Nodds & Nends: A Harry Potter Crochet Hook, Superhero Boutonniers, and Censored Porn

I know I have several readers who love coffee, and I found this Coffee Cup Necklace just for you guys. :)

Head on over to Book Store Book Blogger Connection to enter a giveaway for Generation V, about a new kind of Vampire and Shapeshifter.

My mother is always sending me links to Loast at e minor, which has some really cool articles. Like this one on censored porn. Basically someone cut out the people doing the grown up and left the relief. Still very explicit and NSFW.

Speaking of people getting down to their underwear or taking it off completely. Check out these Superheroes in their underwear. Including Batman and the Flash, not just Wonder Woman. [via] Or how about a gender bender cosplay of Hercules and Hades? I totes <3 it. [via] While I’ve never seen the entire Disney film, I do love Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, mostly for introducing Xena! OMG, so in love with Xena. And I just love this cosplay of Xena, Ares, and Someone Who Doesn’t Want Their Picture Taken. Cute!

But if the rowdy isn’t for you. Maybe you would enjoy these Superhero wedding boutonnieres in stead? You have to scroll down quite a bit to find the pictures of the boutonnieres, but they are worth it! [via]

But the best find by far this week, were these nerdy crochet hooks!!! She has a lightsaber one and a Harry Potter wand one. I WANT THEM SO BAD, I can’t even tell you. UGH.

Probably you have all seen this, but in case you haven’t Patrick Stewart talks about domestic violence and PTSD. [via]

Buffy v Edward and McIntosh v Lionsgate

This fabulous mash up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer versus Edward the Vegetarian Vampire is quite well done and was also under legal attack at one point. You can read about the creator’s legal battles over copy right and fair use here. Enjoy! I especially like the Cedric Diggory parts.

Nodds & Nends: Melissa McCarthy, The Princess Bride, and Harry Trotter

Check out this illustration of the Princess Bride characters as mini mees. I <3 them. [via The Mary Sue]

My new favorite author Maggie Stiefvater has her list of 5 young adult novels the she’ll never outgrow. Honestly, they all look wonderful and I really can’t believe I haven’t read any of them. What is the world coming to?

Harry Trotter, i.e. a horse dressed up as Harry Potter. Not kidding. Way awesome. [via Pinterest]

From the director of Bridesmaids, comes a cop buddy movie staring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. The official trailer for The Heat is below, which I recommend you watch, but then head over here to watch the Red Band trailer which includes all the swear words and inappropriate comments so you can laugh some more. I think I may have to own this movie just for the scene where they flip over the chain link fence. Actually, no, for the  spanx moment, purely for that. Excuse me while I go and watch this for the third time.

Nodds & Nends: Jurassic Park Styled heels, YA Books For Boys, and Be All The Avengers

Are YA books really female centric, or do they have something for boys too? This author/blogger makes the case that there are plenty of YA books that teach boys excellent lessons for becoming good men. She also has some excellent words on raising boys to be good men. Personally, I’m just avoiding that whole worry by not having children of my own, and messing up everyone else’s kids. And by messing them up I mean encouraging them to be uberdorks.

These DIY dinosaur heels are awesome. Although I can’t weld, so I actually wont be doing this for myself. The whole deconstructing the shoe is a little painful to watch as a shoe lover, but thankfully he puts the heels back together and adding the dinosaur means I’ll forgive him for his destruction. I just wonder if there is a better way. Maybe deconstructing the dinosaur? Maybe some how molding them together like this. [via The Mary Sue]

Did you have a hard time with a Halloween costume this year? Maybe it is because you can’t decide which Avenger you want to be? Why not be all of them? This guy was. He even added an eye patch for Nick Fury.

This Harry Potter Griffindor cake looks wonderful. And as I just ate a Boston Creme donut, I’m not even envious of the people who get to eat it.

By Two Kings Confections via Wikimedia Commons

Geeky Stuff for the Young or Young at Heart

Yoda baby shoes! I mean how awesome are these??? Soooo, awesome, that is how awesome. [via]

Heading to the pool this weekend or when celebrating the 4th of July? You will need a TARDIS or the ability to go back in time to 2009, to pick up these beauties. So if you are a Time Lord let me know, I’ll give you some 2009 currency to pick me up a few too. ;) [via]

Missing you some Harry Potter? Or are you wanting to indoctrinate the young with something cuddly? Well, why don’t you crochet yourself a Dobby like Lucy Ravenscar did (click on the link to check out her other geeky crochet patterns). [via Dumbledore’s Special Army  and the The Crafty Cauldron-  Celebrating the Magical World of Harry Potter with Spray Paint, Glitter, Needle and Thread]

Harry Potter Fan Art

I spent way too much time clicking through Viria13’s devientArt page because I just love her illustrations. They have such great movement to each piece. I love this Harry Potter piece especially, great composition and color. The Weasley twins are always a fun subject, especially when they are up to no good. Or enjoy this picture of the gang. :D

Harry Potter and Dumbledore Hunt Horcruxes

Check out these awesome ink drawings of Harry Potter and Dumbledore hunting down a horcrux. I particularly like how Harry is so tiny, he’s just a kid after all. [via Superpunch]