TARDIS Dress, the 12th Doctor and More

Thanks to FM for letting me know about this awesome TARDIS dress. I like the skirt part of the dress, but I do think the corset could be a little more fitted on the woman.

Peter Capaldi has been cast as the 12th Doctor, as you probably all have heard. I’ve seen him in other Moffet productions, Doctor Who as Caecilius and on Torchwood as John Frobisher, and on World War Z. None of his roles really stand out in my head, even after reviewing them on IMDB, this is probably because he becomes his role rather than just being himself in the role. Hopefully, this portends good things. But Matt Smith will always be MY Doctor. So, I would probably be as ambivalent about any new actor in the role.

My friend Stephanie B. posted this awesome picture she took on a trip to the at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. I ❤ this so much. Thanks for sharing Stephanie!! Check out her tumblr here: http://www.retromondays.tumblr.com/.

cc Stephanie Bell

cc Stephanie Bell

Doctor Who Day: Pin-up, Family Portrait, and a Quilt

Doctor Who Day

Here are some links to some awesome Doctor Who Stuff I found on the internets:

A Doctor Who Quilt. Now that is cool and clearly deserves the prize it won.

A family portrait of Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax. I hearts it. [via]

Even if there are some I wouldn’t personally wear, because they wouldn’t fit my body type, I love every single TARDIS dress I come across. I just love how wonderfully inventive these women are!

Doctor Who pinup with a red head. I can never resist the red heads.

An awesome Doctor Who cake that is blue, has Galifreyan symbols, and a blinking TARDIS on top!

Custom Doctor Who themed canvas shoes. [via]

Doctor Who Day: Baby Cosplay, Fancy Dresses, and Daleks

Doctor Who Day

I luvs the baby cosplay, including this TARDIS onesie and this baby TARDIS sitting there looking for all the world like she’d rather be doing anything else. Ah, Pinterest, how I love thee for introducing me to such things.

Mostly to pop up on the internets this week are a bunch of Fahn-cy TARDIS dresses. I love how creative people are. I think it is amazing. One of my favorites is the Steampunk one. The gadgets are really cool and I like that they fit the theme of her dress and the sonic screwdriver. I also really like the highly posh velvet one. All velvet, all TARDIS FTW! I first saw the TARDIS console dress that looks like a jelly fish on The Mary Sue, but then Alisa sent me a link to a tumblr which has more pictures! I really like the collar! Thanks Alisa!

Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA has a sign outside their establishment which lets customers know that if they order like a particular popular character they will get 10% off their meal. Recently imitating a Dalek would get you that discount. I like that the chalk board not only says what the discount is, but has a lovely illustration of the character (Dalek in this case) too.

Not a Burger Stand

Ron Swanson as Batman and other Batman Stuff. But mostly, Ron Swanson as Batman.

I honestly came up with this whole posting because I saw this picture on Pinterest of Ron Swanson as Batman and my jaw dropped. Then I figured out that the whole crew was done up as the Justice League and I laughed very quietly to myself in a room full of people. [via Pinterest]

OMG, I want to buy these Batman and Robin tutus, and if I was a richer aunt I totally would! The etsy site has other geeky tutu costumes available. All of them are awesome. [via Pinterest]

If Batman were a househusband he might wear this Batman apron, with Batman nails, but only as long as he is also making these Batman cupcakes. Yum! I may need to visit Donut Boyfriend today, I’m craving sweets. [via, via, via]

I might not be able to buy them tutus, but I bet I could paint my niece’s faces like Batman. Hmmmm. . . . . This place also does prenatal belly art? I don’t even. What? [via Pinterest]

And if all of that does not sound adorable enough to you, check out this doggy in a Batman costume. S’awww. [via]

And check out this gorgeous Batman dress. I loves it. Though I would take off the bows, because. What? I like the lacing on the sides, super cool. The site has pics and links to other cool clothing for women that aren’t just t’s with logos. [via Pinterest]

And then my boyfriend posted this on my Facebook wall, and I just had to share. Batman is definitely a troll. Sorry if you are a huge Superman fan, but maybe just skip this post all together then. The artist is Daniel Picard and he does some really cool digital manipulated toy photography.

