Television Review: Fringe Friday: The End of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fringe returns tonight with “A Short Story About Love”, in anticipation of this show hitting the airwaves again after its 4 week hiatus I have decided to finally get around to reviewing “The End of All Things”, which aired in February. Yeesh. Suffice to say, I’m a bit behind, but not too late. I have valid family emergency excuses and I wont apologize, I’ll just get down to business.

“The End of All Things” was a brisk walk though the over all story arc. Many important things happened, and I’m sure I missed half of them. Olivia has been kidnapped right from under Peter’s nose, and there are two Ninas floating around who could be anything from shapeshifters, to alternate universe Ninas, to alternate timeline Ninas. It is a mad race until the end and it quite exciting!

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Enemy of My Enemy is my Frenemy

This week marks the beginning of Bad Broyles, evil pops up in unexpected places, and everyone has to learn to work together. This episode delves into the story arc for this season, the translucent shape shifters. Old frenemies show up, new enemies are revealed, and an unplanned for variable may be the two universes only hope to defeat the bad guy. Jared Harris returns and I love when parts of plans are revealed but not enough to spoil or really explain where everything is headed. I’m racking my brain as to what all of this means, and I’m interested to see where the show will go from here.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Back to Where You’ve Never (Have I Ever) Been

Fringe returns with Walter making chocolate chip and banana pancakes. Can I just say, that I totally love chocolate chip and banana pancakes. I discovered this amazing phenomenon one afternoon when I wanted to make pancakes and didn’t have any eggs. A quick internet research showed that I could substitute one banana for one egg. Drop a few chocolate chips down onto the pancakes as they are cooking on one side, flip, cook all the way through (this takes longer with bananas) and wah lah, yummy goodness. And that is not the only yummy goodness in this episode. Indeed, at one point two Agent Lees are standing next to each other. Yum. Then there was also not so yummy parts. People getting run over by buses for example, not so yummy. The translucent shapeshifters are back and they have infiltrated the government in the Alternate Universe (A.U.). This show was full of reveals and it moved the story along with a great big old shove that this season needed. I knew once Peter arrived things would start moving forward. And I was right. Yet again.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Bloodline Baby

This episode is the continuing story line from the other side. I really enjoyed this episode, I had so many visceral reactions to the sequence of events that I can only be amazed at the depth of feeling this show is able to elicit. I liked that this episode brings back some of the unique characters to the alternate universe and explores the dynamics between all the characters, which are slightly different than the original characters. But I really, really would like to see some more of Anna Torv as the original Olivia, what is happening with her and Peter?

*SPOILER ALERT* This is a play by play re-cap of last weeks episode in time to catch up before tonight’s episode.

cc by Jackl via Wikimedia Commons (original television)



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