TARDIS Tattoo, Shoes, Dress, and Dalekman

Tattoo of a TARDIS and some Daleks. This tattoo is still a little pink, which means to me that it is new. I wonder if the person is going to get it colored. That could be really cool.

This TARDIS pair of shoes is super cute, kind of every day wear, which is what I like my geekery wear to be like. They would go well with the TARDIS poodle skirt from last week. Maybe get the coloring on the shoes to match. Plus, they are only 27 dollars, which isn’t bad. [via] On the other end of the spectrum is this TARDIS ballroom dress. Oooh, fahn-cee. I do like the red converse sneakers, they add a whimsical touch to the outfit. [via]

If every day TARDIS wear is not enough Doctor Who in your life, you can always create a Doctor Who inspired wedding. I like that it has tasteful touches of Doctor Who while still being sweet and elegant.  Her dress is just gorgeous. I love the blue windows, excellent decoration. [via]

Outline embroidery of the recent Doctor’s and a unique signature unto that particular doctor. And the TARDIS! I see things like that and think, “I could do that!” Of course, I never will. The TARDIS scarf took me long enough!

A wonderful Gallifreyan Cuff with swirls of TARDIS blue. I do really like this cuff. I like the coloring, the placement, and the simplicity of it.

And finally, some wonderful mash-ups that I found this week. The TARDIS and Tigger. Because who doesn’t love a good Winnie the Pooh mash-up? Plus, IT’S A CAKE!!! [via]

And this lovely illustration Dalekman, a mash-up of Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks and that wonderful Disney short Paperman. The coloring is spectacular, the expressions on the Doctor and Oswin’s faces are wonderful. Just. I love the internets some times. The artist has some more wonderful illustrations of Doctor Who inspired digital paintings. They make for a lovely viewing on a rainy morning after your phone has woken you up at 4 a.m. to tell you that there is a flash flood warning in your area. (True story.) [via]

D a l e k m a n by *The-Longfall-of-1979

cc D a l e k m a n
by *The-Longfall-of-1979

The 10 Theories of Oswin and the TARDIS

Somehow I stumbled on this great article which goes into the top 10 ten theories of Oswin, her origins, and the role she will be playing on Doctor Who. There is an impressive amount of thought behind each theory and I probably need to read it again.

I also discovered this lovely TARDIS tote bag on Pinterest. I like the color blocking and the mixture of patterns. It also looks very durable, and $80 isn’t too bad for a custom made durable tote bag. Add this TARDIS ring and you will look real nifty as you carry the tote bag around. It’s only about $20 with shipping and handling. Or you could skip both of these and and make a DIY TARDIS dress with these instructions.

Below is a photo of when the TARDIS visited Wrenbury. Title: The Tardis Lands at the Corner by The Grange. It is an entry in the 2007 Wrenbury Scarecrow Trail. Some people have all the luck.

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons