Nodds & Nends: Hipster Disney Princesses, Nerdy Birthday Cake, and Naughty Sounding Fowl

One of my favorite things to read every day is Not Always Working the opposite to Not Always Right. Often there are nerdy tidbits that just make my day. Like this one discussing if Captain America was on the Presidential ballot.

Here is an awesome birthday cake/several cookies in the shape of the game Survive: Escape from Atlantis. Awesome. I want a cookie now. [via Frivolous Monsters]

Please click on this next link if you do nothing else today. It is amazing. And possibly a gift idea if you’ve missed your holiday shopping until after the fact. Or just because they look like good recipes. Check out Fifty Shades of Chicken Cooking (a parody cookbook). It contains, for example, the following excerpt:

“I want you to see this. Then you’ll know everything. It’s a cookbook,” he says and opens to some recipes, with color photos. “I want to prepare you, very much.” This isn’t just about getting me hot till my juices run clear, and then a little rest. There’s pulling, jerking, stuffing, trussing. Fifty preparations. He promises we’ll start out slow, with wine and a good oiling . . . Holy crap.“I will control everything that happens here,” he says. “You can leave anytime, but as long as you stay, you’re my ingredient.” I’ll be transformed from a raw, organic bird into something—what? Something delicious.

And a trailer for the book. A bare chested man ties up a chicken. Is it weird the only thing I can think is, “That is quite the outie bellie button”? [NSFW]

Disney fairies cosplay and Disney Princess Hipsters sing below (via Picture Me Reading)


Superheroes and Villains Photo-bomb History

This posting on The Mary Sue made me giggle, but I’m a little jaded and cynical, so I love these illustrations by Agan Harahap that are amazing in quality and message. Not for the easily offended or un-easily amused (as in not easily amused, because if you like being uneasily amused then you will actually like these). [Ed. Note (though I’m the editor, so this is just really a footnote, but at the beginning): My quick note to self about the link in my document was: Superheroes photobomb history- not in a good way. You’ve been warned.]

Batman and Fidel Castro

Superman and soldiers recovering stolen art at Neuschwanstein Castle, 1945

Captain America at a Russian prisoner-of-war camp on inspection with Himmler

Movie Review: The Avengers

So, I finally went and saw The Avengers last weekend, and it was glorious. Mostly because it was really humid and hot out and spending two and half hours in air conditioning watching Robert Downey Jr. looking sexy was the best possible way to spend a Sunday afternoon. But I kid. Mostly.

Over the past few years Marvel has been working the comicbook movie craze with a delicious set of action movies full of beautiful men. The time has come for all these men to make a movie together, just as all these heroes came together in the comic books. Honestly, that is the sum total of the plot line. Something drives the Avengers to come together, setting aside petty differences and huge egos, so they can save the world. The end.

Plot line cliche aside, the action movie was quite a fun ride. A lot of beautiful men fighting? Count me in. The action sequences were nicely done, swooping from one character to the next, showing brilliance in direction, cinematography, and pacing. But I would expect nothing less from Joss Whedon, director and co-writer of The Avengers. As my best friend Sara, pointed out, Whedon does a really good job with a large cast ensembles. Buffy petered at the end it is true, but Firefly was done amazingly, and Whedon brought this sense of care for characters to each The Avengers. It could have easily been done in such a way that a major character didn’t have as much screen time and then there would be in-fighting with the comic fan crowd. But what Whedon did, was not only give each character enough screen time, he gave them enough drama time. Which is not the same thing in an action movie. Each actor was given the ability to show his acting chomps, even some of the more minor characters such as Black Widow and Hawkeye. I’m a HUGE Jeremy Renner fan and when I saw his character on House, I knew he was going to peak into Hollywood soon thereafter. A year later he made it big with Hurt Locker. I’m a scary judge of ability. Someone needs to hire me for that. Anyone? Bueller?

And Loki, he was brilliant. Sara asked me if I thought he was this good in Thor. I pointed out Whedon’s ability to make people better actors, and I really think that Tom Hiddleston brought more to the table in The Avengers because of Whedon’s direction. The dialogue was witty and entertaining. I liked the use of The Hulk as comedic relief. Though, it seems there was a missing scene showing how The Hulk gained some ability to control his special powers instead of the abrupt switcheroo that happened. But I’ve been told by an expert (by which I mean my best friend), that is just how The Hulk has always been written. It is however, my main contention with the movie. Give me an explanation, even a bad one, but I need an explanation for sudden change in a character.

My other bone to pick was who they used as catalyst to bring the Avengers together. Not my favorite move, though I understand why they did it. (I still don’t have to like it.) And that is all I’m going to say, because I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Also, I think Whedon has a bare foot fetish. Honestly. There was an whole episode devoted to Summer Glau’s feet in Firefly, and here both Potts and Black Widow are barefoot in the movie. I understand and applaud the reason for Black Widdow, ain’t no real fighting happening in heels. (Side note, female fighting being Whedon’s forte, Black Widow’s fight scenes were excellent!) But would Potts really be walking around in cut off jeans and no shoes? IN A CONSTRUCTION SITE!!!!! No, no she would not. My understanding of Potts is her practicality and ability to be a part of any social situation seamlessly. You do NOT walk around BAREFOOT on a construction site. Period. So yes, foot fetish.

