Television Review: New Girl

New Girl debuted this fall on Fox and it is by far the funniest show on television of the television that I like. I laugh until I cry Every. Single. Episode. Basically New Girl is the story of Jess (Zoey Deschanel) who plays the part of a teacher who dumps her boyfriend and moves in with three guys she finds on Craigslist. She begins an awesome relationship with three guys who help her move on from her boyfriend (no not in that way), but showing her that it is OK to stand up to her ex and take back her big screen TV (very altruistic of them). Jess is a huge nerd. She makes geek references all the time, she sings her sentences, she tries to teach Hand Bells to a bunch of inner city kids because she thinks its cool.

The reason I love this show, even though some of Zoey Deschanel’s previous endeavors have been iffy, is that it is truly great comedy. I love that Jess is a nerd, but that is not all she is. I love that she has these great relationships, almost by accident. I love that they all help each other become better people, and grow, and put money in the douche-bag jar when someone is a big a-hole. I love that I laugh until I cry every single episode. My favorite new show this season (which of course means it wont last more than one season. Shush, forget I said that!) Justin Long guest stars in a couple of episodes as Jess’ new love interest and there is this HIGH-larious moment when they are getting ready to do the deed (yes, in that way) and decide to role play as Jimmy Stewart and Mae West (?). Honestly. Hearing Jimmy Stewart try to be sexy is by far the greatest thing I have ever heard in MY LIFE! As I sit here typing I am honestly cracking up all over again, tears, there are tears. I love this show!


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Use the Force, Harry

I honestly can’t find the origin of this meme. But either here or  here? Who knows it’s awesome.

Why this makes every nerd’s head explode in anger… or laughter:

1) Patrick Stewart (dude in pic) is from Star Trek.

2) The Force is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power in the fictional universe of the Star Wars galaxy.

3) Harry refers to Harry Potter. A totally different nerd universe than either of those.

4) Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, is played by Ian McKellen in the movie adaptation of the book. No that is not him without a beard, that is Patrick Stewart from Star Trek (see #1 above). [Edit: I apologize for the typo on Gandalf’s name, it has been corrected.]

5) None of these things belong with the other. Unfortunately, geeks and nerds often dis each other over dumb things like whether or not Star Wars or Star Trek is better. I happen to love both. In this meme somehow all these nerd likes and dislikes come together and they make for some awesome nerdiness.