Doctor Who Day: Tutus, Monsters, and Crossovers

This TARDIS tutu is rather simplistic, but I do love the idea. I’m not sure it is worth $150 as it looks like a cami (with TARDIS printing on it) has been sown onto tulle, but it is pretty. Aaaand further research shows that the $150 is only for the skirt. Hmmm. Well, perhaps tulle is expensive?  Hmmm, well it does look labor intensive? I guess. Anyway, interesting idea. [via]

I know I have posted other mash-ups with Sully and Mike and the TARDIS door, but I just love this concept art. I just rewatched Monsters Inc. because Chris had never seen it and I wanted to rewatch it before I saw Monsters U, but then I never saw Monsters U. Which is still a bummer. Perhaps I’ll try to see it this weekend. [via]

I really enjoy beloved characters meeting each other, like this Doctor Who and Garfield cross over. The only time I want to see a Dalek and wouldn’t take a bat to it is if it were here to exterminate Mondays. You can buy it as a t-shirt or hoodie on Redbubble.

So there is this concrete bench down by the lake near where I live that gets painted every year. A committee comes up with a theme, divides the wall into sections and participants are given a section to paint as they will. It’s a  cool concept and a great time with food vendors and music every year. Unfortunately this year I was on vacation while the festival took place, but my mom went and she got a picture of a very geeky section of the wall.

Photo by Tara Noftsier at

Photo by Tara Noftsier at


Nodds & Nends: A Harry Potter Crochet Hook, Superhero Boutonniers, and Censored Porn

I know I have several readers who love coffee, and I found this Coffee Cup Necklace just for you guys. 🙂

Head on over to Book Store Book Blogger Connection to enter a giveaway for Generation V, about a new kind of Vampire and Shapeshifter.

My mother is always sending me links to Loast at e minor, which has some really cool articles. Like this one on censored porn. Basically someone cut out the people doing the grown up and left the relief. Still very explicit and NSFW.

Speaking of people getting down to their underwear or taking it off completely. Check out these Superheroes in their underwear. Including Batman and the Flash, not just Wonder Woman. [via] Or how about a gender bender cosplay of Hercules and Hades? I totes ❤ it. [via] While I’ve never seen the entire Disney film, I do love Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, mostly for introducing Xena! OMG, so in love with Xena. And I just love this cosplay of Xena, Ares, and Someone Who Doesn’t Want Their Picture Taken. Cute!

But if the rowdy isn’t for you. Maybe you would enjoy these Superhero wedding boutonnieres in stead? You have to scroll down quite a bit to find the pictures of the boutonnieres, but they are worth it! [via]

But the best find by far this week, were these nerdy crochet hooks!!! She has a lightsaber one and a Harry Potter wand one. I WANT THEM SO BAD, I can’t even tell you. UGH.

Probably you have all seen this, but in case you haven’t Patrick Stewart talks about domestic violence and PTSD. [via]

Nodds & Nends: Legos, Comics, and Stilettos

A large scale Lego X-wing. I wish making large scale models of geeky things with Legos was my job. I really do. Sigh. Then again my siblings and I entered a few Lego competitions in our time, and while creative they never measured up nor won any prizes. But it was fun. And I think we got candy.

Well, this woman is using Lego sculpting as a job, she’s making Lego Stilettos. I’m not sure I would wear these, but it is a cool idea. [via]

I sent my mom this picture of a zombie Wonder Woman because she loves zombies and Wonder Woman. I really hope she takes on this idea as a Halloween costume. She’s done a zombie Dorothy, so it’s a possibility. I’ll just have to keep pushing her to do it. 🙂

I recently had interactions with MovieBoozer on twitter and went and checked out their website. Basically they rate movies based on how many beers it takes to make the movie good. I like their review of Pain and Gain which I saw recently and thought was hilarious. Though I would personally call it a two beer movie because I wasn’t expecting much and actually really enjoyed it! I agree that Dwayne Johnson was the BEST PART of the movie by far!

“The movie is worth seeing just for his gentle giant, by turns filled with Jesus and Cocaine. The Rock is idiot charm itself, always meaning the best and doing the worst, and it’s a mesmerizing, rib-splitting thing of beauty to watch.”

And I realized how great of an actor he actually is. No, I’m not kidding!

Stephanie on her Read in a Single Sitting FB page posted a link to this article about writing and the survivorship bias. A very fascinating article about taking advice from the people who do not share experience from the median (or common person). Personally, I’m tired of people lecturing me about my career moves what they think is self evident based on their own anecdata (usually not even personal) experience. As if I haven’t done the things they’ve suggested or researched other avenues or tried every gd trick in the book! As if I don’t have my own personal anecdata to the contrary. I think this survivorship bias is rampant in society, and guess what?! Most people do not have that top 100 experience (by definition of a top 100), so why are we missing out on precious experience and data because it isn’t a sexy sale? We can still lead meaningful lives that aren’t based on the five steps of becoming a Kardashian . . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

Speaking of Stephanie, her husband and Pierre Proske have created an iPhone app called Unfinished Phrase. Basically, the app is a collaborative writing tool. I don’t have an iPhone so it wont work on my platform, but it sounds really cool!

