The 10 Theories of Oswin and the TARDIS

Somehow I stumbled on this great article which goes into the top 10 ten theories of Oswin, her origins, and the role she will be playing on Doctor Who. There is an impressive amount of thought behind each theory and I probably need to read it again.

I also discovered this lovely TARDIS tote bag on Pinterest. I like the color blocking and the mixture of patterns. It also looks very durable, and $80 isn’t too bad for a custom made durable tote bag. Add this TARDIS ring and you will look real nifty as you carry the tote bag around. It’s only about $20 with shipping and handling. Or you could skip both of these and and make a DIY TARDIS dress with these instructions.

Below is a photo of when the TARDIS visited Wrenbury. Title: The Tardis Lands at the Corner by The Grange. It is an entry in the 2007 Wrenbury Scarecrow Trail. Some people have all the luck.

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons

cc Espresso Addict via Wikimedia Commons

Blink to the Future and Other Doctor Who Nerdiness

These two TARDIS engagement boxes are quite the work of art. The second one had me at Woo ooo ooo. (Sorry, I had to.)  These are custom made and you could get one for your very own engagement moment.

Official Doctor Who stamps are going to be made in March. Honestly, I kind of want them. I used to collect stamps as a kid, and while I no longer have my stamp book full of really cool stamps from my grandparents’ friends’ travels, the 8 year old nerd in me needs these.

Matt Smith on a rock. Or rather his hair and bow tie photoshopped onto one. All the same, it’s quite funny.

This sterling silver TARDIS is so exquisite. What an amazing piece of art. Le sigh. [via]

Check out this Back to the Future and Doctor Who cartoon mash-up. The animation is great, I wish this was a real thing. LOL

Nodds & Nends: Doctor Who Just Around the Corner

Doctor Who premieres September 1 on BBC America. Yes, that is right, September 1. See Doctor Who page on BBC America.  There has been a bit of a kerfuffle on the internets because at first it was said to air on the 8th of September, but now two days in a row it has been the same info, so I feel somewhat confident in assuming it actually be on the 1st. Thanks to The Last Song I Heard for the tip. If you really really want to see the show early, you can enter to win tickets to the NYC premiere, they give you a day to buy plane tickets if you don’t already live there, so yah, that isn’t prohibitively expensive, at all. Thanks to Adrian N. for the tip.

If, like myself, you will just have to wait until September 1 to see the new episode “Asylum of the Daleks”, check out these picture promos in the mean time. Or you can check out the new Season 7 Trailer that is awesome, several new clips, and my favorite so far. Especially because Mark Sheppard is narrating, so maybe his character is coming back?

Recently BB Edgeworth contacted me to show me that she had created a Doctor Who quiet book, and OMG is it amazing! You can check out all the pictures of this wonderful creation on her tumblr and Part II here. Also check out her Pinterest page!

Photo used with permission

Photo used with permission

Photo used with permission

What started out as concept work has been made reality, you can buy your own police box ring for that special someone in your life. (Technically this is not a TARDIS ring because BBC has not endorsed it.)  Maybe you are past the ring stage and you are now dealing with little person running around you and you are trying to teach them how to be the best nerd or dork out there (I’ve a head start in this department as I’m slowly encouraging the dorky side of my friend’s kids), you can bring them to the dark side by duplicating this awesome Geeky Kids Bedroom! Toy Story, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, OH MY!

Mujia (aka pepeluiv) has created some awesome Doctor Who plushies, which you can custom order from her Etsy site. You can also check out her tumblr which has a lot of Doctor Who and Sherlock awesomeness on it.

cc pepeluiv

cc pepeluiv

Dalek, TARDIS, and Wedding Bands- Your Doctor Who Fix of the Day

Crochet your own Dalek hat. This actually looks super easy, and it is a very cute idea. Click on the image to be taken to the pattern. Thanks to dragonbug who sent me the tip.

And if you are now on a crocheting roll, here is an awesome crocheted TARDIS to be envious about.

Speaking of TARDISes, ’cause I always am, check out this super cool wedding band designed by a geek for a geek. Isn’t it awesome? [via]

Nodds & Nends: Controversial Times Cover Mash-up, Rotating Planetary Ring, and Steampunk World Fair

Here are some lovely nerdy odds and ends for your viewing pleasure.

Takes on Time magazines controversial cover. Including an Alien mash-up eating the kids face. You heard me. Check it out on The Mary Sue.

Check out this rotating planetary ring. I totes ❤ it! [via]

Some awesome pictures from the 2012 The Steampunk’s World Fair. Thanks to dragonbug who sent in the tip (i.e. my mom mailed me the link).

Nodds & Nends: Green Eggs and Bacon Sweets, Upcycled Onesies, and Keyboard Rings

What are Nodds & Nends? Well, Nerdy Odds and Ends of course.

Check out these sweet treats of “Green Eggs and Bacon”

Or revel in these awesome upcycled onesies from people’s favorite T-shirts.

These rings are a bit awkward on the hand, but together they make an awesome brass knuckle type of weapon for bullies. [via]