Doctor Meets Meme

The Doctor meets Meme. (Read how one runner became the next hottest thing on the internets, literally)

Falls in love. They give birth to a beautiful Mash-up. Awwww. What a cute bebe.

Inspector Spacetime Poster

I love that this Community inspired Meme has caught on in such a huge way. The awesomeness of Doctor Who transcends its own television genre. 😀 [via Geeks of Doom]

Use the Force, Harry

I honestly can’t find the origin of this meme. But either here or  here? Who knows it’s awesome.

Why this makes every nerd’s head explode in anger… or laughter:

1) Patrick Stewart (dude in pic) is from Star Trek.

2) The Force is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power in the fictional universe of the Star Wars galaxy.

3) Harry refers to Harry Potter. A totally different nerd universe than either of those.

4) Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, is played by Ian McKellen in the movie adaptation of the book. No that is not him without a beard, that is Patrick Stewart from Star Trek (see #1 above). [Edit: I apologize for the typo on Gandalf’s name, it has been corrected.]

5) None of these things belong with the other. Unfortunately, geeks and nerds often dis each other over dumb things like whether or not Star Wars or Star Trek is better. I happen to love both. In this meme somehow all these nerd likes and dislikes come together and they make for some awesome nerdiness.