Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: We All Fall Down

The mid-season finale of Warehouse 13 aired this week and it was an emotional roller coaster of a ride. Three extremely artifacts are in play, Artie has gone all Johnny Depp in The Secret Window, and Jinks is upset that he’s on the B-team. With Artie gone over the the Dark Side, Mrs. F is in charge of the team and is trying to get one step ahead of him knowing that he makes a formidable enemy. But will her efforts pay off or will they be in vain?

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Second Chance


In Second Chance the season’s two main arcs come to a head and one of them has a decent pay off. Myka and Pete meanwhile have far less drama as they are simply hunting down an artifact that is making people rusty. After much hoopla and Pete getting the crap beat out of him they discover what is causing people’s problems (shrapnel from old Spartan armor in a Vet’s shoulder), neutralize the artifact and everyone is all better (I don’t consider this a spoiler, what you thought they wouldn’t figure out the artifact? Have you been watching this show?). Though Pete has a split lip and bruised rib or two. Jinks and Claudia are sent on a mission to figure out if they can get him off the metronome and break his connection to Claudia because Artie refuses to talk about Data the Monk and the Brotherhood. After tasking everyone away from the Warehouse, Artie gets a visit from Mrs. F and as always she is a complete bad ass.

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesdays: No Pain No Gain

Usually when I’m saying to myself, “No pain, no gain,” it is as I’m teetering down the sidewalk in strappy heels with blisters forming. Then the blisters start bleeding so I take them off and slip in to ballet slippers and think, “My god what a stupid saying.” In recent years my wearing of heels had decreased substantially as I realized that bloody feet weren’t all that attractive and I had not tolerance for how my feet looked even if I had built up a tolerance for the pain. But if the pain refers to Myka’s head of hair, I have to say, Woman, at least pull a comb through it! Sheesh. I don’t have much tolerance for her disheveled look this season. I quite like curly hair, and as my best friend as struggled with her own over the years, I know it is a pain to control. But a good cut and stylist can go a long way, and I’ve got to think that Joanne Kelly has access to these seeing as she’s on a television show!

Ok, Rant over.

Artie discovers that a hockey player is healing far too rapidly, it must be the result of an artifact, so he sends Myka and Pete to chase it down. Claudia gets invited out to lunch by Mrs. F, which leaves Jinks and Artie together in the Warehouse. Artie says something and Jinks realizes that he’s lying, so Jinks follows Artie around and confronts him. Artie has taken seriously the threat from Data the Monk that he would destroy Artie’s life’s work and is cataloging what artifacts have gone missing. Which is strange because the Warehouse is supposed to alert Artie when an artifact has gone missing, but the alert system is not working. Artie is so distraught by the artifact of doom’s repercussions and his life’s work being destroyed, that Jinks is the one who comes up with a solution. Find out if one part of a pair of artifacts has gone missing, use the second part of the pair of artifacts to find the first and maybe the rest of the artifacts. Using a rifle they hunt down and find several of them missing artifacts, but packaging supplies in the garage where the artifacts have been hidden, indicate there is a least one more artifact out there floating around. At this point the suspension of the artifact of doom and Artie’s demise has been strung along for so long, that it is lost on me and I find myself cleaning up the living room while Artie is on the screen.

Photo by Victor via Wikimedia

Claudia and Mrs. F go on a walk about. Mrs. F asks Claudia to feel the surrounding people, and and Claudia is witness to the birth of an artifact. Mrs. F tells her that they only take away artifacts when they start to harm people. Oh, really? OK. What about JUST LAST WEEK where the whole friggin episode was about how EVERY SINGLE artifact has a downside? Huh? While Mrs. F is more in line with how the artifacts have been viewed over the years on this show, the switcheroo from week to week is wearing my believability (it’s a word)  in the Warehouse Universe thin. But it is obvious that Mrs. F is trying to teach Claudia some of the subtleties of the artifacts because she is possibly grooming Claudia to be the next Mrs. F (i.e. Caretaker of the Warehouse). This requires that Mrs. F also show the downside to her connection with the Warehouse, mostly to the effect that she has lived so long her grandson is a grey haired old man in a nursing home. Definitely some food for thought for poor Claudia, who hasn’t even been to collage yet. I’m not sure she is even old enough to drink yet.  (Goes and googles this)