I really love when I can find some street art on Pinterest. There are always really cool things that people do with spots and places in their environment. This whole gallery of art is really cool. I love the glasses one! But what really caught my eye was the use of street art and satellites. Did you know that there are people who purposely take pictures of houses that look like they have faces or are smiling. Check out Nest Happy Homes on Pinterest.  I love it!

An 8-bit version of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer intro. The blinking Press Play drove me nuts! But still, it’s a cool version of the intro (just the song not the clips of the show like I was thinking). [via GeekandSundry]

Nodds &Nends: Superheroes, Drunk Pinterest, and Street Art

Check out this cool superhero life expectanies infograph. It cracks me up that a character played by Nicholas Cage has the longest life expectancy. Bwahahahaha. I bet this means that Cage will never die! Also check out these Super Likes where the like symbol has been mash-ed up with Superhero hands. I *likes* it a lot. (Come on, I had to make that pun.) But seriously, check them out super cool. (Thanks for the tip Mom!)

I like to giggle, and I do it a lot. Especially when I find things like this website: Pinterest You Are Drunk.  For example a toilet seat cover. . covered in Barbie shoes, half camis that look like panties, and our sexy Forefathers on yards of material. Yeah. That site gets addictive. I recommend setting a timer and making yourself leave the site!

Speaking of Pinterest, it isn’t always drunk, and I found this wonderful steampunk Batgirl cosplay.  You can visit the cosplayers website “for articles on cosplay construction, tabletop gaming, comics, and more!” Thank you Pinterest for being sober this time around and for showing me things like a steampunk R2D2!  I also want to thank you for all the beautiful street art I find on your website. Particularly the mural of the side of this house where it looks like you can see into the building. Super cool!

I found this fantastical light house illustration for a children’s book on DeviantArt. I want to go to there.

I decided to post a picture of a lighthouse, because I love them. I went to and pages and pages of glory did I behold, my Chinese element is Water, and just seeing these lighthouses near water made me feel better. This is why I love the internets.

cc Pep.per de Ré, French user : Pep.per  via Wikimedia Commons

cc Pep.per de Ré, French user : Pep.per via Wikimedia Commons

Nodds & Nends: Ninjas, Zombies, and Tinkerbell is a Bug

Tinkerbell has a bug named after her. I don’t think she would be very happy. But I am. I want a bug named after me!

My friend Sara is involved in another Kickstarter campaign to put together a play which features a spy and ninjas. Yes, it is that cool. Check out their video which shows some of their cool moves and explains it a little bit more. (I’d point out which ninja she is, but it’s a little hard to tell ’cause they move around a lot. I know it is her because I know her eyes. But . . . that is hard to really point out.)

Superman Piano Cosplay:

Nodds & Nends: Ballerina Hulk, Podcasts, and It’s OK to be Smart

Check out this cutesy quiz about science and learn that it’s OK to be smart. 😉 I did OK, not perfectly. But at the time I took it I was really sick from un-diagnosed strep throat, so my brain was a little fuzzy.

SF Signal asked their readers to name their favorite SF websites, podcasts, publishers, book bloggers, and comics. Elizabeth Campbell mentioned Book Store Book Blogger Connection which was founded by Little Red Reviewer and which I have participated in. She lists those some bloggers who participate in Book Store Book Blogger Connection and during the podcast episode, SF Signal mentions Absurdly Nerdly at 47:40, though he totally butchers the name of my blog the first time. Also mentioned are Books Without any PicturesNashville Bookworm and The Book Smugglers, some book bloggers I follow because they have excellent reviews.

Want to see a ballerina Hulk? Of course you do.

So apparently, there is a series about WereHEDGEHOGS!!! I think I may have to see if I can track one down and read it. Because, What. The What?

Did you know that some background, distracting, noise can actually up creativity? I think it’s because the brain has to concentrate on ignoring it and that takes up the thinking-about-cats-on-the-internets part of the brain. You can now listen to a rainy cafe to help get you in the mood to concentrate, create, write, or blog. I think it is awesome!

Remember my review of that webseries Jane Eyre? Well, I’m obsessed with it. I think it is well written, quirky, and a delight. Plus, the creators are really cool and they’ve actually made a website for their fictional Thornfield Aluminum Exports company. Jane also has a twitter account and a tumblr. Totally cool.

A new Piano Cosplay has popped up. This time it’s all Batman and she is in a Catwoman costume. And looking mighty fine. You are welcome.

Supervillain Speed Dating Will Make You Laugh

Best part? “I honestly don’t know what any of these buttons do.” And, “I used to work for an Evil Empire, but now I work for Disney.”