Nodds & Nends: Vampires in Infographs, Books, Apple Skins, and More!

Check out these 2012 Comic Con pictures from sCrypt Comics. Did you notice James Marsters?

Missing some of  your nerdy shows that inevitably got cancelled? Check out io9’s reading list to help east the pain. Wishing you had more Angel episodes on TV (when he’s working for Wolfram and Heart)? io9 recommends checking out Harry Connolly’s series starting with Child of Fire. I’ve never read the series, so you’ll have to take their word for it. [Edit: I’ve read the series, it is amazing. Check out my review here.]

Speaking of vampires. This fun post saying we need to kill the sparkly one, is amusing. Ah popular vampire humor.  😀 [via]

Own an Apple? I don’t and never will (again), except of the eating variety. Though I do appreciate the Device Skins of the geek variety for Apple lap tops. These ones are especially cool, and I even found a Snow White Vampire one, to keep with today’s posting’s theme. Aren’t you lucky?

via Copyleft Vampyr ill artlibre jnl

via Copyleft Vampyr ill artlibre jnl

Buffy and Angel Alums Now Supernatural

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will guest star on this weeks Supernatural. I’m so excited I couldn’t keep this information to myself ’til Friday. Woot!! Also, did anyone else notice that was Jewel Staite on two weeks ago? Joss Whedon’s faves take over the world!! Or at least the sci/fi shows of American television. [via io9]

Supernatural Superstars

James Marsters, who played Spike, and Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia, alums of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel  will play husband and wife on an episode of Supernatural this fall. This should be awesome! [via io9 (frankly this blew up on the internet last week)]