Claudia is neither a Special Agent, nor a Criminal Research Specialist, because she does not yet meet the USA’s minimum age requirement of 21-years old. She is however, as of season 3, a fully active Warehouse agent and often partnered with Steve Jinks, “the new guy”.

Warehouse 13 Wiki. Well, I think she must turn 21 this year, but still, very young to be being groomed as Caretaker of the Warehouse. Poor Claudia.

Once again, the real fun story, the one that inadvertently paused my living room cleaning, is the Myka and Pete story. It was hilarious, interesting, and sweet all at the same time. Myka and Pete track down Mr. Hockey (not his real name or his characters name) and question him as well as go through his personal affects. Myka is all hostile towards him, mostly because he is hitting on her, and she thinks he is using the artifact himself. But then Myka and Pete do some deductive work after talking with the team owner (played by Lassiter from Psych) and reason that it must be a fan who is using the artifact. The fan is a crazy blond chick (played by Kirsten Nelson from Psych) with a key chain who gets upset when Mr. Hockey kisses Myka on camera. Pete is looking through fan bags when he accidentally uses the artifact and gets Myka pregnant. The artifact makes wishes come true, and Crazy Blond has been using it to wish Mr. Hockey better and when Pete touches the key chain, which has dog tags on it that were turned into an artifact during WWII when one buddy urged another buddy on to safety or he would have died, Pete was thinking about the life he lives and he is probably never going to be with someone who will always have his back and have his children, and some how Myka is pregnant.

WAREHOUSE 13 — “No Pain, No Gain” Episode 405 –Pictured: Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

Crazy Blond is gone when Pete and Myka finally put all the pieces together and she has kidnapped Mr. Hockey. She does this by wishing his arm broken. Gaugh. Crazy crazy. Or CrayCray as some of my friends would say. In a show down with Crazy Blond Myka looses the tesla stun gun and can’t pick it up because she’s uber pregnant. Pete puts down his real gun and the Crazy Blond wishes him to die and he begins to collapse. Walking away from the pregnant Myka Crazy Blond is full of glee until she is tesla’d by Myka who somehow got the tesla gun up into her hands by hooking it with her toe THROUGH HER SHOES. What? Or at least I did not see a barefoot Myka. Is this why people are always talking about barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen? They need their toes to pick up things? Pete gets the dog tags and bags them and they get Mr. Hockey to the hospital. Myka comes out of Mr. Hockey’s room to find Pete watching a man hold his newborn baby. ::Sadface:: Pete makes me ::sadface:: Booo.

Screen Still of “No Pain, No Gain” from Warehouse 13

An interesting episode with some drawn out story lines. This season’s overarching arc is just not interesting to me, sadly. But I have enjoyed the Myka and Pete parts as their friendship grows without delving into them having the hots for each other. They are obvious partners, who love each other, and always have each other’s backs. Pete was quite funny in his “You go girl” moments and I hope one day he gets his wish of a family and little Petes running around. Now that Artie knows about the Jinks and Claudia link, I wonder if he will be able to find a way to get Jinks off the metronome before Claudia is really hurt.

Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Personal Effects

Before I get into this weeks episode, I wanted to let you all know about the webisodes for Warehouse 13 that are up on SyFy. I’ve watched a few of them already and they are quite entertaining, and short. Basically, it’s a little side story for fun that doesn’t affect the main cannon of the series. I quite enjoy them, and you should check them out!

