I Say Whatever Like a Hipster

A recent convert to listening to podcasts while getting other menial tasks done, I shared a recent find (thanks to Stephanie) with my best friend the podcast produced by NPR called Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Sara:  I always feel smarter after listening to NPR. It really doesn’t matter what the subject was.

Me: I don’t know that I feel smarter, but they have interesting discussions. I think I’m supposed to feel smarter, but I refuse to follow fads even of the intellect kind.

Sara: What fad is this?

Me: Listening to NPR because it makes you feel smarter and therefore you are superior to other people.  That fad.

Sara: I swear to God, sometimes you are such a hipster.


Feeling a little put out (but also giggling) I decided to see what Facebook had to say about my hipster tendencies.

Chris: Ha Ha! Hipster.

Me: Whatever.

Chris: Wow. You even say “Whatever,” like a hipster.

I banged my head on my desk from laughing so hard. Now I have a bruise. Thanks a lot Chris.

Nodds & Nends: Nerdy Crafting, Steam Punk Thrifting, and Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast

Want another DIY crafting idea to make an awesome present for the geek in your life? Check out this Keyboard to Picture Frame idea on Will Craft 4 Food. I really want to do this, when I can find some time. Bwahahahahaha.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the very few talk shows I will listen to, and it is often because of his nerdy/geeky side. He had on the show this really cool Visual Reality goggle thing called the Oculus Rift -VR and it looks amazing! They are just starting production of the gaming console and I think this is going to be big. One hopes. 🙂 You can preorder them for $300. You really should watch the clip on the show, it was hilarious, the presenter really got Jimmy good.

I found a cute segment on Steam Punk Thrifting on The Nerdist which goes through the steps of putting together a cheap cosplay outfit by going to a thrift store and doing it yourself.

Want to see some pretty eyes today? Head over to this tumblr page for a really cool picture of some street art. (Also, if you are going to ogle the tumblr girl, please ogle her age as well.)

Some really cool articles I’ve stumbled upon recently are:

Laini Taylor’s post about how needing to use the term adult is childish. She makes some really good points.

And thanks to Stephanie I started listening to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and came upon this article about autism and nerd culture in popular culture. The guy who wrote the piece has an autistic son and he talks about being able to relate to certain shows because of their inclusion of autism and often nerdy people who are on the spectrum and how he thinks his son is treated better because of these shows.

On my cousin’s G+ account she posted this awesome video of Minecraft in real life. The effects are really good for a webseries.  Sara would probably not be impressed with their stage combat acting skills, but I thought it was cute. Thanks Breanna for the tip.