Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke and the Bookish where fellow book bloggers, and anyone who wants, can contribute to a themed top ten list. Today we are t pick the top ten books we’ve recently added to our tbr (to be read) piles. OMG, this list reminds me of all the books that are coming out this year!


Next book in series list:

New to me authors and series:

  • Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. My sister-in-law recommended this book to me and I still need to get my hands on a copy.
  • The Girl with All the Gifts by  M.R. Carey. Another sister-in-law recommendation
  • How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. I keep seeing this pop up in my reader by book bloggers reviewing and raving about it. I think I need to give this one a try.

Neil Gaiman, because he gets his own list.

Nodds & Nends: Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison, Top Television of 2015, and My Favorite New gif

I love Jimmy Fallon, I think he’s great! I know not everyone does, but for me Jimmy Fallon is someone who can make me laugh and feel better about life because of the joy of life that he brings to this world, and that is awesome. Here he is imitating Jim Morrison and singing Reading Rainbow. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Read Nerds of Color’s Top 15 Television Series of 2015 list. I may have to check out a couple of these I haven’t seen yet.

Favorite new gif.

Every time I watch this, I can't help but laugh! funny-gif-supermarket-Titanic-playing

I’m in love with this TARDIS Mini Satchel and Metal Charm Keychain Shoulder Handbag. GAH! Of course it is currently unavailable. Of course! [via Facebook]

Static Electricity and Kissing Patients

Conrad von Soest, 'Brillenapostel' (1403).jpg

Tuesday, I finally went and got my eyes checked and my prescription renewed. This has been a long time coming. My only excuse is that moving twice in two years makes everything harder, especially keeping up with doctor’s appointments. I met the doctor who was a short guy with warm brown skin, dark hair, and an eye nerd of the first order. I mean huge eye nerd. He could not stop talking about how much he enjoyed what he did. Which is great!

I shook his hand in introduction and static electricity, that seems permanently stored in my body, zinged between us.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to zap you!” He said.

“It was probably me. ” I explained. “I seem to store static electricity somehow.”

“My 96 year old patient kissed me on the lips the other day, and I think both of us were charged with static, and I told him, ‘I think I saw sparks!'”

I really did not know how to respond to this. “…..Wow. Yah, that’s strange.” I ventured.

“Well, you know how it goes, sometimes they are going for the cheek and they get your lips.”

A reasonable explanation, but I still really do not understand this conversation, or what to say next. “I guess… that’s true.”

“Yah, kiddos, what can you do? My seven year old is not so affectionate any more, but my six year old is.” He explained.

Realization dawned. He said his kiddo kissed him on the lips, not his patient. That “you know how it goes” was really “you know kiddos.”

I knew I was about to laugh uncontrollably, but managed to blurt out, “Oh, you said your six year old kid. I thought you said your 96 year old patient and I was really confused why patients were kissing you!”

“Oh my! Yes, that would be strange.” He agreed.

I chuckled. “Maybe I need to see an ear doctor today as well!”

“I can look and see if there is one in this building.” He offered. He smiled, laughed, and continued, “This is probably the funniest conversation I’ve had all week!”

Good Woman vs Bad Woman: A Troubling Dichotomy

I found a really thoughtful and well written piece on the good woman versus bad woman because of their sexual choice dichotomy. Check out this article by The Mary Sue,  Sports Writer Speaks Against Objectification of Women By…Comparing Them to Hookers. Teresa Jusino, the author, makes several good points. It’s worth the five minute read.

You can’t talk about women’s worth while simultaneously judging which “types” of women “deserve” respect over others. If you think women deserve respect as human beings, then you don’t get to divide them up into “good” women and “bad” women because of what they choose to do with their bodies, sexually or otherwise.

This. The virgin vs sex worker dichotomy. The idea that a woman is good or bad depending on what she chooses to do with her body for sex.

I see this so often in movies, television, and a lot of the urban fantasy novels that I read. Judgement of a woman’s worth based on her desire to have or not have the sex (especially as it pertains to the male main protagonist). The ones having the sex in a manner not condoned by their society dying, just so the writers can get rid of the problem woman, the bad woman. ::coughfireflyheartofgoldcough:: I love me some Firefly, but a nice breaking of trope would have been Nandi in Heart of Gold still living and sexing people even when Mal left . She is not a problem woman, or a bad woman, just because she had sex with the main character who we all shipped with another character. No, Nandi’s worth should have been tied to her ability to lead women, take care of the employees in her charge, and create a safe haven on a rough planet. In those things she was capable and it would have been nice if she had been left alive to continue to do that.

When I find real female agency, a woman choosing to do what she wants for herself, and her worth dependent on her capabilities to lead, to fight, to care for others, her value is seen as what she does as a person and not in bed, then I rejoice. If she has female friends she does not cat fight with, but supports and who support her, my heart does a triple patter and my breath catches in aw. If the woman herself does not judge her worth by her sexual choices, but her ability to be the best person she can be in the situation she has been thrown into with the problems she suffers from her past, OMG, it is a miracle. Thankfully, these types of novels, shows, and movies do exist and they point the way for those still struggling to catch up. (If you haven’t already, read my Top Ten Reasons to Watch Dark Matter to learn about one show that does it right.)

Hopefully a trend of female agency and worth based on competency in responsibilities will continue to be a growing trend in the years to come. I am grateful to find that I do come across it more often, if not as much as I would like.

