My Very Own Found Street Art and Training a Street Artist

So, I’ve sort of a new job in Texas. In that, when I moved I transferred my part-time evening job and then got a small promotion to key holder. I only work part-time, but my hours are all wonky and putting together any kind of routine is nigh impossible, added to which I’m a caretaker for a four year old now and basically if I don’t have a panic attack in a day, I feel I’ve accomplished a monumental achievement. Like today when my car wouldn’t start because I left the lights on this morning and I didn’t even cry. That was a major achievement let me tell you.

There are plenty of wonderful moments in my new life here in Texas. For example, I saw this awesome chalk art as I was walking into work one morning and was able to take a  snapshot before it was washed away later that day.

dj chalk art

I also had a really great day with my niece. We went to a mall (there are only malls here in Texas, nothing else. They are very necessary when the heat index raises and my tolerance for being in the house decreases.), rode a carousel with a horse that had a purple saddle, and then my niece discovered this graffiti parking lot art as we were walking to my car. I honestly can’t tell if this person is for or against science with the Where’s Waldo/Jailer suit going on.

graffiti street art

I may have forgotten the stroller and the fact that the kid falls asleep in the car all the time and the soothing voices of a podcast telling Aesop’s fables meant that I carried a 45 lb girl past breakable dishes and down an escalator until I found a couch I could stake out in for twenty minutes, but I’m the cool aunt who will sit for ten minutes with a bowl of hot kool aid water to dye her hair. So I think I balance out to a win on the auntie scale.

Also, I sat for like thirty minutes and painstakingly painted with body glue and glitter a flower and a very suggestive fairy tattoo on each of her arms respectively. Because I’m hell bent on raising a my own street artist and you gotta start with fairy tattoos and pink ombre hair.

kool aid hair

 If only getting a real tattoo was as painless. I was going to say as easy, but honestly, putting temporary tattoos or glitter tattoos on a four year old is not that easy. Ah glitter, the herpes of the arts and craft world.

Yes, those are mushrooms she’s picking. No, I did not let her eat them. Sheesh, I may forget strollers, but remember? I’m winning in the auntie department. And I’m serious about the “raising my own street artist.”

street artist training