Nodds & Nends: Weddings, Monster Uterus, and Sesame Street

The Mary Sue had a whole posting on one geeky couples Little Mermaid -Disney themed wedding. The Bridesmaids dressed up like the other Disney Princesses. I must say, I do like how colorful the wedding is. Plus outside weddings are always pretty. Even when they are sticky with heat.

On Hack a Day, these really geeky wedding invitations came with a hidden message. Now that is my kind of geek.

I discovered I’m not the only one who thinks of her uterus as a monster. Check out this illustration of one on Head Trip, one of my favorite webcomics. And not just because she has red hair.

Jim Butcher sold rights to a steampunk series that he is still writing. It really sounds awesome. While I love the Dresden Files series, I’m not a fan of his fantasy series Codex Alera (too Madonna vs. the Whore for me), so I’ll be interested to see what this new series is like. Here is the blurb from Publishers Weekly:

Penguin Group is continuing its relationship with bestselling fantasy writer Jim Butcher. The author of the Dresden Files and Codex Alera closed a seven-figure, three-book deal with his current publisher for a new series. Anne Sowards, at Roc, took world English rights to The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass, and two sequels, from agent Jennifer Jackson at Donald Maass Literary. Butcher recently published the 14th book in the Dresden Files, a series that has been adapted to TV (on SyFy channel) and turned into a comic book (published by Dynamite Entertainment). The Cinder Spires, Jackson said, is set in a world “of black spires that tower for miles over a mist-shrouded surface” and follows a war between two of the Spires: Spire Albion and Spire Aurora.

Also, found on the internets this week, ZOMBIE BUNNIES OF CHOCOLATELY GOODNESS. I repeat CHOCOLATE ZOMBIE BUNNIES!!! It isn’t April Fools yet, so I’m going to believe this is real.

Speaking of bunnies. My best friend’s brother created a fan video for a contest to be the official video of the band The Birthday Massacre. My best friend stars and my brother-in-law helped with graphics. I’m obviously biased, but it is a cool video and only takes five minutes to watch and a second to give it a thumbs up. Also, a real bunny makes an appearance! Bonus points.

But the best thing I found on the internets recently (i.e. The Mary Sue’s twitter feed), Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on Sesame Street. It is as adorable and as awesome as you think it will be.

Doctor Who Day- Don’t Blink

I love this webcomic Head Trip mashing up different Doctor Who villains into a mixture of awesomeness. Or how about this one about a Dalek doing robocalls. Honestly, you guys need to start following HeadTrip its a geeky person’s dream webcomic. 🙂 She doesn’t always update consistently, but put her on your RSS feed and when her comics show up, it will make your day. It always makes mine!

This TARDIS dress looks like something I would rather sleep in, and as for a night gown it is a little pricey at almost $30. But it is still super cool and I wouldn’t say no to a free TARDIS nightdress. 🙂 But I’m not really sure what else I would expect from a dress that is only be sold at Hot Topic. I guess with Halloween right around the corner it’s an easy and fairly cheap costume, especially if you could find a fez. [via the Mary Sue]

And if you are walking around Boystown on Halloween looking to get into one of the fun bars, realize you will have to stand in probably the rain for a bit or two, can I recommend using this TARDIS messenger bag, big enough to hold your costume touch-up costume kit? Super cool purses/bags and now I really want one! [via RIASS]

I stumbled across this awesome cartoonish illustration of the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor having snack time. It is super adorable.

And now the best for last. This video is about a deleted scene from the latest episode of Doctor Who. So, if you have not seen the latest episode, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is extremely spoilery. AGAIN, SPOILERS!!! But for those of you who have, this is awesome, and sorta explains a few more things, and sorta makes things more complicated. Either way I loved it! [via The Bloggess]

Sonic Screwdriver Makes teh World Go ‘Round

Want yourself a fancy sonic screwdriver? Check out these fountain pens shaped like sonic screwdrivers. Ok, so maybe they are just steam punk skeleton fountain pens, but they sorta look like sonic screwdrivers! [via]

Vincent van Gogh uses the sonic screwdriver, and it doesn’t go so well for him. [via]

If you want to own a sonic screwdriver that actually does something other than light up and make noise, I suggest preordering this remote control shaped like a sonic screwdriver from Think Geek. Totally sonic (as in awesome, yes, I just made that up). You are welcome.

Nodds & Nends: an “Iron” Man, Tiger Piglets, and Tom Baker Fan Art

This is a real “Iron” man. [via]

If ThinkGeek can’t find the original source, I sure as heck wont (I did try, but there seems to be a lot of inbreeding among all the links).

The pictures below showed up in my Google+ stream with a whole story about how the poor tiger mommy needed some babies to nurse or she would have died. Piglets were sent to her with tiger markings and she’s all better. This is not true. Here is the real cats claw about the Tiger and the piglets. Not sure why people weren’t happy with the real story. I think it’s just as cool.

And a great find on the dresdencodak tumblr, Tom Baker by one of my favorite internet artists!! Woot. I’m not even a Tom Baker fan, per se.

A Time Lord

A Time Lord in a Cake

The Beast is a Time Lord which explains how the wonky timing of him being only 21 and living as a beast since he was 11.  [via]

I can’t find the original creator, thanks a lot tumblr.

Nodds & Nends: Urban Exploration, Merida’s Hair, and Awkward Superman

Time for some more nerdy odds and ends.

Stephanie at Read in a Single Sitting posted a lovely link to an article about a hidden subway in New York City. I totally love secret gardens, hidden rooms, and modern ruins. This pretty much made me smile straight for hours.

Disney World now holds all the bright red hair of Merida, even though Brave has yet to hit the theaters. Still, it is awesome hair. Check out this clip. It’s pretty cool. 😀 [via]

And then there is Awkward Superman, next to him I feel suave. Which, like, never happens in real life. [via]

Nostalgia Geekery

This webcomic explains why I don’t get gamers or people who feel the past version of something was always cooler. No, it really isn’t.

Nodds & Nends: Guest Post, Tumblr, and an Immortal Cat

I had a guest post on Read in a Single Sitting! Yay me! Go read it!

I stumbled on this tumblr last week and it made my day. You’re welcome.

Read this hilarious comic about lesson of an Immortal cat. Truly funny stuff, oh you internets.