Warehouse Weekend: The Ones You Love

This posting will be short and sweet since I just spent most of my time on PicMonkey working at the above silly graphics. Also I have pear bread in the oven, had a brain MRI this afternoon, and Fringe to watch on DVR. Priorities people. Plus I want to get a book review written to night, however, as it is already 8:30 that may or may not happen. [Also, I’m not editing this, so if you want to have at my spelling and grammar errors, but I simply don’t care that much to re-read this.]

“The Ones You Love” brought about a lot of closure to the over all story arc this summer and ended on a gasping note if not all the surprising. Mostly because I accidentally saw real spoilers before I watched the show. Honestly, I don’t mind some spoilers and often seek them out, but I do have a line and people who are like, oh you do mind spoilers let me say the whole damn thing! Ugh. There are spoilers and then there are real spoilers. This was a real spoiler. I liked how the episode was set up with Claudia, Myka, and Pete rushing off to save a loved one when all the while the real danger lurked elsewhere. And I’m not at all unhappy that Pete spend most of the episode shirtless.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: Insatiable Flesh Eaters

OK. I know, I know it is not the weekend any longer. But I did most of this post this weekend, finished it really late, and set it up to go out today. So forgive the misnomer, but Warehouse Monday does not have the same ring to it. And since I did the viewing and the writing on the weekend, it’s most a weekend post. “Insatiable” was back to the old Warehouse monster of the week format, setting aside most of the larger story arc and concentrating on finding the particular artifact causing pings. Artie sends Myka and Pete out after the artifact, Claudia is taking some days off, and Leena is beefing up the warehouse security. Myka and Pete find a man eating a freshly killed deer and Pete is convinced they are dealing with zombies. This show just got awesome! A fun episode about an artifact that isn’t so interesting, but does cause interesting side effects. Myka and Pete are up to their old antics, dramatics, and histrionics. It made for a fun and funny show, with a side dose of gravity and soul. Once again, Warehouse 13 packs a punch.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: Shadows

“Shadows” is a decent episode, but I don’t think it is going to make anyone’s list of great works of television.The story line is ok, going back in time to discover how Jane became a regent is ok cool. But seemed to take up an inordinate amount of time, it could have been told a lot quicker. After last weeks race to the finish line type of story this one was a swing quite far in the opposite direction. I really enjoyed the Myka and Claudia artifact finding storyline, though it seemed to have nothing to do with the other storyline, a tad unusual for the series. I like the chemistry between the two women, and Claudia has to be one of my favorite characters on television. An enjoyable, if somewhat  non-memorable episode.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: The 40th Floor Full of Silver Coins

So, I realized that in putting off putting up my Warehouse 13 for a week, I was putting up a review of a show after the latest one was aired. So, I’ve decided to change-up the last few episodes and post them on the weekend. I assume most people will read this Monday morning, which is perfect because then they can have a reminder what last weeks episode was before watching this weeks. I think this works out better. ::Crossesfingers::

This episode was centered on the seasons arc and the evil FBI lady spends a lot of time on the screen and we learn that we don’t know anything about this secret agency that is going around stealing artifacts and using them. I was sorely disappointed in Jinks this episode, and that is all I’m going to say about that. I’ve been going back and watching early episodes and I can see even more so how Myka and Pete has grown in their partnership, they have a really wonderful friendship that is just beautiful to watch. Mrs. Fredrick was absolutely awesome and I love every moment that CCH Pounder graces the show with her presence. I love that the plot line of the overall arc took over this episode and so artifacts were thrown in willy nilly and we got to see a lot of cool effects. I really enjoyed watching this and can’t wait to see if some of my predictions are correct.

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