Television Review: Fringe: Nothing As It Seems

Olivia made the decision to be her better self and allow the other Olivia’s memories to supersede her own, and now she is paying the consequences. “Nothing As It Seems” gets back into the monster of the week episodic format we have all come to love, with a bit of a dose of the larger story line. The Fringe event already happened in Peter’s timeline, but nothing is unfolding like it did before. Will the team figure out what is happening? Will Peter remember enough to be able to help?

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Television Review: Final Fringe Friday: The Day We Died of Disbelief

It literally took me three days to finish this episode. Part of it was timing and friends coming into town, part of it was my wrist giving out as I took notes for the extensive reviews I always do, and part of it was my sadness that the season had come to an end and the moment the clock ran out on the episode it would be over. But finish it I did.

This episode was a great season finale, explaining many unanswered questions and popping up with a few more mysteries at the same time. The show begins with Peter injured from a blast, for a minute he thinks he was from the past, but that is soon all straightened out and the fun begins. It’s a dystopian universe in the future and things are heated and complicated and frustrating. There was a literal jaw dropping moment for me, and I enjoyed nearly every second of this episode. At the end of everything I have great love and great hate for J.J. Abrams. I have great love, because he seems to have finally pulled his act together after Alias  and Lost, in that he actually answers the big questions, and many of the tiny ones too. Yes, it’s a cliff hanger, and yes there are some unanswered questions, but I’m actually beginning to hope that they will be fleshed out in Season 6 (::Crossesfingers:: ::Knocksonwood::).

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: The I Am Sews (or The Last Sam Weiss)

Last weeks episode left me with more questions than answers. The only real answer was that Peter wakes up from his coma and precedes to dominate the small screen. I really do think that Joshua Jackson has come into his own through this television show. The other answer is who Sam Weiss really is and what he has to do with Fringe and the First People. I only hope that the questions this episode raises as to the fate of the two universes is actually dealt with and concluded with in tonight’s episode.

Below is a preview of tonight’s episode. Note the preview warning- All future remaining audiences- really pretty clever. I’m absolutely loving the trend in Y.A. Science Fiction and T.V. about dystopian future worlds. I’m not sure exactly why, but the fight for survival is fascinating. The preview contains some small spoilers. Not too big, but I’d say they are more than just teasers. Of course, I watched it anyway, because I HAVE TO, because I’m just not right in the head or something. 😀 [via]

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: 6:02 A.M. Eastern Time to Hit the Snooze

This episode switches between both Universes to show what happens when The Machine is turned on. The count down begins to the end of the season, and the possible end of one of the Universes. I really don’t see how they can just kill off one entire Universe. I’m hoping that between the two Olivia’s and Peter they can figure out a way to save everyone. But I also don’t see how a show could continue to be about two Universes. So, I really can’t decide what the writers are going to do. The one thing that really bugged me about this episode is Walter’s incessant pity party. Major ugh factor there. Stop whining and fix things already. I do like that Astrid seems to be gaining a back bone, so we’ll see if that continues.

Preview for Tonight: Spoilery so you are warned.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Stoway Stuck

By Fox Broadcasting Company from Wikimedia Commons

My Fringe Fridays will be a play by play for each Fringe episode from the previous week. Consider this my *Spoiler Alert.*

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