Geeky Little People

If I had kids I’d totally have these in my playroom. 😀 Buy them here.

Lord of the Rings

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Being Human

Sherlock and Being Human Unite

Sorta. It looks like Russel Tovey (“George” on Being Human) will be appearing on season 2 of Sherlock, set to air in 2012 at some unknown date. Sheesh. Here is like three seconds of footage to tide us over until then. Thanks. Thanks a lot. [via Topless Robot]


An Elvin Dwarf?

All last week Peter Jackson has been dolling out new pictures of the Dwarves in the upcoming movie, The Hobbit.  While way interested in the movie, I personally have not been sitting on my hands waiting for these pictures to come out. But I was interest in one, namely because I love Aidan Turner, and can’t wait to see him in something other than BBC’s Being Human. I have to agree with Topless Robot, he looks a little too pretty and elf like for a Dwarf. Not that I’m complaining overly much, because you know, pretty! [via Topless Robot]


What to Watch on Netflix

io9 posted a really cool flowchart to help people decide what Science Fiction to watch on Netflix. I’ve seen roughly 80% of the shows on this chart (not including the animated ones). I’m just an all around t.v. watcher of fun/campy/scary/great science fiction/ fantasy stuff. [by SF Signal]


Tortured Characters

io9 discusses why we love to read about tortured people here.  One reason that I love certain characters is that they are tortured, hated, or reviled. Or maybe I love to hate the writers or hate to love the series. Whatever. This list talks about everyone from My Boys (Sam and Dean) to kick ass Buffy, from Dresden’s file of weird shit to U.K version of Being Human’s weird shit. I do love me some tortured people. Check out some Supernatural Concept Art here including a Winchester and Boondock Saints mash up and fan art of Sam.