Television Review: Fringe Friday: Wallflower Paper Fades

“Wallflower” is the story about people mysteriously turning into albino’s upon their deaths. Olivia and Agent Lee investigate, while the Peter storyline takes a back seat in this episode. A back seat to the main monster of the week, but it packs a powerful punch nonetheless. More Massive Dynamic secrets are revealed and this season is really shaping up to be the best one yet. The formula for this show doesn’t change, but the complex characters with the ability to show real emotions means that the show is never boring. I so ❤ this show!

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Buffy and Angel Alums Now Supernatural

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will guest star on this weeks Supernatural. I’m so excited I couldn’t keep this information to myself ’til Friday. Woot!! Also, did anyone else notice that was Jewel Staite on two weeks ago? Joss Whedon’s faves take over the world!! Or at least the sci/fi shows of American television. [via io9]

Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Past Imperfect, Present Illumination

Now that we have delved into Pete’s past in previous episodes, the writers of Warehouse 13 decided to treat us with a bit of Myka’s imperfect past. It was a delightful illumination of the present relationship between Pete and Myka verses her old partnership and I thoroughly enjoyed finding out where Myka came from (agent wise) and seeing how she has grown as a character, even if it has all been off-screen. Myka and Pete aren’t currently perfect people, but they are characters that have grown as they’ve gotten older and wiser and that is all I ask from a two-dimensional personality, most 3-D peeps can’t pull that off! Plus this episode pairs up Claudia and Jinksy again, always a great dynamic and begins to explore the reasons behind evil FBI lady, being said evil FBI lady.

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Supernatural Superstars

James Marsters, who played Spike, and Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia, alums of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel  will play husband and wife on an episode of Supernatural this fall. This should be awesome! [via io9 (frankly this blew up on the internet last week)]

Webseries Review: Blood Light

So, I watched the entire 9 episodes of a new webseries Blood Light. And I have one word- Awesome.

The series starts out strong in some aspects, comedy, and not so strong in others, acting. It is always fun to watch something that makes fun of popular vampire culture, because even though I absolutely love reading such novels as the Sookie Stackhouse Series and The Dresden Files, there is so much camp to them that it is easy to make fun of them. I even enjoyed the Twilight Series (despite is Mormonism dressed up as 18th Century chauvinism), because I appreciate all things campy and supernatural without getting hung up on minor details, like sparkly skin. Even as I make fun of said sparkly skin. But the reason I like such things as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Moonlight was because of their camp and ability to make fun of themselves. It’s an ongoing theme with such shows, just take Supernatural for instance, their whole meta show about doing the show is a classic example of not taking themselves or the story lines of demon blood infestation too seriously. This webisode continues in that vein of comedy with references to True Blood, New York Comic Con, and breaking the “Fourth Wall”- while breaking the Fourth Wall.

The first girl who played Alex is not that strong of an actor, but I promise it is worth pushing past her eye rolls.  Jared Stern is comic gold as Conner, the human who pretends to be a vampire. His loose morals and questionable tactics with regards to women are only funny because usually ends up in trouble using them. As the show becomes more Conner centric, the show becomes funnier and more centered on what it is about. Note that the show is definitely NSFW. There is much swearing, which progresses as the series proceeds, and the show sees how much it can get away with. There are some “mind-flashes” of scantily clad women, but no nudity. The show thrives on crass, but the ending of episode 4 is absolutely priceless, and many of the jokes are at the expense of the actors themselves. Which is what counts in the end, the ability of a series to make jokes at its own expense and not take itself too seriously. A really, really funny series that you should check out. (First episode embedded below). Check out their website.

What to Watch on Netflix

io9 posted a really cool flowchart to help people decide what Science Fiction to watch on Netflix. I’ve seen roughly 80% of the shows on this chart (not including the animated ones). I’m just an all around t.v. watcher of fun/campy/scary/great science fiction/ fantasy stuff. [by SF Signal]


Misha Collins From Angel to Priest

Misha Collins is involved in a new supernatural thriller, this time a webseries called Divine: The Series. A show about a Priest trying to save fallen souls. You can read more about what the series is about here or watch the producers and actors talk about the making of the series here:

They are raising money to produce the show on Kickstar. While they have already met their goal, I’m sure more money is always appreciated.  You can check out their site and donate here.

I’m a fan of supernatural thrillers and can’t wait to check out this new format of the genre I love. Hopefully, this production lives up to the hype, but frankly anything with Misha Collins and I’m willing to give it a try. 😀 The series appears as much about special effects and gory visuals as it does about philosophy and spiritual musings.

“Does each of us have the free will to decide our destiny or are our decisions preordained by a higher power?”

Characters Who Deserved Little More

Itching for some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Check out this list from Topless Robot, and relive the glory. Personally, I kept hoping that Dracula would show back up again on Buffy. I realize, “The Immortal”, did do a guest appearance on Angel,  where they kindly showed us the back of his head a few times. But I really wanted to see Rudolph Martin playing the part again. The man is incredibly sexy! Even when he is playing a two-timing traitor on NCIS.


Fringe Forever (well at least another season)

Fringe is being renewed for a 4th season. I’m so excited I did a little happy dance sort of like when Angel dances. (It’s awesome, you should check out the gif.)