Webisode Review: Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts

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Back in May I received an email from Melissa Malone asking me to review “Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts”. Unfortunately, that is when my life started getting so super busy I couldn’t keep up with reviews on this site. Each year I get about 8 to 10 requests to review webseries, which I absolutely love to do. It’s definitely fun to get to preview series before they go onto the web, and I enjoy helping people out by sending my review out into the blogosphere. But, as this is a hobby of mine, I don’t often get to the reviewing processes right away.

Melissa’s email was intriguing. She wrote:

 I’m the creator of Or So the Story Goes, a young adult webseries that puts a dark modern twist on classic children’s tales. This season we are bringing to the web a dark Peter Pan with Happy Thoughts. The total runtime, however is 70 minutes, giving us the opportunity to display Happy Thoughts as a feature film, as well. Our project began as an outreach program to teach the teens of our town, here the ins and outs of filmmaking and has blossomed into a project that uses the combined efforts of adults and teens alike to make it happen. Not only do we have many talented child & teen cast members, but also a 13 Year Old assistant director as well as three teen musicians included in our soundtrack.

How could I not be interested and hopeful that this was a webseries for which I could give a good review? What a wonderful project!

Summary of the Story via Or So the Story Goes :

After a rocky year, the Darling family moves cross-country for a fresh start.  Little do they know their new home is already occupied by the ghosts of a charming yet homicidal teenage boy named Peter and his previous victims. Peter’s quick obsession with the oldest daughter Wendy puts the family at grave risk. This brings a band of ghost hunters to the Darling’s door, lead by a vengeful leader sought on ridding the ghost that destroyed her life. Time is ticking and it’s anyone’s game.

This story is quite a unique perspective on the Peter Pan tale. It is very dark and might be a bit of a trigger for some people. It does not get graphic, but it is does have scenes where children get hurt. However, I thought going to the dark side of the Peter Pan story was completely brilliant. It better explains why Peter does what he does and how he finds the Lost Boys. It makes so much sense that I’m not sure why I never really connected the dots before.

The story line is brilliant, but they definitely could have used some more money for a better production value. The lighting is not always the best, especially inside. Some of the music fits like a glove and works with the scene and some of it not so much. I did enjoy that there were a lot of different rooms/venues used for the flashback scenes and the main story arc. I thought that was quite impressive and better than a lot of webseries do. The acting of the main actors was quite good, some of the minor characters came across as acting, but for a webseries with a lot of kids, it was better than I expected.

The series has more than a couple of one liners that made me smile or chuckle. My favorite line from one of the ghost hunters is: Paranormal is so in.

You are so right Percy, you are so right.

Fans of fairy tale retellings, ghost hunter stories, and the Supernatural fandom would enjoy this webseries. Check out the first episode below.

Nodds & Nends: Supernatural, Cthulhu, and Peter Pan

Supernatural fan art from DeviantArt(ist) Renton1313. I love the paper cutout collages of this artist. So awesome, such great detail. Le sigh.

Nerd Love: Supernatural by renton1313.deviantart.com

Have you thought about how you choose  your next book? This blogger has. It is an interesting question. Usually I get my next books from other blogger suggestions, rapidly filling up my queue with the library. Sometimes I wander around the library on my lunch break picking up random books because the cover art interest me, or the font is that specific urban fantasy font (seriously, start noting the font on books certain genres have like only three that they use), or I randomly flip to the middle of the book and if that page is interesting I will get the book and start reading it from the beginning. Some times I find lists that people have pulled together, like this one on Peter Pan Retellings and I pick and choose from the list. So tell me, how do you choose your next book?

Check out this Cthulhu evening bag. I love when people take nerd fandom to the next level, anyone can come up with a t-shirt design, it takes real work to make something you could wear out on the town with a little black dress.

cthulhu evening bag by RazorbladeCupcake on Etsy

Books Without Any Pictures has a fun review of 50 Shades of Grey up on her blog in preparation for reading a parody of the same. And since I was on the subject of funny reviews of 50 Shades of Grey this person found all the funny one star reviews on Amazon and posted them. And to be fair, I’ll post this article about the effect of calling something Mommy Porn and why that is really the disgrace that has happened with regard to this book. Is it only stupid women who enjoy this book? Or perhaps there are some who enjoy a bit of a smutty beach read while understanding it’s not the next Handmaiden’s Tale (which I disliked FYI- the movie was worser (gag)).

Speaking of men who get the womens all hot and bother, what about the mens on Supernatural? In particular the angels. Castiel is my favorite of course. Mostly because his character is fabulous!  Art by Kaiser-Mony.

SPN: Angels by kaiser-mony.deviantart.com

Doctor Meets Meme

The Doctor meets Meme. (Read how one runner became the next hottest thing on the internets, literally)

Falls in love. They give birth to a beautiful Mash-up. Awwww. What a cute bebe.

Disney in Stained Glass

These lovely illustrations are the creation of artist Mandimichel. Please go to her deviantArt page and check out the rest of her gorgeous creations. You can also show her some love by following her on Pinterest.

So come with me, where dreams are born by mandiemanzano.deviantart.com

Rapunzel Rapunzel by mandiemanzano.deviantart.com

Cinderella by mandiemanzano.deviantart.com

Cool Street Art

I found one of these pictures on Pinterest and went and looked up the original posting, which had so much coolness I had to post about it in wordpress. I love street art.

Muppets Mash-up

Muppets done in classic fairy tale style. They are very well done and with such detail, it just delights my heart. [via The Mary Sue]

More Cutie Patootie Geek Art

Remember those cute girls in Dalek and TARDIS dresses I posted on Friday? Well, here are more prints from the same artist, Robin Kaplan. These may not be considered true mash-ups, but mashing up geek stuff with a cute artistic style has my vote. Lady Vader, Rainbow Bright, and Peter Pan are some of my favorite. Buy her prints and view more art on her etsy shop. [via The Mary Sue]


Green Latern Clips

Here is a new t.v. spot:

New clip, during which all I could think was, “You can fly, You can fly, You can fl-y-y-y!”