I’m glad I went and saw this on the big screen. The fight scenes were epic, the monster otherworldly, and the cast just oh so pretty that viewing it larger than life was a real treat. Even if I was really buzzed from mimosas and getting a headache from the overly loud fight scenes. It was a fun action movie with great pacing and good acting. And Robert Downey Jr. I may have to own this one.

Superheroes Galore

I don’t think Batman is too happy with Superman. This makes me giggle. Every time. [via]

The Mary Sue found these vintage Superhero portraits. They are awesome. I want one! Head over to the creator’s Facebook page for some more awesomely redone vintage portraits.

And the cutest Superman and Wonder Woman picture you will ever see. Until someone copies it and makes a cuter meme. You know. Because it’s the internets. [via]

Avengers Fan Vido

Sometimes I love the fan videos better than the real trailers for upcoming movies. I feel lately, what with teaser trailers and poorly managed marketing, the people getting paid to promote new geeky delights in the entertainment industry have gotten lazy. I mean even Cameron Diaz did a better job in The Holiday. Sheesh. This fan pulled clips from previous movies, as well as clips from released for the trailer, and make a trailer that actually makes some sense.  [via Topless Robot]

Vahm-pyres, Oooooh

Check out these science fiction characters re-vamped. Ha ha ha. Get it? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Check out more images on Blastr. [via The Mary Sue]

Princess Leia as a vampire. Oooh, scary.

Kirk as Captain James von Kirk. Um, a little blood and a cape make you more of a wannabe than anything else.

Captain America as a vampire is just frightening. The blood, all that blood!

Agent Coulson

The short (well the teaser to the short), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer, popped up on the web last week, apparently the whole bit is on the Captain America DVD extras. I love Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, just as much as the next person. Probably more since I saw him in The New Adventures of Old Christine. He just has great comedic timing. If you haven’t watched that show you should. It’s not sci/fi or fantasy, but it is hilarious. [via io9]


Superhero Dinosaurs

David Resto decided to mash-up dinosaurs and superheros, and the result it super fantastic!! Read an interview with the artist here. [via Geek with Curves]

Movie Review: Captain America

This weekend I went and saw Captain America in the little ghettoplex, that is not so ghetto anymore, which is a lot closer and cheaper than the bigger theaters. I trudged through a torrential downpour and finally arrived at the theater looking like something the cat dragged in. I’m not exaggerating. I went into the restroom to clean up before sitting down, and was so surprised by my own appearance I started laughing. I got small bag of buttery popcorn and sat down hoping to enjoy a really good movie. I was not disappointed.

My best friend has a huge crush on Chris Evans, who doesn’t? (Well, I don’t, but that is because I’m picky. He’s too All-American for me. I prefer men with a little less pretty to the face, and a little more character.) Evans is a handsome leading man who lives up to the potential of his roles. My friend became even more enamored of him when I sent her an email with an article about one reporter’s journey to discover the real Chris Evans, but who ended up getting rather drunk with him and his friends instead. It is an awesome little read. After devouring the article my friend was mad at me, mostly she was just jealous of the reporter and took her misplaced emotions out on me. She had decided she wanted to have Evans babies. However, I vetoed this.

Now mind you, the man is one gorgeous hunk of a human being, and he seems like an actual human being to boot. But. He lives in Boston. I dislike Boston. I’ve had bad experiences in Boston. Everyone I know who has moved there has hated Boston (Sorry Bostonians, but you ain’t the most welcoming of people), and I’ve never gotten drunk with Chris Evans, so I’ve no frame of reference for a good time in Boston. So I vetoed my best friend having anyone’s Boston Babies. Last night after leaving the movie theater, I sent her this message, and I think this sums up how much I enjoyed the movie: Just saw capt america. Fine. U can have chris evans boston babies. Sigh.

I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the story line was great without being overly complicated. I liked the pacing of the movie, a roller coaster of emotions, with the contrast between the main story line of Hydra evilness and Steve Rogers flirtations with Peggy Carter well done. The comedy was perfectly timed, and corny in a way I enjoy corny comedy. I second everyone who has said that scrawny Steve stole their hearts, because he stole mine too. I really related to the being so short the only way to win is to never know when to quit. I love that his dislike of bullies is what drives his character throughout the entire movie. I thought that Hugo Weaving did a superb job as the bad guy, Red Scull, going so over the top that it played perfectly. There were a couple of times I thought “Agent Smith”, but mostly his previous roles did not intrude on his character. The one thing I found corny and out of place was the double-fisted Heil Hydra. I’m sorry if this is in the comics, but it is incredibly STUPID. And makes something that was horrendous brain washing, cheesy and cheap. But that is the only thing I didn’t like. I thought the action sequences were well done, and timed perfectly. Not only as the sequences themselves, but also as to the over all pacing of the movie. I enjoyed being in middle of the action, but still able to watch the action, unlike in Thor. Two thumbs up from me.

I’m very much looking forward to The Avengers now, not that I wasn’t already. I stayed for the bit after the end and wasn’t disappointed by the teaser for The Avengers. So many hot men!!!I’m especially looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner. ::Sigh:: There was a Mission Impossible 4 trailer before the movie and I love that he gets the gun from Ethan Hunt!!! Woot!!! Jeremy Renner!!! Ok, fangirl moment over. I’m also appreciative that some of my favorite television directors, J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon, are doing things for the big screen now. I hope they live up to their potential. All in all, I really liked Captain America. I’m glad that I actually went and paid to see it in the theater, and you should all go! But my best friend has dibs on those hypothetical Boston Babies.

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