And because I already spent the time doctoring him up…

Gotham_City_Saviour_with cake 2

The Doctor Travels Across the Internets

I found a Tim Burtoesque Doctor Who The Nightmare Before Christmas Special, on Brian of Morbius, is cool and creepy. However, This t-shirt of a Weeping Angel is just weird. I think if someone did that in front of me I would laugh and go, Um, OK. And probably walk away while they were trying to get the shirt back off their head.

The TARDIS has shown up in several places this week disguised as a dress. A 1940’s poodle skirt version showed up on Pinterest. A ruffled version with a TARDIS tie can be purchased on Etsy. Or if you want more of a long t-shirt with leggings look, this screen printed dress would be a good idea. And finally via ThinkGeek this really cool full bustled TARDIS gown with a riding hood appeared. Honestly, this is by far my favorite TARDIS dress I have EVER seen. I. Want. To. Go. To. There. (It’s only $500.)

Of course if you are going to wear the TARDIS as a dress, the perfect shoe is necessary to go with your Doctor Who outfit. I like this particular TARDIS heel, but my friend Sara prefers this one. Either way you can be totally decked out in TARDISes, how awesome is that?!

And finally, the TARDIS landed at a church.


cc mym via Wikimedia Commons

Timey Wimey, It’s Bigger on the Inside, and a Squeezable TARDIS

I’m always delighted when I come across a nerdy cake, like this Doctor Who inspired creation. Plus anything chocolaty grabs my attentions! [via The Mary Sue]

There are a lot of theories about Oswin swimming around the internets. I’ve posted a blog that talks about the top ten theories. It seems the most popular is that Oswin is regeneration of River Song and this gif points out why someone thinks this is the best theory.

Both my friend JM on Facebook and Alisa Selene from Picture Me Reading excitedly sent me a picture of this girl wearing a TARDIS dress that opens up to show the inside of the TARDIS on the inside of a panel of her dress. I squealed both times, because I love seeing new Doctor Who internet awesomeness and because it’s clear my friends know me. Plus I do love this dress, it is well constructed, clever, and an excellent design for the shape of the woman who wears it.

Speaking of people getting me, Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting sent me an email the other week with a link in it which shows that New Zealand is creating a valid legal tender inspired by the TARDIS and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. How awesome is that? Of course there are collectible coins for sale. You can preorder them here.

Looking for some Doctor Who inspired home decor? Check out this Time Wimey clock in a lovely shade of TARDIS Blue. It doesn’t match any of my decoration color schemes so much (I know, a shocker right?), but it might match yours.  It is available for $92 on Etsy. [Via]

My mother was at the Toy Fair in NYC last week, and she got me a squeezable TARDIS. Because she is awesome like that. Thanks Mom!

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana

Big TARDIS Little TARDIS Cubical Nerd Nervana 

My squeezable TARDIS

My squeezable TARDIS

Nodds & Nends: Middle Earth Map Dress, Monster Costume, and an Apple Parody

I love this dress made out of a map of Middle Earth. I really actually like the whole structure of the dress and not just that it is geeky. Nice job!

This Boo as a monster costume is almost too adorable for words. What a great idea and the tutorial doesn’t make it sound too hard to make.

Speaking of monsters check out this awesome squirming tentacle you can hook up to your computer via a USB port. The tentacle doesn’t do anything other than wiggle (it’s not a data storage device) it’s still majorly awesome. I would get one to freak people out at work, but I had yet another person look at my TARDIS cork board yesterday and sometimes a giant TARDIS is all you need to let your geek shine. 🙂

It may be past the Holidays, but gingerbread is always in style. Especially this awesome Serenity gingerbread model. I’m not a personal fan of the taste of gingerbread, but I do appreciate this nerdiness to the extreme. 🙂

But by far my favorite find this week is this awesome Dark Knight/Apple parody. I am not a fan of apple products and own an android instead of an iPhone so I just giggle every time someone makes fun of Apple and its products.