Personal Effects is a team building exercise episode. I’ve been taking improv classes, I know what I’m talking about. Basically the team has to hunt down all the artifacts that Sykes let loose as his safe house was broken into and the artifacts stolen and pawned. Everyone heads out together, even Leena, because she apparently has a database in her head of all the artifacts?, to ensure that everything is capture and brought back properly.

Artie and Leena team up to take half the list of artifacts that need recapturing and the only real thing of note is that at one point Artie grasps an artifact without purple gloves on though this makes no sense. I’m sorry, but if it is your job to catch artifacts, you are in fact, on the hunt for said artifact, wouldn’t you just constantly be wearing purple gloves? The post office personnel sure do. Only, the have the Hands of Blue from Firefly. When Artie gets a handle on the golf club he gets really enraged and spouts off how nobody knows what he has done for them. Leena sees this weird anger from him and tries to talk to him about it, but he brushes her off and just said it is his usual old man grumble. Me thinks the writers are going to have Artie’s little secret about his artifact of doom come out, but if that artifact is neutralized, will Pete die? Because I really, really don’t want that to happen!

Claudia and Jinksy are teamsters on the hunt once again! Once again their chemistry seems off. I don’t understand why I can’t buy it like everyone else, but I’m still having a hard time. Claudinsky (which is what I’m going to call them from now on!) have the other half of the list which leads them to a store to find sunglasses that make the wearer invisible. But Jinks realizes cameras can still capture the persons image, so using one he clothes hangers the dude with him arm. Funny enough, he doesn’t feel a thing, but Claudia’s shoulder aches. After a couple of more incidents and a purposeful experiment with a safety pin, Jinks realizes that Claudia has transferred pain from him. This must be the effect of her bringing him to life. But then wouldn’t Sykes have felt the pain of his Metronome man? Wouldn’t he have felt like he got shot? Died? Hmmmm.

Pete and Myka are after the thief who stole the artifacts, pawned them, keeping one dangerous pipe for himself. The pipe causes disturbances in the weather, creating freak tornadoes and lightening. When Pete and Myka can’t get in range of the guy to stop him they talk to his mother and find out that the thief has a very sick brother and he has been trying to get enough money to pay for a heart transplant for his brother, which keeps getting denied. Plus, he has been giving blood to the blood bank, anonymously (which I didn’t quite understand- What? He’s a really big thief in Utah and if he has contact with his mother and brother he gets capture? I somehow doubt that), and is a match for his brother. You see where this is going, right? Myka confronts him on the roof top of the hospital while Pete uses the sunglasses to come up from behind him and tackle him. Once the thief realizes he is defeated he calls down lightening one more time and kills himself, giving his heart to his brother. OK, Ok. WHAT??? Could you really use a heart that had just been electrocuted? I mean, let me google this. Google doesn’t seem to have an answer, I’m thinking that’s because the answer is No.

Pete: So something that controls lightning. Did Thor smoke a pipe?

All in all a fairly underwhelming episode with some interesting leaks of information. Pete and Myka were in top form, so I enjoyed their scenes together. The Claudinsky effect is interesting, and I was wondering what the side effect of the Metronome artifact was going to be, because they keep harping on it. But so far, Claudia just has some pain, no real manifestation of Jinks injuries, so if she can’t die from it, then I don’t really find it all the interesting. So she has pains, who doesn’t? Artie’s bad temper as the result of an artifact isn’t all the interesting either. So, I’m not really sure where they are headed with that, but I’m hoping it is somewhere better than an Artie rant again.

Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Stand”

“Stand” is the second part to Season 3’s two-part finale. The episode does not let up and goes from one incredible scene to the next. Everyone gets their shining moment and it ends with the biggest cliff hanger I’ve seen this season. It reminds me of how Supernatural ended a season a couple of years back. You are left wondering what the hell just happened and what can they possibly bring back next season to top it. It was fantastic.

