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So, I know I forgot to mention because I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but Grimm is back on. I really enjoyed the first season, so I’m actually excited about this second season and I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers. Here is a teaser for the new season, or you could just go and watch the first episode on Hulu. [via io9]

The final season of Fringe will be back in the not to far future about the not to far future where the Observers have enslaved the rest of humanity. I get chills just thinking about it. I’m a bit sad this will be the last season, but if they can all go out in style than I’m all for that. I watch the series finales for Eureka, which went about as I expected it, but they did do a throwback to the very first episode I had completely forgotten about, and I thought was super cool. So sometimes a series can end well. Hopefully Fringe does as well. You understand the risks of saving the world?[via io9]

Supernatural wont be here for a few more months, but honestly any moment I can spend viewing these beautiful boys/mens is a good moment. And I like to share my good moments. I’m very intrigued with Dean and Castiel being in purgatory, but I’m more intrigued that this show was supposed to end with season five and is now about to air it’s eighth season. Enjoy this fan made trailer for season 8 (please don’t read the words or if you do, note I do not endorse such poor English).


Television Review: Fringe Friday: Brave New World Part II

Ok. So this isn’t really Doctor Who related, but I’ve reviewed the rest of season 4 of Fringe and leaving the last episode un-reviewed is like a black cloud over my shoulder. I hate to leave lists unchecked (or not crossed out) and when I start a project, I finish it (even if no one is reading them). Honestly, I was a little disappointed with how predictable the season finale of Fringe was this year, and is probably why I kept putting off reviewing it. And then life got in the way of living and all the things I wanted to get get done in a day were impossible to perform and the things I didn’t want to do, just didn’t happen. So, I’m going to try and do this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Letters [Lost in] Transit

“Letters of Transit” was the episode I’ve been holding my breath waiting to appear on my screen all season. Walter is amazing, and he seriously has all the best lines! When I grow up I want to be Walter. The episode begins as no other one has before, with a background story and I wondered if I had clicked to the wrong channel. Then everything got weird even for Fringe and I was amazed. This is what the last two episodes were building up to, and it was worth the build up.

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Television Review: Fringe: Everything in its Right Place and The Consultant

Due to unexpected and expected traveling with unexpected lack of internet abilities, I got behind on my Fringe reviews. Whoops. I’mma try to catch up now. But I make no promises. I have to say, that having seen most of the recent episodes (thought not reviewed them) I am wondering what all of this is leading up to. It seems a specific set up for something. But I’m not sure how all of the crossing over between the two worlds is going to affect the overall story arc. Maybe these two episodes are just fillers, but I hope not.

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Television Review: Fringe: Nothing As It Seems

Olivia made the decision to be her better self and allow the other Olivia’s memories to supersede her own, and now she is paying the consequences. “Nothing As It Seems” gets back into the monster of the week episodic format we have all come to love, with a bit of a dose of the larger story line. The Fringe event already happened in Peter’s timeline, but nothing is unfolding like it did before. Will the team figure out what is happening? Will Peter remember enough to be able to help?

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Television Reivew: Fringe Friday: A Short Story of Love, Love, Love

I know, I know, my Fringe reviews have not been on track lately and this is a leetle  over due, but honestly I’m back on track and will be posting last weeks episode review on Friday, promise. Some times hanging out with your rent-a-kid and making jellyfish arts and crafts is a little more important than writing up a review for your fun side project blog. Just saying.

“A Short Story of Love” is my favorite kind of episode, a leap forward in the overall story arc for this season. Olivia and Peter fight to figure out who they are and where they belong in this time line, Walter discovers that something has been left behind by the Observer September, and a burn victim is killing couples in love. A great story, emotional, and quirky little side bits from the Fringe event of the week.

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Television Review: Awake

Hulu has a preview of the upcoming television show Awake. Not one to miss an opportunity to see something early, I sat down and watched the pilot episode of Hook living in two parallel universes. Set to air March 1, 2012, Awake is the story of one man, Michael Britten (played by Jason Isaacs, ala Hook and Lucius) is in a car accident who wakes up in a different universe each morning. One where his wife is alive and his son is dead, and one where his son is alive and his wife is dead. Michael struggles to understand what is happening and processes his feelings and thoughts with a therapist in each universe.

