Books, Books, and More Books

I’ve found some wonderful book related items on pinterest. Check them out!

YA book addiction

Calvin and Hobbes cake

Lord of the Rings book ends

Altered book of poison

Book bed sheets

If you like these I recommend following Ned Hayes-Writer on Pinterest. He finds some wonderful book related pins. He leads to awesome places like these wonderful surreal photographs by Joel Robinson.


Lord of the Rings Nesting Dolls

You can thank me later. ūüėČ These nesting dolls are only $150 for the set. Visit the artists esty site here. ¬†[via]

Geeky Little People

If I had kids I’d totally have these in my playroom. ūüėÄ Buy them here.

Lord of the Rings

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Being Human

May the Force Be Ever in Your Favor

This just cracks me up. So many geeky things thrown together, awesomely and ridiculously. It is totally absurdly nerdly.  [via]

Wholockians from Narnia

My best friend and I were chatting on Gmail the other day. We both ended up in tears. From laughing.

Me: Apparently there is a fan base for Wholockians.

Sara: ::palmface::

Sara: No. ::headdesk::

Me: It’s awesome. Why are you ::headdesking::?

Sara: Because it’s ridiculously specific. That’s like calling myself a Narniring

Me: It’s two fan bases coming together. Who cares how specific it is. You make no sense

Sara: You make no sense!


Sara:¬†“Two fan bases coming together”?

Thinking she didn’t understand what I meant by Wholockians, I tried to spell it out for her.

Me:  Doctor WHO. SherLOCKians

Sara: What is this, a bipartisan rally?


Not to be out done


Sara: I get it. I understand the etymology of the made up word. As evidenced by me making up my own word.

I was laughing too hard at the Nicolas Cage picture to answer.

Sara:¬†I dunno. I mean, yay for liking the same things. But to me that sounds sort of like the people who are all, “I’m not a girl! I’m a gurl!”
Or a grrl.
Or whatever bullshit.
Just like what you like.

Me: Honestly, your arguments are still awful.

Sara: You only say that because you’re a lawyer now,

Me (trying to type while laughing and crying): Sara…

Sara: and you have been completely removed from normal human reasoning and argument.
You even have your own word definitions.

After wiping tears from my face, I finally got around to replying. 

Me: ¬†I¬†would like to point out that Narnians is an actual thing,¬†and it’s not like you said Whonians.
Which would have maybe been a valid point.
Except you don’t like people adding to the English language.

Sara: Ah ha! So you got my point. You just didn’t like the fandoms I picked

Me: You didn’t pick fandom*s*

Sara: Narnia. Lord of the Rings.
Two fandoms.
I think you didn’t read what I said.

After checking what she wrote

Sara: Because it’s ridiculously specific. That’s like calling myself a narniring

Me: Actually. I thought you were correcting yourself. You meant Narniringian!

Me: Actually, I think Narniringian is cool.

Sara: ::headdesk::