Theater Review: Pavlov’s Dogs Improv Comedy Show

Chris and I went to an improv show by Pavlov’s Dogs at the Dallas Comedy House. The show is called End of the Month and is an “improvised show that is built around things that happened earlier that month” on the news. Off to the side of the stage sits a TV screen with dated news headlines scrolling past. Chris pointed out that the headlines were still dated 2014 even though the headlines were centered around the upcoming 2015 Superbowl. While slightly distracting, I thought it added to the weirdness of the show. Everyone was instructed to fill out a slip of paper of something interesting that happened to them that month and then deposit it in a bucket on the stage.


The show starts out as though the audience is watching a live news show. Headlines are pulled from the television screen to the left of the stage and the troupe members act as anchors and then proceed to act out the scenes. I really enjoyed the “bits” that the anchors were able to come up with on the spot, but the re-enactment of the news scenes made for a rough start to the show. Only when the troupe moved on to Detectives Barry and The Cobra did the show pick up speed and laughs. Playing off of TV tropes and bad cop/good cop routines Detective Barry and Detective The Cobra had the room erupting in laughter as they attempted to solve a murder.

The last game is one where the actors are gathered at the local watering hole to discuss their days as news anchors, detectives, and investigative reporters. During this time one member of the troupe begins to tell a story and then ends it by reading off the pieces of paper from the bucket. What would seemingly be disjointed turned into a hilarious comedy piece as the real “interesting” things that happened to members of the audience are distorted, re-enacted, and tied to earlier routines by the troupe.

While off to a rather slow and rough start, the troupe rallied as they continued to play their games on stage. I laughed really hard when the detectives where on stage and during a few of the watering hole pieces, and not just because I’d had two drinks and a bag of Skittles. Improv comedy may not be fun for everyone as it can include a lot of awkward moments, but occasionally it also results in laughing until you are in tears. In fact watching the troupe interact with each other and the audience, and listening as a room full of people gave themselves over to the moment with laughter and giggles made me long to get back into improv acting myself.

Day in Dallas District Bishop Arts

This weekend Chris and I did some exploring of other Dallas neighborhoods. We decided to walk around the Bishop Arts District to see what we could see.

bishop street sign

There were a lot of cool signs and interesting architecture.

bishop street

Also there was this guy with his feet completely turned out. Like you do.

street performance

One of my favorite stops of the day was the antique mall, full of some amazing finds. It was full, really full and kind of amazing.


The top left hand corner is an advertisement for how wonderful the kitchen space was in the new mobile homes. I’ve lived in mobile homes, space is not how I would describe any of them. The top right hand corner is of a rickshaw that had a fan and umbrella attached to it. The middle picture is of the front of a pinball machine. And yes, that is a picture of an old condom dispenser.

nerd antiques

These are my nerd finds. I loved the little book table (upper left hand corner), but it was kind of ridiculously expensive. The Star Wars movie poster was from 1980, and so awesome. And yes that is a signed photo of Brent Spiner. If I had a bigger place I would find some way to decorate with those old wooden filing cabinets. Such beautiful wood. Most interestingly I found a file drawer in another cabinet with an interesting label.


It was full of naked or half naked women. Most interestingly, they were definitely not photoshopped into perfection which I thought was cool. And yes, I giggled a lot I was not expecting to find such a drawer at an antique mall.

Throwback Thursday: Senior Photos (of High School, I Think)

Well, it’s throwback Thursday and I found some photos us girls took a while ago to commemorate graduating from high school. I think. Honestly, it’s hard for me to tell how old we are, because in my mind we always look like that. Except for the bad hair days, those just don’t exist in my memory. These photos always make me laugh because I remember the day quite vividly and we had so much fun and then they turned out like album covers to a band we never had. Oh man, we thought we were being so cool with our Charlie Angel’s poses.

photo 1

My sister took most of the photos, she did a great job. Though she really could have used a production assistant. Not the best director.

“Jami, you look uncomfortable.” Was her note to me.

This after I had climbed over and among the rocks, lying down on them in the creek bed trying to get the pose she wanted. I said through gritted teeth, “That’s because I am uncomfortable.”

photo 3

Nodds & Nends: BookBub, KissCam, and Street Lights Dancing

Here are some nerdy odds and ends I’ve found the internets here of late.

