Jack the Giant Killer

This movie doesn’t look like the best movie ever, but it does have Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Skins (U.K), and X-Men: First Class) in it, and I’m a fan. Hopefully they either go really campy or decent. I’m betting on the campy. Could be fun. [via Topless Robot]


X-Men: The First Class the First Review

Read a first review here, which is not spoilery so that is very nice. 😀

A TV spot

Aand a behind the scenes (actors talking about the movie) clip.

And I just realized that Nicholas Hoult (From About a Boy and the UK television series Skins) plays Beast. Hot Diggity Dog. I think he is a great actor, and he’s one of those child actors that is turning into a very handsome young man. (Unlike that kid from Two and Half Man, I’m sorry, but he needs some grooming lessons.) I can call him a young man since he is seven years younger than me, though probably a whole lot richer. He keeps choosing really excellent roles.