Television Review: Fringe Friday: 6:02 A.M. Eastern Time to Hit the Snooze

This episode switches between both Universes to show what happens when The Machine is turned on. The count down begins to the end of the season, and the possible end of one of the Universes. I really don’t see how they can just kill off one entire Universe. I’m hoping that between the two Olivia’s and Peter they can figure out a way to save everyone. But I also don’t see how a show could continue to be about two Universes. So, I really can’t decide what the writers are going to do. The one thing that really bugged me about this episode is Walter’s incessant pity party. Major ugh factor there. Stop whining and fix things already. I do like that Astrid seems to be gaining a back bone, so we’ll see if that continues.

Preview for Tonight: Spoilery so you are warned.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: LSD Learnings

This episode involves drugs, cartoons, and zepplins. It is exciting, mind bending, and involved. I enjoyed it immensely. Check out my review after the jump.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: O’s No’s

Where will you be? Great vid on the end of the world as Fringe knows it.

There was no Fringe episode last week, so I provide you with a video to keep you held over until Fringe returns on April 15, which apparently is a magic number day or something. Why are all my shows on hiatus!!!! So mad. To keep my self from actually going mad (aka crazy) I went back and re-watched an episode of Fringe and have posted my review of it after the jump. This episode deals with Olivia and Peter’s new relationship and Walter’s inadequacies without Bell. I really enjoyed a lot of the concepts in this story line, and I think that Anna Torv is pretty amazing with her ability to be other people. Once again, this is a play by play review of the episode.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Bloodline Baby

This episode is the continuing story line from the other side. I really enjoyed this episode, I had so many visceral reactions to the sequence of events that I can only be amazed at the depth of feeling this show is able to elicit. I liked that this episode brings back some of the unique characters to the alternate universe and explores the dynamics between all the characters, which are slightly different than the original characters. But I really, really would like to see some more of Anna Torv as the original Olivia, what is happening with her and Peter?

*SPOILER ALERT* This is a play by play re-cap of last weeks episode in time to catch up before tonight’s episode.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Stoway Stuck

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My Fringe Fridays will be a play by play for each Fringe episode from the previous week. Consider this my *Spoiler Alert.*

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