TARDISes, Cat Trees, and River Song

It’s a Doctor Who day, well posting anyway. Look at all these goodies I have for you!! ::Squee::

TARDIS Cat Tree, OMG. To view more pictures click on the image. [via]

Just FYI, finding the original source on this one was not easy. Oh Tumblr, how I hate you.

I love minimalism posters for movies or tv episodes, so when I came across these Doctor Who minimalism posters for some of my favorite episodes I reached nirvana, for just a millisecond. You can buy prints at here. [via]

The Last Centurian

Yet another rendering of River Song. Can I say that I’m mostly in love with her hair? Because I am. [via]

River Song and a Gun, ooh-rah.

And Matt Smith is a badass. He’s *my* doctor, and he always will be. Check out the artist, Blue-Fox, on deviantArt.  [via]

Because of Doctor Who, I now call it Pandorica Station. I know, I know.

Television Review: Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War

I haven’t sat down and tried to write this review before this moment, because this is going to be the hardest episode to not spoil. Now I understand why the cast just kept saying that it was a brilliant episode and leaving it at that. But, urgh, I’ll try. (I’m going to assume that you’ve read the last two episodes) **Spoiler Free**

At the end of  “The Almost People”, we discover that Amy is not flesh and blood, but one of the flesh people. And she has been, for some time. Instead, she has been locked in a very white chamber, getting more and more preggers, until she is about to pop. The Doctor tells Amy, before he Sonics her, that he is coming for her. Rory steps away, and Amy disintegrates into pancake batter. “A Good Man Goes to War” is the conclusion of this story arc, with a taste of what is to come in the last part of the season, starting with “Let’s Kill Hitlers”, which doesn’t air until September.

In “A Good Man Goes to War”, the Doctor and Rory (as the Last Centurion) head off to find Amy and rescue her. The Doctor visits old acquaintances who owe him favors and brings them along. Rory heads off first to get River Song, who tells him, she only shows up at the end and she does, with the hugest revelation of all. I mean, good lord!! River has always been an enigma, where she came from what she is to the Doctor. So finding out a piece of her history, was mind blowing. The show was a never ending whirlwind of activity, great leaps forward, and huge falls backwards. But the ending was the most spectacular mid-season finale I have seen in a while (frankly, I’ve been disappointed by a lot of the season finale’s this spring). Doctor Who proves once again, that they have got the goods and they know how to use them.

I am going to say, that for a split second in “Day of the Moon” I thought what if River is…, but dismissed the ludicrous idea out of hand. And here I was right!!! Go watch the exciting mid-season finale, if you haven’t already. If you can’t wait until September, here are some clips to hold you over.

io9 exclusive (which means I can’t embed the videos) of how Matt Smith would play an evil version of the Doctor.

Recap (of the first 7 episodes):

Compendium of pictures and scenes of the crew filming (frankly I got bored and didn’t watch the whole thing)

Television Review: Doctor Who: The Almost People

***Spoiler Free Review**

On May 28, 2011, BBC America aired the second part of their mid-season two-parter of Doctor Who. Title, “The Almost People”, this episode was the conclusion to “The Rebel Flesh.” In “The Rebel Flesh,” the Doctor, Rory, and Amy land on an island housing some sort of power companies base of operation. Because it is extremely dangerous work, including boiling vats of acid, the company starts cloning the original workers using Flesh and sending out the doppelgangers to do the risky work. The Doctor discovers what is going on and using his Sonic Screwdriver begins to question whether these “Almost People” are in fact, real people with memories and feelings.

Inevitably, the Almost People and the Original People find themselves at odds with each other as a natural disaster is on the horizon and there is apparently not enough room to get everyone off the island. The TARDIS is acting up again and while the Doctor seems to think he knows what he is doing, we have to wonder if he really does,  if the TARDIS isn’t directing his course is he really were he needs to be? The ending of this two-part story is a huge cliff hanger and shows that yes, the Doctor knows exactly what he is about.

I loved the two-parter, it was exciting and engaging. The Doppelgangers were fairly cool people to follow around, though a time or two I had trouble keeping up with the fast clip accented English of some of the actors. But that’s me. I was confused by having yet another “monster” of the week episode, wishing for some more explanation of The Silence and the larger story arc. But I was brought to task at the conclusion of the episode, once again exclaiming the genius of the producers and writers of this show. “A Good Man Goes to War” airs this coming Saturday, and according BBC America website is the mid-season finale, an exciting conclusion to the two-part story of “The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People” where the Doctor discovers who River Song really is.

I…I… why can’t it be Saturday NOW???!!!!

Doctor Who Confidential

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