Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Second Chance


In Second Chance the season’s two main arcs come to a head and one of them has a decent pay off. Myka and Pete meanwhile have far less drama as they are simply hunting down an artifact that is making people rusty. After much hoopla and Pete getting the crap beat out of him they discover what is causing people’s problems (shrapnel from old Spartan armor in a Vet’s shoulder), neutralize the artifact and everyone is all better (I don’t consider this a spoiler, what you thought they wouldn’t figure out the artifact? Have you been watching this show?). Though Pete has a split lip and bruised rib or two. Jinks and Claudia are sent on a mission to figure out if they can get him off the metronome and break his connection to Claudia because Artie refuses to talk about Data the Monk and the Brotherhood. After tasking everyone away from the Warehouse, Artie gets a visit from Mrs. F and as always she is a complete bad ass.

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Television Review: Warehouse 13: Endless Wonder

I realize postings have been a bit sporadic lately, and I’d apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere. Oy, but September has been a crazy crazy month and I feel like I’m going full force in several different directions in my life. I really hate uncertainty and that has been the mode I’ve been in lately. And it continues. So, yay. But I digress.

With the episode name of Endless Wonder I was really hoping for some new and exciting artifacts. This season has been really focused on Artie’s past and the artifacts he has captured and for some reason the many years before Myka and Pete came on the scene don’t really count because most of the artifacts featured this season, and especially in this particular episode are ones that have shown up in the last three years. I know I’m a huge dork, but it is the new artifacts and interesting historical tidbits that I love. When old ones keep popping up instead of new ones, I get bored. Still there was some interesting things that happened in this episode.

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: A New Hope

Warehouse 13 is back for its fourth season and was the season opening a doozy of an episode! Last season ended with Sykes having employed a bomb that destroyed the Warehouse, killed H.G. Wells and Mrs. Fredric, leaving Artie, Pete, and Myka standing in the middle of the ruins with Artie holding the watch that MacPherson gave him some time before. Take THAT run on informative sentences! Even though this episode went the direction I figured it would go, I quite enjoyed the season opener. I liked all of Pete’s quips, the artifacts employed were really cool, and the team brought emotion to what could have just been a boring treasure hunt. How any treasure hunt is boring, I’m not sure, but it’s happened. A great start to the season and I’m hoping the rest of the season are as good as this episode is.

As Myka, Pete, and Artie stand there in the middle of devastation they peer around them with tears in their eyes. Everyone feeling utter hopelessness, when Artie realizes that not only is the Warehouse destroyed but the container keeping Pandora’s Box safe was destroyed also. Myka mutters, “And on the bottom of Pandora’s Box, all that remained was hope,” explaining that because hope was not contained any longer in the box, hopelessness and chaos now ruled the world. Artie turns on the TV and news reporters are talking about a collapsed economy and riots in major cities.

The gang figures that Artie must have a plan, because he always has a plan, but especially because he has that oh so famous watch. Only Artie isn’t sure what it does. They all begin to examine the watch closely and realize it has an inscription on it that when Myka-translated reads, Push the button. Artie pushes at the watch and it reconfigured into a stop watch counting down from the moment the warehouse imploded. They presuppose it means there must be a way to go back in time 24 hours and stop the Warehouse from being destroyed, if only they can follow the clues. The first clue are black diamonds in association with a Templar brotherhood in France, even though Claudia would rather being bringing Steve back from the dead, Myka convinces her to come with them and the gang fly to their next clue.

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Warehouse 13 Fan Art

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 1 (A New Hope) will be airing July 23, 2012, a little over a week away, and I am super excited!!! I LOVE Warehouse 13. I’ve been rewatching old episodes on Netflix to get back into the Pete and Myka groove. I really wish they would put season 3 up on Netflix before season 4 gets here, but oh well. In the mean time enjoy some fan art! (Click on the image to be taken to the original source.)

H.G. Wells (whatever happened to that spin off?)

WoW (World of Warehouse 13)



I couldn’t find any really good fan art of Pete, and by really good, I mean the kind I enjoy. But this fan pic is awesome, mostly because the fan is wearing a gorgeous pink corset. FTW!

Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Stand”

“Stand” is the second part to Season 3’s two-part finale. The episode does not let up and goes from one incredible scene to the next. Everyone gets their shining moment and it ends with the biggest cliff hanger I’ve seen this season. It reminds me of how Supernatural ended a season a couple of years back. You are left wondering what the hell just happened and what can they possibly bring back next season to top it. It was fantastic.

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Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Emily Lake”

The season finale for Warehouse 13, season 3 was a two-parter. It took me longer to get through and review, and longer to transcribe my scribbling into a coherent (hopefully) review. Each part will be reviewed separately, or this would be an inordinately long post. Believe you me. I enjoyed much of the season finale. Some of the artifact stuff was a bit much, even for myself to swallow, but the relationship drama and life of the warehouse 13 agents resonated as real and genuine. One of the reasons I just love this show. There were happy parts, shocked parts, and sad parts.

Whenever I write or hear sad parts, I remember this Agnes comic and it cracks me up.

Now, on to the review.

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: 3…2…1, Jump the Gun

Or BLAST-OFF!!! So last week was a horribly long, full of too much working week, and I was unable to get to watching Warehouse 13 for some time, and then it took me several more days to work up the wherewithal to go back and analyze the episode beyond, interesting. And I sat there thinking, why has it been so much harder to get my Warehouse 13 episode reviews up as compared to my Fringe Fridays, then I remembered that I posted a week later with Fringe and I’ve decided to do the same with Warehouse 13, just to give myself some extra time seeing as I am one busy lady.

I really enjoyed 3…2…1 as an episode. I liked the throw backs to other episodes, I enjoyed Pete’s humor, and I thought the artifact of the week was fun and fascinating. In this episode H.G. Wells makes her reappearance and we discover an artifact that she was unable to tag in Warehouse 12 has gotten more powerful over the years and reappears on Myka and Pete’s watch. Myka has the bright idea to bring in Helena as a consultant, while Pete is against the idea, Artie agrees and once again we get the delightful guest appearance of Jaime Murray (boy was it hard to write my name differently, my fingers were like that is not how we write “Jami” lady, and I had to delete and retype three times). We are then treated to flash backs to the 1800s when Helena was trying to capture the artifact, the 1960s where Jack and Rebecca encounter the artifact, and present day incarnation of the artifact. I thought it was a brilliant story telling solution, it was outside the normal formula for the show, and I enjoyed it immensely. Now:

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesdays: The New Guy May be Jinxed

Warehouse 13 is back! My over all impression of the first episode of season three is- Woot! I’m so excited that my summer shows are back on the air. ::biggrin:: I like that this season started off similar to season one, that we have a new character, and that there was no miss-step in artifactyness (ok, so I just made up that word. But you know what I mean). Last season ended with Myka leaving the Warehouse because of her dealings with H. G. Wells. This episode we see how the team deals (or tries to) without her input and knowledge. Agent Jinks finds out about Warehouse 13 and Mrs. Frederic offers him a job to replace her missing agent. His chemistry with the established team works well, and I actually look forward to seeing him in upcoming episodes.

We are also introduced to a female FBI Agent who I suspect may stick around for a few episodes. With the loss of Jaime Murray (Helena Wells) to her own steam punk show (::squee::) I like that they added another female to the mix. Overall this episode whetted my appetite for more. I loved hearing Pete’s jokes again, seeing Claudia tinker with her “toys”, Artie’s attempts to bake enough cookies so everyone gets along, and Jinks’ struggle to stay “Buddha” while working with this high strung team in dangerous situations. I got so into the episode that I forgot to take notes, and had to re-watch the whole thing. <.<_>.> Woe is me. ::giggle:: Full and spoilery review after the jump.

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Warehouse 13 Spin-Off?

Yes, please. Steam punk bandit H.G. Wells, is in the works to have her own show. One of the more exciting spin offs I’ve heard of in a while! I hope this actually does happen. [via io9 and Hollywood Reporter]

Screen Still from Warehouse 13