Television Review: Top Ten Reasons to Watch Dark Matter

January is a strange month TV wise, some shows are back on and some are not, and usually not my favorite shows. I was flipping through Netflix recommendations when I saw Dark Matter pop up as a recommendation. A sci/fi show set in space released in 2015, how did I not hear about this? I decided to give it a try, and it was excellent.

Why was this not more on my radar? I have only myself to blame, I definitely should have been on top of this.

Summary from IMDB:

The six-person crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got on board. The only clue to their identities is a cargo bay full of weaponry and a destination: a remote mining colony that is about to become a war zone. With no idea whose side they are on, they face a deadly decision. Will these amnesiacs turn their backs on history, or will their pasts catch up with them?

My Top Ten Reasons to Watch Dark Matter:

  1. A diverse crew.  One thing I really liked was its very diverse crew. The main characters are three women, two people of color, leaving only two white men. What? Awesome.
  2. BossBitches. I love that this show is full of BossBitches and women  of substance who lead without being Buffy-Season-7-Annoying, which is  my measuring stick for women in leadership roles on television. You don’t have to be a mean man to be a boss, you can be a woman and have feelings and still lead because you are smart and capable of rational thought and able to get things done and people recognize that and follow you.
  3. Intricate plot lines. OMG. I mean, I can’t even get into all of this without major spoilers, but I will say this, I have never, NEVER, been more surprised with a season finale reveal. I was expecting it to be lame because they have all these major revelations throughout the series on the different main characters and their past lives, I just couldn’t see how they could top their intricate plot lines in each episode with an even greater season arc reveal, but OMG they did! I sat up in bed and stared at the TV screen in disbelief for a long time as the credits rolled.
  4. Fully formed characters. This kind of ties into the previous two reasons. I don’t think you can have BossBitches and intricate plot lines without having fully formed characters, though people sure love to try. It is very apparent that even with their memories erased these are real characters with distinct personalities that tie into their behavior. From a sociological perspective it is fascinating. How much of personality is a genetic predisposition to a certain way of thinking and how much of it is because of environment? This is something the show explores with some very distinct personalities and perspectives and it was really engaging to watch. I give all credit to the writers. Obviously they knew where they were going with the show and that gave them room to explore all these different ideas and perspectives.
  5. Space Cowboys. On some level this show is reminiscent of Firefly and that kind of stings. Like, why does this show get a chance for a second season and Firefly didn’t? Timing? The channel it is on? A hundred of different reasons I’m sure. Setting that aside, it is a show about a bunch of amnesiac mercenaries who are trying to be better people and do the right thing while floating around in space on a cool spaceship. …. so Space Cowboys. Um, yes please. 
  6. Androids. The advanced technology in this television show is pretty cool. It’s some time in the future we know, because there is a Star Wars 36, and Androids are a real thing. One of them even runs the ship. They are logical creations that are part of every day space life, but the one on the ship seems to have a glitch in her system. She’s having feelings and rationalizing actions around them, and it is adorable. Plus, she’s played by Zoie Palmer who I enjoyed watching in Lost Girl.
  7. Wil Wheaton. I wont say much, because I don’t want to spoil his part, but it’s always fun to see a favorite sci/fi actor show up on a TV show.  When they get Mark Sheppard I will know it’s a really sci/fi show. 😉
  8. Netflix and Bingewatching. While it would have been great to know about this show earlier, I really enjoy binge watching these types of shows, especially as it only has 13 episodes in the first season. The complexities of the plot lines do take a couple of episodes to emerge, but that is harder to notice when you watch two or three in a sitting. So, it probably is best that I found it on Netflix and you can too!
  9. Little CGI. I like that the show is obviously on a budget and more concerned about the characters and plot line than huge explosions or high tech gear. There is some to be sure, but it plays into the over all story and doesn’t just sit on the screen to be cool.
  10. Female agency. Female agency in sexual relationships is a real thing in this show, coupled (pun intended) with the complications that happen when people who work and live together in a very small community have romantic relationships. Emotions are flying around, but guilt is not one of them. Power is mostly equal and communication about the relationship happens.

There are a great many things to like about this show, I’ve just listed my top ten. Honorable mentions should go to the wardrobe crew and make up crew for having realistic fighting outfits for the women and awesome retro (with a modern twist) hair dos that I can’t seem to replicate no matter how much I try. If you like sci/fi or excellent story lines or work related dramas check out Dark Matter on Netflix before the next season starts.

TBT and Nerdy Finds

It’s Throw Back Thursday, which I guess is something people still do? It seems to not be as much of a thing any more, but whatever, I typically jump on the bandwagon a little late. I was searching through old pictures to post and thought this was a fun picture. Henna Strong! Now I want to go and get some henna done.


Onto my newest nerdy finds.

Check out The Bookworm Chronicles Top 10 Adaptations 2015. I too watched the Hunger Games latest movie and thought it was a good adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins, but had kind of wished it would have been re-written a bit instead of so closely adapted. Do you have a favorite adaptation of 2015?

I’ve read several Classic Women Literature in the past, and maybe it’s time I pick up a few more books I’ve been wanting to read.  the book stop is joining in a challenge to read such books this coming year and while I don’t generally join challenges I find they are a fun thing to follow and discover excellent pieces. They are also a reminder to get outside my comfort zone and check out other books. Anyone have suggestions? I’ve read Austen and Bronte, maybe I should pick up something by George Eliot or Virginia Woolf?

This fun video of a time lapse Lego build out of a camper is really cool. Check it out!


Speaking of Legos, you can now have your head 3D printed in miniature to become one. No joke. Check out the Etsy store here. They are only about $30 dollars. [via Distractify]