Introducing My Niece to Doctor Who

I’m sick today and babysitting my niece. Que telly time. Usually, I’m a good aunt, parks and craft time and playing getting trussed up in jail. Which is loads of fun and loads of energy. I don’t have loads of energy today.

Also, I’m tired of Milan, Treasure Planet, and Rise of the Guardians.

So, I put on Doctor Who.

Que questions and comments. My favorite by far was when Micky gets his hands caught by the plastic trashcan. She goes, “Don’t swallow him!” It took everything I have not to laugh out loud when it did and she turned to me with her shocked face.

Most fun sick day ever.


Nodds & Nends: DIY Rainbow Igloo, Neil Gaimon’s animated story is lovely and scary, and Playing it Safe

With all this snow that we are having recently how about making a DIY rainbow igloo? Start collecting milk jugs now and you might have enough for next winter.

Neil Gaiman wrote and voiced an animated short story. It is both lovely and scary.

I read an interesting article by Gus Sanchez of Out Where the Buses Don’t Run, who asked if a debut novel should play it safe. He points to Ready Player One as a debut novel that didn’t play it safe and the resulting piece of work is excellent. I agree, Ready Player One was one of my 2011 best reads. It’s also interesting to note that:

There’s an adage in the publishing world, […] that both agents and publishers will repeat with writers: your first and second novels should play it safe.

So this is why I generally don’t like a series until the third book.

This Nerd Cross Over from Dork Tower made my day. I love cross overs, but Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Downtown Abby are some of my favorite Nerd Things (think Sound of Music Favorite Things song) and so this cross over is just special to me. [via Nerd Approved]

Two little kids tell a story and these adults act it out. I laughed my head off.

R2D2 in Mittens and Adorable Kid Costumes

These R2D2 mittens are awesome. Even though I hate mittens. I need my fingers to be able to move freely separate from each other. Especially when cab drivers nearly run me over while I’m crossing the street. . . . . Mittens just don’t work as well for some gestures  Still, I would maybe give up my finger pointing and let my fingers be imprisoned in these impressive mitts.

Even more adorable is this R2D2 sweater, hat, and tutu costume. What an adorable kid! Plus I love that blue tutu, I NEED IT!!!!

But this R2D2 truffle looks the yummiest of them all.

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

Kids Cosplay Firefly Because They are Awesome!

This is some extra cool parenting (thought I’m not sure how much of the television show I wold let a kid watch, come to think of it). Anyway, these cosplay costumes of Captain Mal and Kaylee by these adorable children are really cool. [via]

And a picture of Jewel Strait, because I can. 😉

By Rach from Tadcaster, York, England via Wikimedia Commons


Mini Avengers

Unfortunately life has been uber hectic lately and I wasn’t able to see the avengers this weekend. ::sadface:: Hopefully next weekend will be a little less crazy and I can see all my boys light up the big screen with their big smiles and awesome abs, I mean acting. In the mean time I’ll just have to be content with this uber cute picture of some mini avengers. [via]

Speaking of Cute Geek Babies

These baby costumes, are OMG!!! I love the baby Max. Which you can buy on Etsy. [via Rookie Moms]

Edit: The above costume is no longer available. But check out this cute one instead. Made to order. Sold on Etsy.

Want a custom cape for you kid? Check out the ones made by this etsy cape guru.

Custom Initial Superhero Cape by KidKapers on Etsy, $25.00

And if you are my mom, this Sock Monkey kids costume will be your favorite. 😀

Muppets Movie

A full trailer for the upcoming Muppets movie hit the internet this week. This one is no parody,  it is an actual trailer for the movie. And it looks like so much fun. You can just tell the actors have a great time with their bits. [via Topless Robot]

In confirmation of why Jason Segel is awesome, and how much fun he had putting together the Muppets, read his interview here where he talks about the utter joy it is to make a kids day by being a Muppet and watching the kids light up. Awwness!