It’s the Weekend and I’m Catching Up

Gah. I have never felt so overwhelmed, except when I was studying to take the bar. But it is Self Care Saturday and I am doing all the things that I love that I haven’t been able to do because of all the overwhelming things. I’ve gone through a lot of audiobooks that I want to write up and I’ve seen great things come across my Facebook and Twitter accounts that I want to share as well. So here goes my attempt to catch up on my nerdy business. And go.

They are making a GD TV show about the MAGICIANS by Lev Grossman. Go to the link and watch the official trailer. Now. (via JohnMichael)

I’m waiting.

OK. I will assume you’ve seen it. AAAHHHH! I can’t even. I want to quit all the things and find the episodes that are in production and binge watch them and force them to make more!!!! Why is it not 2016 yet???

What if Game of Thrones was Disneyfied? Would it look like this? (via George Takei)

Speaking of George Takei if you are not following him on Facebook. You really should be. He posts some amazing things that are sure to make your little nerd heart pitter and patter.

This next video is about two people who were given special effects make-up to show themselves and their soon to be spouse what they will look like over the next 70 years. It is a very amazing and heartwarming video that had me shedding more than a few tears. (via Tara Dee)

And you just gotta love the following hot chocolate mug even if you aren’t a huge basketball fan. It is just so cute! (via Loretta Milan)

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Wedding Pictures and the TARDIS on a Cake

Last weekend Chris and I got married! (Yes, I decided to take the Texas State Bar and get Married in the same year because I’m an overachiever, and a little crazy.) Our wedding day was a whirl wind, full of sunshine, rain, and Kevin Allison. Some of you may recognize the name of the man who runs the podcast Risk! as well as live shows of the same and a storytelling company in New York City. Kevin Allison was our officiant! He did an awesome job and if you haven’t listened to his podcast yet, you must! It is amazing, where people tell true stories they never thought they’d share.

I’m also extremely thankful for my photographer, who capture some brilliant moments as the day is a complete blur in my memory. Kathleen Gray is a family friend who started Eternal Fotography last year. She and her family are moving to the North Dallas area later this year. Kathleen also shoots such sessions as newborn portraits, Mother’s and Father’s Day portraits, and headshots. Kathleen was a great calming portion of a chaotic day and I want to give her a shout out and send some traffic to her blog. Below is my favorite picture from the day and you can click on it to see more pictures from our wedding including my bridal cake with a TARDIS topping and the wedding attendants posing with paper mustaches and top hats or you can click on Chris and Jami’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding.

If you head over to Eternal Fotography to look at the pictures please leave a comment. Ten comments earns me a little prize (an 8X10 printed photo). Furthermore, I would love to give back to Kathleen and Eternal Fotography for their wonderful addition to our special day.

c Eternal Fotogrphay, photo used with permission

c Eternal Fotogrphay, photo used with permission

The Food is Alive

I saw a gif of this and then went looking for it, for some reason. I don’t even know why. I can’t even watch the whole youtube video. Because, why?

Ron Swanson as Batman and other Batman Stuff. But mostly, Ron Swanson as Batman.

I honestly came up with this whole posting because I saw this picture on Pinterest of Ron Swanson as Batman and my jaw dropped. Then I figured out that the whole crew was done up as the Justice League and I laughed very quietly to myself in a room full of people. [via Pinterest]

OMG, I want to buy these Batman and Robin tutus, and if I was a richer aunt I totally would! The etsy site has other geeky tutu costumes available. All of them are awesome. [via Pinterest]

If Batman were a househusband he might wear this Batman apron, with Batman nails, but only as long as he is also making these Batman cupcakes. Yum! I may need to visit Donut Boyfriend today, I’m craving sweets. [via, via, via]

I might not be able to buy them tutus, but I bet I could paint my niece’s faces like Batman. Hmmmm. . . . . This place also does prenatal belly art? I don’t even. What? [via Pinterest]

And if all of that does not sound adorable enough to you, check out this doggy in a Batman costume. S’awww. [via]

And check out this gorgeous Batman dress. I loves it. Though I would take off the bows, because. What? I like the lacing on the sides, super cool. The site has pics and links to other cool clothing for women that aren’t just t’s with logos. [via Pinterest]

And then my boyfriend posted this on my Facebook wall, and I just had to share. Batman is definitely a troll. Sorry if you are a huge Superman fan, but maybe just skip this post all together then. The artist is Daniel Picard and he does some really cool digital manipulated toy photography.