My mother sent me a link to this website that will send you info on free or cheap ebooks from the genres that you like. I’ve downloaded one book so far, and … well, it’s a weird premise for a book. But anyway. The concept behind this website is really cool. So check out BookBub if you are interested in getting info on free ebooks.

This video popped up on the internets. I don’t know if it is so nerdy, as much as, well, funny. Also, it is a reminder that when you are with a person hanging out, try to stay off your phone and actually spend time with the person you are with. Or a giant red bull will cart away your lover and she will happily go.

Check out this hot/cold Tetris coffee mug. I hate Tetris with a passion. Hate it. But the mug is cool.


Remember my post about the guy who can make hoops dance? Well @LindzeePoi sent me a link to his latest video, Street Lights. His work is mesmerizing and always makes me smile. I find it amazing how the lights seem to be separate entities from him, chasing each other around his body, just wonderful work. Plus the music is by Lindsey Sterling, I love her!

I know how I always talk about Chris being a viking, well I decided to give it a try too. I think I managed fairly well. (I discovered its about angles and not showing my very short legs.)


Watching the X-Files of an Evening

As I mentioned in a recent post, Chris and I often spend the evenings watching X-Files and discussing the seven tropes of 90’s television. One evening while watching an episode I had already seen, I got a bit bored. This is what happens when I get bored and have access to Facebook.

Create Your Own Chris caption.

Mine: OMG are Mulder and Scully finally going to kiss?

Chris 1

We watched the episode where Skinner runs around in his tighty-whiteys and bees are carriers for smallpox. This is one of my mother’s favorite episodes. For some reason. <.<_>.> But it caused a few confused moments on our part. 

chris and jami

I asked Chris if I could post the picture below and say, ‘Chris’ second favorite redhead.’

“You could, but it would be a lie.” He said.

“Come on, don’t you have a crush on Scully?” I asked.

“No. She’s too man-ish.”

Hmm, that might explain my crush on her.

chris and scully

A friend commented that Chris must have never seen her Maxim photo shoot. So I did some ogling googling research.

maxim photo shoot

Chris and I both agree, Gillian Anderson does not look mannish in that photo shoot.

P.S. Some of the submissions we got for the Create Your Own Chris Caption.

Michael: Everyone is stupid but me.

Thom: Does Jax really have to take his shirt off…. Again!!?!

Do you have a submission for a caption?

Happy Stuff Your Face Day!

My family is doing Thanksgiving together. But my sister and I, who are planning the meal, do not like turkey, cranberries, or pumpkin pie. So we decided to serve steak, salad, and brownies. Because that is how we do things around here.

The reason that I loathe turkey is due to the fact one winter my parents were struggling to make ends meet and some people at our local religious organization found out and some Boy Scouts found out and a whole bunch of people found out and gave us turkeys. We had five turkeys in the freezer at one point. We ate turkey every day for months on end. While I’m grateful that there are kind people in the world who make sure the children that they know don’t go hungry, I really can’t stand turkey anymore.

So today as you stuff your face with food, be happy that there is food to stuff in your piehole. And if there is more than turkey and rice or beans and rice or tuna and oatmeal (other things we ate every day because they are cheap and filling and which I can’t stand anymore) on your plate to stuff into your tummy than be extra thankful. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have it as good. If you are tempted to whine about your baby sister getting the last piece of brown meat or the last scoop of green bean casserole or the last edged brownie, remember that the only time you should be concerned with someone else’s plate is to make sure they have enough.

louis c k quote

And if you are thinking about donating to your local food bank, awesome! Just make sure to find out what they really can use, versus what you are trying to get rid of from your own pantry. The best present we got one year was a bag of oranges from my friend’s mom, she found out what we didn’t have and gave us that. Fresh fruit. It was amazing. In that vein of giving what is needed, here is a posting on some good ideas of what to donate to your local food bank.

Happy Stuff Your Face Day!

Word Pun by Drunk Lady

A husband recorded his wife telling a joke/pun while drunk and then animated it. Adorable and hilarious.