The Doctor and a Dress

Here is a wonderful illustration of The Doctor (Tennant) on top of his enemies, literally. It’s a little spoilery, but not really because it’s Tennant.  [via]

Found yet another interpretation of the TARDIS in dress form. I really like the poofyness of the skirt portion, it looks fun. Plus I love the one shoulder covered look. It’s a cute, yet sexy dress. Speaking of TARDIS dresses, I was working out the other day and flipping through a magazine when I came across Jennifer Lopez wearing a sapphire blue dress, is it just me or could this be a TARDIS dress? With some body paint across her chest that read Police Public Call Box, I think it could be. But I see TARDISes everywhere. So, it could just be me.

The Christmas Special is just around the corner, and The Doctor is looking broody. I’m excited!! 😀

A photoshopped cyberman looks like Iron Man. Someone needs to cosplay this!

Polls close today to vote on your favorite Doctor Who t-shirts that will be sold by the BBC America shop. So, go get your vote on.

Doctor Who Day- Don’t Blink

I love this webcomic Head Trip mashing up different Doctor Who villains into a mixture of awesomeness. Or how about this one about a Dalek doing robocalls. Honestly, you guys need to start following HeadTrip its a geeky person’s dream webcomic. 🙂 She doesn’t always update consistently, but put her on your RSS feed and when her comics show up, it will make your day. It always makes mine!

This TARDIS dress looks like something I would rather sleep in, and as for a night gown it is a little pricey at almost $30. But it is still super cool and I wouldn’t say no to a free TARDIS nightdress. 🙂 But I’m not really sure what else I would expect from a dress that is only be sold at Hot Topic. I guess with Halloween right around the corner it’s an easy and fairly cheap costume, especially if you could find a fez. [via the Mary Sue]

And if you are walking around Boystown on Halloween looking to get into one of the fun bars, realize you will have to stand in probably the rain for a bit or two, can I recommend using this TARDIS messenger bag, big enough to hold your costume touch-up costume kit? Super cool purses/bags and now I really want one! [via RIASS]

I stumbled across this awesome cartoonish illustration of the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor having snack time. It is super adorable.

And now the best for last. This video is about a deleted scene from the latest episode of Doctor Who. So, if you have not seen the latest episode, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is extremely spoilery. AGAIN, SPOILERS!!! But for those of you who have, this is awesome, and sorta explains a few more things, and sorta makes things more complicated. Either way I loved it! [via The Bloggess]

Nodds & Nends: Books lists, a Pretty Ursula, and a Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Read this Freshly Pressed author’s book list for the year. Maybe I need to pick up a challenge? What am I thinking? My life is quite a challenge as it is. Time to realize saying No, is ok. I already feel guilty about my ever growing pile of books to review. I’m three behind at this point. Le sigh.

Want to see Ursula pretticized? I like the hair and the less scary face, but I wish the artist had kept some more curves. [via]

TARDIS leggings and a TARDIS dress. I would wear neither of them. But hey, just because they are not my style doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t like them. I’m not really sure you could consider that a dress actually. And I’m sure it would not actually stay over my butt, but… 🙂 that is just the sacrifice I make for actually having one. AND The most awesome Doctor Who thing I found on the internet this week, was this amazing illustration of The Doctor and crew welcoming the Mars Curiosity. I LURV it!!!

These kid costumes are so much fun to scroll through, you’ll get lost the the creativity. My favorite is the awesome crazy cat lady one. I want to replicate it!

I found some more pictures of Serenity in Legos, including the crew. I assume these are hand painted and aren’t for sale. This is why I follow Think Geek on Google +. Which in my mind is Twitter for Nerdy/Geeky people. It’s where Wil Wheaton questions people about phones regarding software and programs I have no clue what he is talking about. It is also not all that popular, go figure.

Speaking of The Nerrrds, this awesome illustration of the Browser Wars between Firefox and Chrome while Internet Explorer sits by eating glue is quite priceless.

Supergirl by Kerrith Johnson. Totally gorgeous. 😀 Check out the artist’s website for more similar comic posters.

Believe – Supergirl by KerrithJohnson.deviantart.com