Television Review: Fringe Friday: The End of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fringe returns tonight with “A Short Story About Love”, in anticipation of this show hitting the airwaves again after its 4 week hiatus I have decided to finally get around to reviewing “The End of All Things”, which aired in February. Yeesh. Suffice to say, I’m a bit behind, but not too late. I have valid family emergency excuses and I wont apologize, I’ll just get down to business.

“The End of All Things” was a brisk walk though the over all story arc. Many important things happened, and I’m sure I missed half of them. Olivia has been kidnapped right from under Peter’s nose, and there are two Ninas floating around who could be anything from shapeshifters, to alternate universe Ninas, to alternate timeline Ninas. It is a mad race until the end and it quite exciting!

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: A Better Human Being [Human]

Last week’s episode of Fringe was a heart strings tugger (apparently tugger is not a word, well, it should be). In “A Better Human Being” Olivia’s memories are being taken over by Peter’s Timeline’s Olivia’s memories and her own are becoming fuzzy. Peter is concerned and a little heart broken, Walter is upset with Peter thinking it is Peter’s fault. Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter are working on a case of a killer who is somehow connected mentally to a patient of an institution.

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