Television Review: Fringe Friday: The End of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fringe returns tonight with “A Short Story About Love”, in anticipation of this show hitting the airwaves again after its 4 week hiatus I have decided to finally get around to reviewing “The End of All Things”, which aired in February. Yeesh. Suffice to say, I’m a bit behind, but not too late. I have valid family emergency excuses and I wont apologize, I’ll just get down to business.

“The End of All Things” was a brisk walk though the over all story arc. Many important things happened, and I’m sure I missed half of them. Olivia has been kidnapped right from under Peter’s nose, and there are two Ninas floating around who could be anything from shapeshifters, to alternate universe Ninas, to alternate timeline Ninas. It is a mad race until the end and it quite exciting!

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: A Better Human Being [Human]

Last week’s episode of Fringe was a heart strings tugger (apparently tugger is not a word, well, it should be). In “A Better Human Being” Olivia’s memories are being taken over by Peter’s Timeline’s Olivia’s memories and her own are becoming fuzzy. Peter is concerned and a little heart broken, Walter is upset with Peter thinking it is Peter’s fault. Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter are working on a case of a killer who is somehow connected mentally to a patient of an institution.

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Forced Perspective

Last week Olivia was left with the ominous news that she had to die. Not a believer in predetermined fate, Olivia took the news with her usual stoicism. But this week, she starts to wonder if fate can be predetermined, and what does that mean? Must she die?

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Wallflower Paper Fades

“Wallflower” is the story about people mysteriously turning into albino’s upon their deaths. Olivia and Agent Lee investigate, while the Peter storyline takes a back seat in this episode. A back seat to the main monster of the week, but it packs a powerful punch nonetheless. More Massive Dynamic secrets are revealed and this season is really shaping up to be the best one yet. The formula for this show doesn’t change, but the complex characters with the ability to show real emotions means that the show is never boring. I so ❤ this show!

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: Subject 9-er Bring Back Peter

Subject 9-er bring back Peter, please? Fringe episode “Subject 9” delved further into the back ground of the characters in the new time line without Peter. It deals with astral projection, timey wimey hiccups, and energy spots that burn Olivia. Walter makes a step forward in his life and we see Olivia and Walter work a case together almost exclusively and the show really explores that relationship. What results is a heart warming episode that reveals more back story but stands still as far as the story arc goes. Its not a bad episode, it is just kinda meh. Interesting, intriguing information is doled out in 45 minutes that really didn’t need to take so long. I’m hoping next week takes off again. ::crossesfingers::

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Television Review: Fringe Friday: O’s No’s

Where will you be? Great vid on the end of the world as Fringe knows it.

There was no Fringe episode last week, so I provide you with a video to keep you held over until Fringe returns on April 15, which apparently is a magic number day or something. Why are all my shows on hiatus!!!! So mad. To keep my self from actually going mad (aka crazy) I went back and re-watched an episode of Fringe and have posted my review of it after the jump. This episode deals with Olivia and Peter’s new relationship and Walter’s inadequacies without Bell. I really enjoyed a lot of the concepts in this story line, and I think that Anna Torv is pretty amazing with her ability to be other people. Once again, this is a play by play review of the episode.

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