Nodds & Nends: Mary Poppins, Batman and Superheroines

Mary Poppins and Burt cosplay. So cute!!! [via]

An interesting take on superheroines, they are fully clothed! The artist is Michael Lee Lunsford tumblr.

I just love this discussion about Book Coverss by Aidan and Alisa on Picture Me Reading Book Club extra. It’s true that covers really influence what I think a book will be like, and when it doesn’t match the tone of the book I get annoyed. I find that a lot of urban fantasy books look very similar on the cover even if the tone of the book is different from standard urban fantasy. The cover for the Darkfever that I own looks like this. While the cover that Alisa found and posted for my discussion on it on Picture Me Reading, looked a lot more like a romance novel. The books themselves are really dark, creepy, and heart wrenching. I think none of the covers really look like what I would think the cover of the book series should look like except Shadowfever. Gothic, otherworldly, and a hint of human.

Some of my favorite places to follow on the internets are Think Geek on both Pinterest and Google+, they post some really cool things. For example this Calvin & Hobbes kid’s room is just too adorable for words. I love the simplicity of the mural. [via] I also discovered these really cool larger than life Star Wars Legos made out of wood from them. How amazing are these wooden sculptures! Just awesome. Plus sometimes I just go on to Think Geek’s product page and check out all the cool things, like this Batman Family in decals, because I have a dark sense of humor this made me giggle for a really long time.


Doctor Who Mash-ups

Calvin and Hobbes mash-up. I can’t find the artist/mash-upper (it’s a word, no red underlines!) either.  But it is worth clicking over to see.

Alice meets the TARDIS in this upcycled art. Boy is she one lucky girl! [via]

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Curse Your Sudden and Inevitable Betrayal, Hobbes

This iPhone case is just too cute for words. I do think it would be better if he were playing with Hobbes. But that is just my humble opinion. [via]


I found this mash-up last week and posted one particular print on Facebook, so a few of you may have seen these already. But holy crap I couldn’t wait to share these and they are so awesome!!! that I’m sharing them twice. 😀 Definitely my favorite mash-up find of the week. The artist is James Hance (he sells prints of this stuff Go. Buy) and I’ve featured his work before,  you can also check out his Facebook Page. [via Geek with Curves]