They usually just look at me with sympathy for my weirdness. Hey, if I have to suffer how my brain works, they do too.

Now you can as well. Aren’t you lucky?

I have an extremely eclectic taste when it comes to geekisms. I enjoy searching the internet for random factoids and I really love sharing my tidbits of information with other people who don’t so much have the inclination to be up until one in the morning watching a YouTube video about a Sucker Punch and Disney Princesses mash-up. After months of posting Nerd Links of the Day on Facebook, I decided to move my tidbits over to this website per the requests of friends. I am still not quite sure if they were eager for other people to hear my comments on popular geek/nerd culture or just wanted me to stop posting so much nerdy stuff on Facebook.

33 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think I may be a nerd as well. Hmm, I never really thought that way about it, but a lot of the things you like, so do I! I call myself eccentric so maybe what I really am is eccentrically nerdly. Sounds fun! Sounds like a club I want to start.

      • Aw thankyou! 🙂 Haha at least I am not the only one with such a curse 😛 Damn body doing what it feels like, I think you’ll have to keep a close eye on that evil right hand, who knows what it is plotting next! 😛 My right hand has a sick affiliation with pain, it likes to get in the way and burn itself every time I am cooking 😛

  2. Who! Brilliant! Bow ties are cool. So are Fez’s. I’m almost tempted to nominate you for my Regenerations Award on the spot, despite never actually reading a single post you’ve written. Yet.

    I will.


    Maybe later though because it’s almost 2am and even a Timelord must find the time to sleep… although, if you sleep for 7 hours, wake up, get the TARDIS to go back in time 7 hours and basically carry on from where you left off, could you, in fact, never miss another moment again???



  3. Any Firefly fan belongs on my reading list! From one nerd to another,…..[thinks to himself “What the heck is the nerd motto? or is there one?” ….keep on truckin’

      • This is the second time this week that Firefly and Serenity have popped up in interwebs conversations. I’ve got the whole season and the movie on DVD, I guess I’m gonna have to watch all of it now. I’ll try to pull an obscure quote (probably something goofy, like one of Jayne’s lines) for a motto, LOL

      • IMDB to the rescue, from “Mr Universe” in Serenity : “From here to the eyes and the ears of the ‘Verse, that’s my motto, or it might be if I start having a motto.”

      • Yes, that movie was filled with pain for me. That’s what I liked about the show and the movie so much was that you got to know the characters like they were real people and were joyful at their accomplishments, angry over their frustrations and mourned their passing as if they were friends or relatives.

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