Buzz Lightyear Mash-ups and Cosplay

Stormtrooper Buzz Lightyear. Coolest thing ever. What a great concept and execution. [via]

Here’s another Star Wars mash-up, this time Boba Fett and Buzz Lightyear. You can get it on a t-shirt. how cool is that?

Buzz Lightyear dressed up as Iron Man. OMG, I love this. 😀

It is always exciting when cosplayer’s take a character to the next level, like this Mrs. Nesbitt version of Buzz Lightyear.

Or like this guy or make a steampunk version of Buzz.

Geeky Snow Stuff

Snowman Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond a really good snow sculpture. This is way too cool. And I can’t believe how tall it is!


Jabba the Snow Hut  with food dye is to die for. Get it? LOL. Anyway, I like it. Thanks to Wrylab for the tip!


Terrifying Toy Story

Action figures with some darkness. I love when someone takes something light and fun and makes it dark and terrifying. Check out his website here.[via io9]

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Toy Story Lights Up

A Tron-like Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity and Beyond- this is way cool. I found this while searching for True Blood mash-ups in light of the fact that the fourth season started yesterday. But this was way cooler than any True Blood mash-up I found (shockingly few to choose from in fact).  [via this blog]