From Auntie Jami with Love and a Knitted TARDIS

Sending lots of love (evidenced by the hearts) with my TARDIS scarf.

Folks, the results are in, we have a winner of the TARDIS scarf! After using a random number generator Jae has won the handmade Doctor Who goodie. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. This is definitely my most successful give away as I had an 800% increase in interest for this giveaway from the last one. I loved everyone’s comments and now if the Doctor ever shows up at my door I’ll have many places and ideas of where I’d want to go. Now endeth the giveaway. On to other cool things!

Not only do I knit, but I also crochet and I’ve crocheted a baby blankets for each of my nieces, and several other children. When my baby sister told me last summer that she was having a baby, after a bit of squeeing, I dashed to the yarn store. My nephew was born in January and I spent February finishing up some of the details on the blanket and finally got it sent off in late February. I posted a picture of the blanket on Facebook and so many people were delighted by the pictures I thought I would share it here also.

The blanket in progress:

blanket b

And those are my feet.

And a picture of me holding the finished piece. More hearts because PicMonkey has them and I think they are cool.

blanket a

Nodds & Nends: Catwoman, Zombie Jasmine, and a Velociraptor in Melbourne

A very sexy cat woman by Daniela Uhlig. [via]

Speaking of cats (ish), check out these illustrations of The Cat Avengers available on Etsy for your buying pleasure. I mean come on, the Avengers as cats, kind of amazing. [via]

Jasmine as a zombie? Yes, please. I love this illustration titled Tainted Love by leagueof1. Awesome! [via]

Haven returns in September, I am so super excited I’m bouncing up and down in my chair. I love that show! You can watch a teaser trailer here.

Want a TARDIS blanket to keep you warm this winter and maybe make you a little dizzy? (Honestly, I’m not sure I could crochet this blanket without getting vertigo.) Check out this TARDIS Wormhole blanket. Thanks to Michelle for the tip!

And Stephanie this one is for you, and why didn’t you tell me about this? A Velociraptor in Melbourne!!! This is awesome, I mean the person in the velociraptor suit has the movements down awesomely. Plus, I love the crowds reaction. (Note, this video is from two years ago.) [via io9]

Star Wars I Love You, I Know

You can follow my Star Wars I Love You, I know pin board on Pinterest, and get updated on awesome goodies such as the ones below. While many things from Pinterest make their way over to my blog, not everything does. So you should defintely start following me on Pinterest. (FYI, the wedding boards are for a friend’s wedding. Just to make that clear. 😉 )

Crochet some Star Wars figurines, or get someone else to do it for you. Just not me, I’m in the middle of three craft projects currently. I’m reading three books, concurrently. And I have to do my dishes some time. So, whatever. [via]

This illustration of C-3PO and R2D2 by Terry Cook is amazing. View more of his Star Wars water color illustrations here. [via]

Mash-up of Star Wars with The Big Bang Theory characters. Wil Wheaton’s face is just awesome. [via]

Dalek, TARDIS, and Wedding Bands- Your Doctor Who Fix of the Day

Crochet your own Dalek hat. This actually looks super easy, and it is a very cute idea. Click on the image to be taken to the pattern. Thanks to dragonbug who sent me the tip.

And if you are now on a crocheting roll, here is an awesome crocheted TARDIS to be envious about.

Speaking of TARDISes, ’cause I always am, check out this super cool wedding band designed by a geek for a geek. Isn’t it awesome? [via]

Sherlock Fan Art

From Blue-Fox a Doctor Who and Sherlock Mash-up. Fabulous.

Want your own Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, now you can crochet him as Sherlock. Yes, I said crochet him. [via]

Sherlock and Doctor Who, at it again. I hate when people rub my head, or lean on my head, or use me as a resting place just because I’m shorter than them. Sigh. [via]

And just the man himself. A wonderful illustration. [via]

Crochet Nerdy Goodies

I love when I come across crafting geeky goodness like these crocheted nerdy icons. Take for example this crochet version of an Ewok, adorable. Plus I just love Wall-E and Eva. You can see the Pattern here if you want to try and make them yourself. My rent-a-kid would love these.

Photo by sunshineravioli

This crocheted Spock is just amazing in detail and skill level. Kudos! You can check out the Pattern here.

Photo by Bookaholic