Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Mockingjay Part 1 is the continuing story of Katniss Everdeen based on the popular young adult novels by Suzanne Collins. Katniss Everdeen is played by Jennifer Lawrence and also stars Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, her two romantic interests, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks, as Katniss’ mentors, and Julianne Moore and Donald Sutherland, as two opposing politician types.

mockingjaySummary from Wikipedia

The story continues to follow Katniss Everdeen; having twice survived the Hunger Games, Katniss finds herself in District 13. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion, a mockingjay, against the Capitol and fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage.

I give Jennifer Lawrence all due credit for this being an excellent film. Also, the writers, they deserve a huge round of applause. I found the story engaging and the characters believable. This was not the case for the book Mockingjay. I thought the book was the poorest installment in the series and only finished it because I wanted to know what the writer thought happened, but it was not what I expected from a book that followed the Hunger Games.

With Jennifer Lawrence as their paintbrush, the writers paint a picture of a bewildered young woman trying to take care of the people she love, trying to rise to the occasion, and trying to handle all the of the responsibilities that have been thrust upon her while remaining true to who she is as a person. Katniss is a great heroine, because she isn’t perfect, she has her faults, but she tries, she grows, and she succeeds. That is amazing, and Lawrence took the character by the throat and pushed her to new levels as a role model. (Can you tell, I have a small crush on Jennifer Lawrence?)


I really wish there had been more of Peeta in this first part, that was the only thing I was disappointed about. I wish there had been less Gale. Such a whiny character who busy so readily into the dogma of a military regime. Ugh. I didn’t like him in the books and I still don’t like him in the movie rendition of the story. But Peeta, I rooted for him in the books, and I love him in the movie version. So, I wish there had been a bit more about him.

Another brilliant piece of casting was Elizabeth Banks as Effie. She added warmth, spirit, and depth to a character that had very little of those qualities. Plus, she pulled off some amazingly outrageous costumes. I love how Banks is able to take on and slip into a role instead of turning the role into a version of herself. So, maybe I have a little girl crush on her as well.


Effie by Pseudolirium on DeviantArt

While I am still a little sore that they decided to take a rather unremarkable book and elongate it into two movies (for the sake of extra coins in the pocket I can only assume), but I ended up quite enjoying the film, more than I thought I would. And I swear it had nothing to do with the several cocktails I consumed. Ok, maybe a little. The movie was well paced, well written, and excellently acted. My only other complaint is that the ending was a little rushed, and my sister turned away from the screen for a few minutes to pay her bill and missed a crucial piece that just kind of flew by at the end. However, I’m looking forward to part 2 and then a Hunger Games marathon some time in the future when I can sit down and watch all four movies and revel in my girl crushes.


Nodds & Nends: Le Cats, 3D Street Art, and Frost Flowers

Cats cast in Les Mis as Les Meowserables. Adorable. [via The Mary Sue]

Speaking of cats, I came across illustrator Jenny Parks version of Catniss. Ah hahahahaha. Hilarious and wonderful.

This 3D Street Art is just amazing. It is so amazing that a lot of the street art gets cordoned off to preserve it. I really like it when people interact with the art. It helps give depth and perspective to the pieces.

I shared this Piano Bookshelf with Stephanie a while ago, and she posted it on Twitter, but I wanted to throw it up here on the blog also for those of you who may not have seen this amazing repurposing of a grand piano.

Did you know the stems can blossom into Frost Flowers? Or that that can form into Ice Ribbons? I didn’t. I’ve seen icicles that where as big around as a small child and hung ten feet from the roof of our house, but these creations are even more amazing. Gorgeous. I want to see one in real life! Pictured below is an Ice Ribbon by flickr user Sherri Terris as crestedcrazy. [via The Bloggess]

cc flickr user crestedcrazy's

cc flickr user crestedcrazy

Hunger Games Jewelry

Recently I was contacted by Jennifer Vallejo, a jewelry designer and geek at  heart. She told me about her online shop Wonder Store were she has some really cute pieces based on the Hunger Games and Twilight series. I was delighted to find subtle nods to geekery with her necklace and bracelet designs. These are definitely pieces  I could wear to work that most people wouldn’t know was geeky, but still thought cute. And I could grin crazily to myself thinking, I’ve pulled one over on The Man! They remind me of my Doctor Who pendant, where, to date, only two people have noticed it is a Doctor Who pendant. They think it is just a Van Gogh piece. (It is far more subtle than my TARDIS pinboard.)

Below are my three favorite pieces of Jennifer’s collection. Click on the image below to be taken to that pieces product page.

Plus, all these pieces are on sale. How awesome is that! Moreover, her prices are very reasonable.

I’m with Jennifer. No more Team Peeta, I’m Teem Katniss all the way!

If you like these pieces or want to see more geeky jewelry, head on over to Jennifer’s website and do some browsing!

May the Force Be Ever in Your Favor

This just cracks me up. So many geeky things thrown together, awesomely and ridiculously. It is totally absurdly nerdly.  [via]

Hunger Games Playlist

Having a bad morning like Brenna on How I Met Ted Mosby? Take a page from her, things that make me happy list, and listen to these awesome songs from the Hunger Games companion track. My three favorites below.

Absolute Favorite! (Thanks Brenna!)

Because I have a huge crush on Adam Levine after watching The Voice. Also, he is so sexy in motion.

I honestly want to be Taylor Swift when I grew up. That woman has a lot of class, her money helps. Would help. 😀 (This song was in the movie, FYI)

I’m also a huge fan of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton since watching The Voice. Miranda’s song is quiet beautiful, I love her tone and the blue grass/folksy feel to this track.

[Not a real] Hunger Games Themed Wedding

I stumbled across this Hunger Games themed wedding on Pinterest, where all awesome ideas and pictures eventually end up. Seriously, if you aren’t on Pinterest check it out. And when you get hooked, follow me! A little digging showed me the people were just too pretty and continued to look just too good throughout the shoot to not be the product of a professional styler, floral designer, and photographer. Plus, there were no wedding guests. As I am quite the amateur detective, (what? I’ve read a lot of books!), I deduced that this is a staged concept for a wedding. It is still really pretty! Check out more pictures here.


Hunger Games Posters and MOre

What would the now showing Hunger Games movie look like with different directors? Check out this link for some posters that show you what could have been. Honestly, some of them are a little scary. I’m going to see it tomorrow, so I should have a review up on Monday. Sooooo Excited!!! Woot! [via]

I’m mostly excited to see how these three characters will be portrayed by their respective actors.

A clip from one of my favorite scenes in the movie!!!

Hunger Games Mash-ups

The Hunger Games hits the big screen this Friday, and I’m super excited. There is no way I’m going to the first showing with the long lines and crazy crazies, but I can’t wait to see this amazing book come to life.

In the mean time, this T-shirt is amazing, I just wish this game was real  game! [via]

And hopefully these amazing Simpson and Hunger Games mash-ups will tide me over until I can get to the theater. [via]

The Hunger Games is now going to be a . . . Game

Adam Saltsman is making a game, which looks like it is based on the adventures of Katniss in the arena, called The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire.  It is a teaser game designed for phones with iOS capabilities and looks like you can purchase it as an app. Saltsman decided to use the 8-bit look to keep it separate from the books and movies, but to tie in as a teaser game for the first movie opening March 23, 2012.