Day in Dallas District Bishop Arts

This weekend Chris and I did some exploring of other Dallas neighborhoods. We decided to walk around the Bishop Arts District to see what we could see.

bishop street sign

There were a lot of cool signs and interesting architecture.

bishop street

Also there was this guy with his feet completely turned out. Like you do.

street performance

One of my favorite stops of the day was the antique mall, full of some amazing finds. It was full, really full and kind of amazing.


The top left hand corner is an advertisement for how wonderful the kitchen space was in the new mobile homes. I’ve lived in mobile homes, space is not how I would describe any of them. The top right hand corner is of a rickshaw that had a fan and umbrella attached to it. The middle picture is of the front of a pinball machine. And yes, that is a picture of an old condom dispenser.

nerd antiques

These are my nerd finds. I loved the little book table (upper left hand corner), but it was kind of ridiculously expensive. The Star Wars movie poster was from 1980, and so awesome. And yes that is a signed photo of Brent Spiner. If I had a bigger place I would find some way to decorate with those old wooden filing cabinets. Such beautiful wood. Most interestingly I found a file drawer in another cabinet with an interesting label.


It was full of naked or half naked women. Most interestingly, they were definitely not photoshopped into perfection which I thought was cool. And yes, I giggled a lot I was not expecting to find such a drawer at an antique mall.

Nodds & Nends: Sheldon Cooper, Doctor Who T-Shirt, and a Pirate Dog Costume

I love the Related to Sheldon Cooper or Dating Sheldon Cooper bits that show up on and, they make my day. Bazinga!

Head on over to today only to get this awesome Doctor Who t-shirt. I. Want!!! (thanks a lot Sara).

My friend Keith sent me a link to a twitter feed about Link stills from the game and the commenters thoughts. I don’t play the game, and I’m currently not on twitter, so, I was like, well that’s cool. I guess. But as you all might be a tad more interested, check it out here at LinksAdventures.

This pirates carrying a treasure chest dog costume took me a moment to understand what I was seeing. Then I was like, cool. Way cool actually. And since it is tumblr there is apparently no way to know where this came from. [via]

And there is this AWESOME CAR HOUSE!!!!! You’re welcome. More pictures here.  [via]

And lastly, check out this fantastical art tumblr. As you all know, I have a love/hate relationship with tumblr. But this one is cool, and lo doest my eye see SOURCES! Yes, yes it does. A Cottage in the Woods tumblr, check it out.