One way he ensures he knows which universe he has woken up in, is by wearing a red band on his arm in one universe and a green band in another.  As he goes through his days with his wife or son, solving cases (Michael is a police officer in each universe, but with a different partner), and talking to his therapist, Michael is trying to discover which universe is “real” and which one is the “false” universe he has created to cope with his loss. Each of the therapists offer irrefutable evidence that the universe they are in, is the real one, confusing Michael even more.

The episode was decent, but frankly, the whole story was told in every trailer prior to the pilot and I’m not really sure what the pilot added. The cases that Michael worked in each universe seemed to bleed into the other, informed each other, but were ultimately forgettable. So, there isn’t much to add on there in subsequent episodes. Michael can’t seem to understand which universe is real, and by definition they both can’t be, unless of course he is actually from another parallel universe where he is the one who died, ala Fringe.  So I figured that would be the overall story that drew back the viewer, which universe is real? And guess what he decides in the first episode…….

**spoiler alert**

Both of them are. What a feakin’ cop out that was seen from miles away. Of course he wants both of them to be real, he doesn’t want to deal with the loss of one of them, and so he chooses to not choose. Because who wouldn’t do that? But what does this mean for subsequent episodes? That he refuses to see one of the universes is fake? They bleed into each other and mess each other up? Where do things go from here? Toward uninteresting cases solved with the help of different but equally bland partners? I’m confused.

The cinematography was beautiful, the filming was exquisite, from universe to universe it was fairly easy to know because of the different tint used for filming them. The acting was superb. I probably would have stopped watching the first episode about half-way through when I could tell where it was all headed, but Jason Isaacs is great, his wife trying to move past her own sadness is heartbreaking, the son trying to figure out his place in the world is relatable, and the two therapists played by BD Wong (who I love) and Cherry Jones are perfect and both of them equally believable. So, I kept watching, and I kept hoping, but I’m not really sure where I am left at the end of the episode. Pretty is as pretty does, I’ve been told. And this episode did not have a lot of does. But, I will probably watch the three first episodes like I usually do with new shows, and hope that something emerges worth watching.

Television Review: Fringe Friday: A Better Human Being [Human]

Last week’s episode of Fringe was a heart strings tugger (apparently tugger is not a word, well, it should be). In “A Better Human Being” Olivia’s memories are being taken over by Peter’s Timeline’s Olivia’s memories and her own are becoming fuzzy. Peter is concerned and a little heart broken, Walter is upset with Peter thinking it is Peter’s fault. Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter are working on a case of a killer who is somehow connected mentally to a patient of an institution.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Welcome to [the Pulse of] Westfield

In “Welcome to Westfield” Fringe  begins with its best opening bit, maybe ever. Olivia and Peter in bed. Woo Hooo. Must be dream. But it is only a dream. Damnit. While Olivia has been dreaming, Peter and Walter are trying to figure out how to get the machine to respond to Peter so he can get back to his old time line. Olivia’s time at the lab is cut short when an airplane goes down near a town where the electricity in everything quits, even the cars stop moving forward. Probably some EMP (electromagnetic pulse) thingy. Turns out some electromagnetic charge is affecting the town and intermittently shutting down electronics. I watch too many of these types of shows. Peter and Walter show up at the scene. Woot! Walter in the field again! Walter wants some pie, so Olivia, Peter, and Walter head back to town, only to find out any attempt to leave lands them right back where they started.

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Television Review: Fringe: Making Snow Angels

In “Making Angels” Jasika Nicole who plays Astrid/AltAstrid (Walter’s assistant and data processeser respectively) is given a chance to show off her acting chomps. AltAstrid heads over to Our Universe (O.U.) from the Alternative Universe (A.U.) looking for something. The two Astrids have a wonderful connection that none of the alternatives have had with their counterparts in the O.U. Fauxlivia heads over after AltAstrid and gets involved in the latest mystery that Fringe investigates, people are dropping dead and bleeding from their eyes.

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