And because I already spent the time doctoring him up…

Gotham_City_Saviour_with cake 2

Nodds & Nends: Star Wars, Skeletons, and Fire Dragons

Star Wars characters eating sushi. You can find a link at the bottom of his page that will take you to a video showing how he made the illustration.

A knitted skeleton! How awesome is that. OMG! More pictures here. Thanks dragonbug for the tip. 🙂

Speaking of dragons, check out this grooms cake. Totally awesome. I want one, for an anyday cake.

And more cakes! Like this Batman cake. I am Batman. I eat cake. Nom, nom, nom. ::giggles:: (Sorry, my mind goes weird places.)

And because weddings, check out this unrealistic happily ever after about Disney and de babies. Funny story, my sister who had a baby in February sent me a picture of my nephew recently and I saw, “Aw, look at the baby.” She says, “He’s growing up so fast, we feel  he isn’t a baby anymore.” I said, “A three month old kid is a baby, period.”

And because I have a bit of a Disney obsession when finding mash-ups on the internets, check out this gorgeous rendering of Lady Crawly as a Disney character. [via Pinterest]

Gotham_City_Saviour_with cake 2

Nodds and Nends: Miniature Bag End, Firefly RPG, and a Ron Swanson Cake

The very best thing I have found on the internets recently is this miniature Bag End. I mean, it is just too awesome for words!

And if you are hungry, maybe skip this next paragraph, because cakes! Geeky cakes! First up, an Avengers cake via Pinterest. Also from Pinterest is this really awesome Ron Swanson cake. Awesome, because cake. But also awesome because Ron Swanson is an amazing character, and I love him. Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite comedy shows. And finally a Firefly cake from Pinterest. I’ll admit the people don’t look at all like the characters, but the ship looks like Serenity. . . ish.

Speaking of Firefly, an announcement has circled the internets that an official tabletop RPG is in the making.

Random concept art I’ve found includes a digital painting of Mary Poppins, street art of a colorful woman made of flowers and rainbows, and an illustration of Aurora as a zombie in Un-Sleeping Beauty (thanks for the tip Picture Me Reading!).

A wonderful comic of why females are frustrated when they have to “prove” they are geeky. Can’t we all just say nice shirt and only ogle the boobies from the corner of our eyes, like on 40 year old Virgin? Unless it’s the show Lost Girl. Anna Silk’s breasts are awesome and I can’t look away.

Peeps, you’ve probably all heard about this already, but I felt I needed to say a bit about the Kickstarter campaign of Veronica Mars. A movie is going to happen, because fans banded together, and the crew took a cut, and all the Veronic Mars nerds united to say, Hey we want this story told. And this is awesome. Because the best part of life (is not Folger’s in your cup, sorry) but telling stories that have to be told. Check out the Kickstarter campaign. Even though fully funded, you can get in on some extra goodies and help get this movie made. For $35 you get a t-shirt, behind the scenes scoop, and a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movies release. Sounds like a deal to me, especially at the high cost of movie tickets. I understand that some people are concerned about Kickstarter payees not being investors in the sense that they get a return on their money, but in the internet age I do think things will tend toward paying for what you want as you want it instead of a ton of cable shows you hate. And if  you want to get a digital version of a movie and a free t-shirt for $35, why is that a bad thing? And I also get, hey we raised all this money for a weird cause, why not raise money for a good cause. But people use their disposable income for entertainment, who is to say they don’t also give to charity? Personally, I think it is cool.

Finally, 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes. Somehow it all makes sense now.

