Nodds & Nends: Fantasy Houses, Zombie Love Stories, and Nathan Fillion

Sometimes when I need a pick me up I go onto Pinterest and look at pretty places I will never see. Like this fantasy house. Puurrrty. This tree door is amazing, the door itself is so intricate let alone to have been so integrated to scenery around it, I’m in awe. Or how about this tree train tunnel, it is gorgeous! And this cabin in the woods is way less scary than Joss Wedon’s and has huge lovely windows.

The Mary Sue has a trailer on it for an upcoming movie, Warm Bodies a story about a zombie who falls in love and starts to heal himself. Honestly, when I write that out it sounds really hokey, but it actually looks like a good movie. Plus it has a decent cast of actors, including Nicholas Holt, I love that kid. Well, except for his sociopathic teenager character in Skins (UK), he’s just creepy there. Warm Bodies should be opening February 1, 2013.

Here is an awesome four paneled illustration of Nathan Fillion as his movie/geeky idols.

These smiling Disney Princesses are ones I have dubbed, barely clothed Disney Princesses. Enjoy.

By Ewen Roberts (Flickr: Smiling Princesses) via Wikimedia Commons at

Television Review: Elementary (2012)

Elementary is a television show airing on CBS based upon Author Conan Doyle’s iconic characters, Holmes and Watson. Set in modern day New York City, Holmes is a recovering drug addict with a sober companion, Watson. Super intelligent and extremely tactless Holmes consults with the NYC Police Department helping to solve the more complex cases under the preview of Captain Gregson. Originally from England, Holmes lives in one of his wealthy father’s many homes (though his father’s least home it far surpasses any actual living space I’ve been in while in NYC) and his super companion is also fostered upon him by his father. Unemphatic and impatient Watson soon becomes Holmes favorite sounding board and someone he relies on to relate to the people in the case he must deal with to solve the puzzle. The first three episodes are available to view on

Elementary is yet another take on Holmes that is both different and similar to many shows on television in recent years. I don’t really think it will compete with Sherlock on BBC because the shows are vastly different. In fact, if there is competition for Elementary it is The Mentalist or reruns of House. There is no dark brooding man in a long trench coat, in fact Jonny Lee Miller spends much of his time walking around his house without his shirt on (THANK YOU!! Robert Doherty and Peter Blake!) speaking with a British accent and rejecting the routine and help of his companion Watson who tries to get Holmes to see outside himself and deal with his issues to prevent a relapse. Holmes just looks at her and says, Oh, I’m never doing drugs again, no need to worry. Much like Jane assures Lisbon he wont go do something and you know he will, or much like how Wilson tried to get House to see outside himself and care about people.

Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons

I’m a sucker for crime shows with smart people, and I immensely enjoy watching this drama unfold. Miller’s Holmes is smart and pays attention to detail, but it doesn’t get distracting. Sometimes during Sherlock all the close-ups and texting was a little distracting to me, Elementary plays Holmes attention to detail more similar to The Mentalist, showing some close ups and later explanation by Holmes what the viewer may have missed. It is a little more subtle and suits this crime drama. I also enjoyed the interplay of a female Watson, played by Lucy Liu, is a Doctor turned sober companion after a medical trauma. I liked that for the moment the relationship is one of that of paid personal aid, but that Watson becomes intrigued and helps with the crimes that Holmes is helping to solve. Their relationship is slowly evolving into a friendship and Watson manages to pry from Holmes what drives him to act the way that he does. Did I mention Holmes has shoulder tattoos and walks around without his shirt on?

I like that the crimes Holmes solves are just not gruesome murders and that paperwork prowling and mental gymnastics are more necessary than high tech gadgets no local government agency could actually afford. Holmes and Watson are both intelligent characters solving complex crimes about complex characters. I have hopes this show will continue to chart its own path in the genre and with these characters that leaves no room for comparison with other contemporary versions of Sherlock Holmes because of the subtle differences in portrayal, writing, and concept. Elementary is a smart crime drama show worth some attention, if only for some smart pretty people who help solve crimes no one else can.

A House of Books

This awesome house was creative to look like it was made out of books. Even the garden bench carries on the theme. You can check out the artist/architecture on Mostly Glass. [via]

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Disney Gone Wild

Disney Princesses Behaving Badly

Maybe they all got kicked out of their fairy tale houses? Or Maybe their were hit with some pixie dust?

Belle finally got it together and exploded into ribbons. [via]

The Disney Princess from the upcoming movie Brave, Merida, was so bad a witch  magic’d her into a My Little Pony. Oh, The horrors of cuteness!

Geeky Doctors

Today is not a good day. Today is a day that I wish my life was completely different than what it is. Today is a day I’m tempted to go into the bathroom at work and cry. I’ve worked so hard the last four years to get my life in a financially stable position and instead life has crapped on my head. Frankly, the only thing that really cheers me up anymore are the Doctor Who finds I discover on the internets. So, due to a dark rather depressive day, you too get to share in the joy of Doctor Who Stuff. Enjoy.This shirt is awesome and I want it. [via The Mary Sue]

Real Live Hobbit House

Dude decided to build himself a hobbit house. Sweetness! Read more about this photographer’s decision and check out more pictures here.  [via Geeks The Daily What]

Book Review: Shadowfever

A year or so ago I stumbled across this fantastic series (pun intended). Often termed urban fantasy romance or just romance, The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning is one of the most complicated science fiction universes that I have ever read. Which is saying … something, as I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy series. The character development of the main protagonist, MacKayla, is absolutely amazing. One complaint I’ve had of recent television shows (Bones, House ) and book series (Anita Blake, Dresden Files), that although amazing series the character keeps doing the same things over and over, and there is very little growth. Learn something for once people! Grow up a bit! Stop doing what you’ve always done and expecting different results. Definition of insanity much? But Moning takes the character of Mac and over the five books Mac’s character goes through so many changes that it is a wonder she survives. But survive she does, to become a really strong and powerful woman. Shadowfever is the last book in the series and therefore:

I talk about the entire series in some detail but not the important things from Shadowfever.

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