Doctor Who Day: TARDIS Bow Tie, Cosplay, and Kissing

Doctor Who Day

Special Request: A special shout out to all of my new recent viewers and followers! I love meeting new people and I’ve enjoyed visiting your blogs. Thanks for the follow! I’ve had a recent influx of visitors from Facebook and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. If there is a particular Facebook image or post that sent you my way, would someone let me know about it? Thanks! Enjoy my Doctor Who Day post where I link you up to all the fun stuff for Whovians this week. 

A TARDIS bow tie for the Whovian bow tie enthusiast! You can get your own for only $20. Plus you don’t actually have to tie it, it comes on an elastic band. [via]

I do love cosplay, especially Doctor Who cosplay, so I enjoy the FuckYearDoctorWhoCosplay tumblr account. But I especially enjoyed this River Song cosplay by Ambrosia. [via] I wish my hair would stay curly like that instead of disintegrating in this humidity. Sigh.

Vastra and Jenny Flint kissing away. So cute! If you go to the link you can browse more like this and see lots of Doctor Who kissing. Always a good time. [via]

Build a light fixture that looks like a crack to the universe in your wall. Super clever! I love it. Annnd I have a handy boyfriend. Hmmm.

I received notification from Vince Garbarino that he had created an arrangement on the 11th Doctor’s theme, “I Am The Doctor.” It’s pretty cool. You should listen to it while you check out the links on this post.


Television Review: Fringe Friday: Brave New World Part II

Ok. So this isn’t really Doctor Who related, but I’ve reviewed the rest of season 4 of Fringe and leaving the last episode un-reviewed is like a black cloud over my shoulder. I hate to leave lists unchecked (or not crossed out) and when I start a project, I finish it (even if no one is reading them). Honestly, I was a little disappointed with how predictable the season finale of Fringe was this year, and is probably why I kept putting off reviewing it. And then life got in the way of living and all the things I wanted to get get done in a day were impossible to perform and the things I didn’t want to do, just didn’t happen. So, I’m going to try and do this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Fringe Friday: Brave New World Part 1

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

– T.S. Eliot

Fringe came to a close this way with a large dose or predictability, Walter humor, and a tad of surprises swirled in the mix. The Bad Guys show up, something horrible must happen, Walter makes a hard decision, and Peter weeps. Predictability. Nanites and people going up in smoke. Predictability. Olivia’s sudden expansion of abilities. A tad surprising. All in all the mixture was tasty and fun to consume. Then the end came, the final moments of the season and I went, yah pretty much figured that one out. Isn’t there supposed to be another season? Meh.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Letters [Lost in] Transit

“Letters of Transit” was the episode I’ve been holding my breath waiting to appear on my screen all season. Walter is amazing, and he seriously has all the best lines! When I grow up I want to be Walter. The episode begins as no other one has before, with a background story and I wondered if I had clicked to the wrong channel. Then everything got weird even for Fringe and I was amazed. This is what the last two episodes were building up to, and it was worth the build up.

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Television Reivew: Fringe Friday: A Short Story of Love, Love, Love

I know, I know, my Fringe reviews have not been on track lately and this is a leetle  over due, but honestly I’m back on track and will be posting last weeks episode review on Friday, promise. Some times hanging out with your rent-a-kid and making jellyfish arts and crafts is a little more important than writing up a review for your fun side project blog. Just saying.

“A Short Story of Love” is my favorite kind of episode, a leap forward in the overall story arc for this season. Olivia and Peter fight to figure out who they are and where they belong in this time line, Walter discovers that something has been left behind by the Observer September, and a burn victim is killing couples in love. A great story, emotional, and quirky little side bits from the Fringe event of the week.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: The End of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fringe returns tonight with “A Short Story About Love”, in anticipation of this show hitting the airwaves again after its 4 week hiatus I have decided to finally get around to reviewing “The End of All Things”, which aired in February. Yeesh. Suffice to say, I’m a bit behind, but not too late. I have valid family emergency excuses and I wont apologize, I’ll just get down to business.

“The End of All Things” was a brisk walk though the over all story arc. Many important things happened, and I’m sure I missed half of them. Olivia has been kidnapped right from under Peter’s nose, and there are two Ninas floating around who could be anything from shapeshifters, to alternate universe Ninas, to alternate timeline Ninas. It is a mad race until the end and it quite exciting!

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: A Better Human Being [Human]

Last week’s episode of Fringe was a heart strings tugger (apparently tugger is not a word, well, it should be). In “A Better Human Being” Olivia’s memories are being taken over by Peter’s Timeline’s Olivia’s memories and her own are becoming fuzzy. Peter is concerned and a little heart broken, Walter is upset with Peter thinking it is Peter’s fault. Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter are working on a case of a killer who is somehow connected mentally to a patient of an institution.

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