The Art of Skulls

I have a board on Pinterest called Skeletons and Skulls where I post beautiful artwork of skulls or skeletons. In case you haven’t been following (though I’m sure you will now, right? ;)) here are some of my recent faves.

Skeleton Royalty

skelleton royalty

Skeleton Love Stencil by Catman103 on DeviantArt


Red Skull Balloon

red skeleton balloon

Doctor Who Day on Pinterest

Here are some awesome pieces of Doctor Who art that I found on Pinterest.

You can find this one in Etsy.


I just love this picture.


This art work of the Doctor and River Song is my favorite.


Disney Done Right

I have a Pinterest board title Disney Done Right. You should follow it. I put a lot of cool Disney Mash-ups and other fairy tale like things on it. Here are some recent finds:

Bell and the Beast by Lehuss on DeviantArt.

Baby Belle and the Teddy Beast. It is as adorable as you think it is.

Speaking of babies, Baby Ursula is just too cute for words. I mean, Gah!

Rapunzel art work. Just gorgeous.

Is Prince Charming really a name? A funny strip about the Disney Princes.

I like the concept of this piece of Ariel trying to sew her legs together to be a mermaid again. Though the artist has a bit of a ways to go when it comes to faces.

What does the fox say? Robin Hood has an answer.

fox says

Skulls, Skulls, and More Skulls

My fiance is a bit obsessed with skulls, and I’ve always found them interesting myself. So they’ve slowly crept deeper and deeper into my life. My key chain is a skull, I have shirts with skulls on them, and even my piggy bank is a skull. The piggy bank is our tattoo money. So far I think I have less than a dollar in there, I really need to get on that.

Chris and I are not the only ones obsessed with skulls. Some people put them in cloche jars and display them as house decorations. Some people put them on high heels with a lot of other interesting and intricate artwork. Some people just use them in the art they create.  Check out my Nerd Love board on Pinterest where I direct all my skull art to.

Some people use them as inspiration for tattoos. I love this one where the other art on the arm makes the overall piece look like a skull. Check out my Tattoos board to see some other cool tattoos and some I’m thinking of getting myself.

But my favorite recent skull find is this awesome maternity shirt. If you don’t look at any of my other links, you gotta check this one out!

green skull piggy bank

Nodds & Nends: Jayne Hats, Tiny House, and Dove’s Commercial

Firefly crack down by Fox  on selling Jayne Hat’s on Etsy. Big surprise. [Note the sarcasm.]

I found these tiny houses in trees. It’s totally photoshopped, but in my imaginary world it isn’t. And I live in one of them. With a blue door.

Check out this eyeful of art. Literally, Eye Art. I think it is gorgeous!

Probably most of you have seen Dove’s recent beauty sketches ad. Here is my two cents worth, It’s an ad. For a beauty product company. Of course it is going to be about beauty. It’s an ad, it is going to be dramatic, and seem unrealistic. It’s a story they are telling. It’s an ad. People are upset because of course we are still talking about women’s beauty as being what they are worth. But I don’t think that is the actual message, I think people like to be negative whenever possible. I think that Dove was trying to show that sometimes how we see ourselves isn’t always in the best light. Sometimes the way other people look at us can give us insight into our own lives and we take from that what we will. Personally, I like this ad.

Starry Night in Dominoes

Watch this time lapse video of a person building the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh in dominoes, and watch it fall into place. Quite beautiful. And honestly, I don’t know if I would have the patience for such a project. If I spend that much time on a project I want it to last longer than thirty seconds of falling. [via Read in a Single Sitting and io9]