Doctor Who Snow Globe and Bookcase, and a Dalek Pizza

 A 1965 Daleks Snow Globe with a TARDIS. It looks like it is from the 60’s. Found on Daleks of the Day a tumblr which has a lot of other cool pictures of different dalek stuff. [via]

This woman is crafting some Doctor Who goodies and the money she makes she is putting toward donating to a family that suffered a great tragedy and loss. Twenty dollars for a cushion with a bow-tie. It looks comfy. (The donations and tragedy seem to be legit.)

From Think Geek a cool TARDIS hat. (Which is currently out of stock, BAH!) There is a kid who always walks around Second City on Sunday mornings who has a homemade TARDIS hat which is very similar to this one. It’s cool. TARDIS hats are cool now. [via]

How about this cute TARDIS bookcase small enough to fit in your bedroom. So darling! I remember the Doctor and his TARDIS showing up in quite a few bedrooms. Maybe this is a thing? [via]

And my favorite, a Dalek pizza. To be consumed, to get rid of the Daleks for ever. Ugh, I hate those things. And now I’m hungry. For pizza. [via]

And check out this Doctor Who Special of The Weakest Link on YouTube. David Tennant. Need I say more?

Timey Wimey, It’s Bigger on the Inside, and a Squeezable TARDIS

I’m always delighted when I come across a nerdy cake, like this Doctor Who inspired creation. Plus anything chocolaty grabs my attentions! [via The Mary Sue]

There are a lot of theories about Oswin swimming around the internets. I’ve posted a blog that talks about the top ten theories. It seems the most popular is that Oswin is regeneration of River Song and this gif points out why someone thinks this is the best theory.

Both my friend JM on Facebook and Alisa Selene from Picture Me Reading excitedly sent me a picture of this girl wearing a TARDIS dress that opens up to show the inside of the TARDIS on the inside of a panel of her dress. I squealed both times, because I love seeing new Doctor Who internet awesomeness and because it’s clear my friends know me. Plus I do love this dress, it is well constructed, clever, and an excellent design for the shape of the woman who wears it.

Speaking of people getting me, Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting sent me an email the other week with a link in it which shows that New Zealand is creating a valid legal tender inspired by the TARDIS and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. How awesome is that? Of course there are collectible coins for sale. You can preorder them here.

Looking for some Doctor Who inspired home decor? Check out this Time Wimey clock in a lovely shade of TARDIS Blue. It doesn’t match any of my decoration color schemes so much (I know, a shocker right?), but it might match yours.  It is available for $92 on Etsy. [Via]

My mother was at the Toy Fair in NYC last week, and she got me a squeezable TARDIS. Because she is awesome like that. Thanks Mom!

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana 

My squeezable TARDIS

My squeezable TARDIS

R2D2 in Mittens and Adorable Kid Costumes

These R2D2 mittens are awesome. Even though I hate mittens. I need my fingers to be able to move freely separate from each other. Especially when cab drivers nearly run me over while I’m crossing the street. . . . . Mittens just don’t work as well for some gestures  Still, I would maybe give up my finger pointing and let my fingers be imprisoned in these impressive mitts.

Even more adorable is this R2D2 sweater, hat, and tutu costume. What an adorable kid! Plus I love that blue tutu, I NEED IT!!!!

But this R2D2 truffle looks the yummiest of them all.

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

Nodds & Nends: Disney Cosplay, Nerdy PSAs, and Book Cakes

Disney Princess Cosplay including Aurora (I think she gets left out all too often). I love the costumes, they are quite good. But I do think the big buildings in the background kind of detract from the overall aesthetics. Which is sad, but understandable. And this Little Mermaid illustration is so lovely I had to share it. I know I put up a lot of Ariel, but what can I say? I have a soft spot for red heads.

The new Star Trek movie pictures have been on the internets for a while, but in case you haven’t stumbled onto them already, here they are. I’m looking forward to this. Is it mainly because the movie will have Cumberbatch in it? Yes, yes it is. I wont even deny it. But I did like the first one that J.J. Abrams directed and I hear this one is to have some cameos. So I’m fairly excited about this movie.

I love finding nerdy wedding cakes, but I especially enjoy this book version because I think it is classy and could be changed for each couple according to their tastes in reading. [via RIASS]

Finally, watch these nerdy PSAs. You are welcome.