Review: Webcomics

I recently stumbled across two new webcomics with science/fiction/geeky slants and thought I would share. [via io9]

The first one is a mockery/parody of the vampire/werewolf craze. It’s quite funny. While I love the whole vampire genre I also love to make fun of things. So, this is my kind of webcomic. One thing I really love about it, is that it makes fun of all the characters in the genre who have long hair, not sure why that is a requisite to be a vampire, but it appears to be, and it drives me nuts!!! I’m not a fan of guys with long hair, personally, and to have every character have long hair is boring and somewhat of a Mary Sue or rather a Marty Stu. So anyone who makes fun of that has my vote. You can check out Dracula Mystery Club here.

Friends with Boys is the other comic I recently checked out. This webcomic is about a girl and her three brothers who were home schooled  until high school where they were sent to public school, following the departure of their mother. The weird sci/fi bent is the main character is followed around by a ghost. This comic has great inking and backgrounds and is slowly building up to something awesome, I hope. I was intrigued because of the home school bent, having been home schooled myself. Check out the webcomic here.