The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque

Thanks to Dragobug, I recently discovered a wonderful Facebook page on The Macabre and the Beautifully Grotesque. This Facebook group pulls together wonderful pictures and spreads them out unto the world. They link back to or identify the artist of these beautiful works, which I really appreciate. Their Ray Caesar album is quite fantastic. I’m a little in love. The Healing Light, The Angel of Innocent Things, and Night Call are my favorite pieces which shows that Ray Caesar’s  current work is a little less centered on children, but still darkly whimsical in nature.

Ray Caesar’s art was influenced by his job at a children’s hospital. He writes:

 I believe that you must have both sunlight and moonlight to see the truth.


Color With Crayons

Unable to locate original artist and process. Boo.

This blogger explains the process, click on the picture to read all about it.


Another crafty blogger. Click on the picture and read about her experience.

Read how Lindsey spends very little to make artwork for her office by clicking on the picture.

Photography and Technology Mash-Up

Go Pantone was Freshly Pressed recently here on WordPress and I was quite delighted with this posting. Pretty awesome mash up of photography, human interaction of sculptures, and technology. . More awesome postings on the blog, so go check it out. Featuring the photography of Leo Caillard.

Geeky Characters In Salt

Bashir Sultani draws geeky characters with salt. And it is frankly very cool. Check out his youtube channel here, for more. [via Geekologie]

Map Portraits

These map portraits just way awesome. Who uses maps anymore? Isn’t that what Google is for? 😀 So Ingrid Dabringer decided to take old maps and make artwork out of them. These are just really cool. View more map portraits at the geekosystem link or check out her wordpress blog here and see more cool art! [via geekosystem]


Art Nouveau and Geek Stuff

Last week io9 has a lovely little bit on the history of Art Nouveau and then posted some geeky heroes done in that particular style. So I did some digging and found out that Art Nouveu (French for “new art”) is a curvaceous, organic, and floral style of art.  Today’s art is greatly inspired by a poster of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). His influence is seen today on fan art, posters, and even Googles Doodles. Museums have dedicated whole areas to the theme, a style that influences all areas of art and life, not just geeky hero drawings. Check out the museum stuff here. Speaking of Big Damn Heroes, you can now pre-order Firefly Art Nouveau prints here. [via io9]

And of Course some Doctor Who ones of The Companions!!