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Television Review: Warehouse 13, “Emily Lake”

The season finale for Warehouse 13, season 3 was a two-parter. It took me longer to get through and review, and longer to transcribe my scribbling into a coherent (hopefully) review. Each part will be reviewed separately, or this would be an inordinately long post. Believe you me. I enjoyed much of the season finale. Some of the artifact stuff was a bit much, even for myself to swallow, but the relationship drama and life of the warehouse 13 agents resonated as real and genuine. One of the reasons I just love this show. There were happy parts, shocked parts, and sad parts.

Whenever I write or hear sad parts, I remember this Agnes comic and it cracks me up.

Now, on to the review.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: Insatiable Flesh Eaters

OK. I know, I know it is not the weekend any longer. But I did most of this post this weekend, finished it really late, and set it up to go out today. So forgive the misnomer, but Warehouse Monday does not have the same ring to it. And since I did the viewing and the writing on the weekend, it’s most a weekend post. “Insatiable” was back to the old Warehouse monster of the week format, setting aside most of the larger story arc and concentrating on finding the particular artifact causing pings. Artie sends Myka and Pete out after the artifact, Claudia is taking some days off, and Leena is beefing up the warehouse security. Myka and Pete find a man eating a freshly killed deer and Pete is convinced they are dealing with zombies. This show just got awesome! A fun episode about an artifact that isn’t so interesting, but does cause interesting side effects. Myka and Pete are up to their old antics, dramatics, and histrionics. It made for a fun and funny show, with a side dose of gravity and soul. Once again, Warehouse 13 packs a punch.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: Shadows

“Shadows” is a decent episode, but I don’t think it is going to make anyone’s list of great works of television.The story line is ok, going back in time to discover how Jane became a regent is ok cool. But seemed to take up an inordinate amount of time, it could have been told a lot quicker. After last weeks race to the finish line type of story this one was a swing quite far in the opposite direction. I really enjoyed the Myka and Claudia artifact finding storyline, though it seemed to have nothing to do with the other storyline, a tad unusual for the series. I like the chemistry between the two women, and Claudia has to be one of my favorite characters on television. An enjoyable, if somewhat  non-memorable episode.

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Television Review: Warehouse Weekend: The 40th Floor Full of Silver Coins

So, I realized that in putting off putting up my Warehouse 13 for a week, I was putting up a review of a show after the latest one was aired. So, I’ve decided to change-up the last few episodes and post them on the weekend. I assume most people will read this Monday morning, which is perfect because then they can have a reminder what last weeks episode was before watching this weeks. I think this works out better. ::Crossesfingers::

This episode was centered on the seasons arc and the evil FBI lady spends a lot of time on the screen and we learn that we don’t know anything about this secret agency that is going around stealing artifacts and using them. I was sorely disappointed in Jinks this episode, and that is all I’m going to say about that. I’ve been going back and watching early episodes and I can see even more so how Myka and Pete has grown in their partnership, they have a really wonderful friendship that is just beautiful to watch. Mrs. Fredrick was absolutely awesome and I love every moment that CCH Pounder graces the show with her presence. I love that the plot line of the overall arc took over this episode and so artifacts were thrown in willy nilly and we got to see a lot of cool effects. I really enjoyed watching this and can’t wait to see if some of my predictions are correct.

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Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: Past Imperfect, Present Illumination

Now that we have delved into Pete’s past in previous episodes, the writers of Warehouse 13 decided to treat us with a bit of Myka’s imperfect past. It was a delightful illumination of the present relationship between Pete and Myka verses her old partnership and I thoroughly enjoyed finding out where Myka came from (agent wise) and seeing how she has grown as a character, even if it has all been off-screen. Myka and Pete aren’t currently perfect people, but they are characters that have grown as they’ve gotten older and wiser and that is all I ask from a two-dimensional personality, most 3-D peeps can’t pull that off! Plus this episode pairs up Claudia and Jinksy again, always a great dynamic and begins to explore the reasons behind evil FBI lady, being said evil FBI lady.

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