Doctor Who Day on Pinterest

Here are some awesome pieces of Doctor Who art that I found on Pinterest.

You can find this one in Etsy.


I just love this picture.


This art work of the Doctor and River Song is my favorite.


Doctor Who Day: TARDIS Bow Tie, Cosplay, and Kissing

Doctor Who Day

Special Request: A special shout out to all of my new recent viewers and followers! I love meeting new people and I’ve enjoyed visiting your blogs. Thanks for the follow! I’ve had a recent influx of visitors from Facebook and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. If there is a particular Facebook image or post that sent you my way, would someone let me know about it? Thanks! Enjoy my Doctor Who Day post where I link you up to all the fun stuff for Whovians this week. 

A TARDIS bow tie for the Whovian bow tie enthusiast! You can get your own for only $20. Plus you don’t actually have to tie it, it comes on an elastic band. [via]

I do love cosplay, especially Doctor Who cosplay, so I enjoy the FuckYearDoctorWhoCosplay tumblr account. But I especially enjoyed this River Song cosplay by Ambrosia. [via] I wish my hair would stay curly like that instead of disintegrating in this humidity. Sigh.

Vastra and Jenny Flint kissing away. So cute! If you go to the link you can browse more like this and see lots of Doctor Who kissing. Always a good time. [via]

Build a light fixture that looks like a crack to the universe in your wall. Super clever! I love it. Annnd I have a handy boyfriend. Hmmm.

I received notification from Vince Garbarino that he had created an arrangement on the 11th Doctor’s theme, “I Am The Doctor.” It’s pretty cool. You should listen to it while you check out the links on this post.

Doctor Who Delights

An illustration of River Song as a timehead. It really makes more sense if you just click on over.

My notes for this read: doctor who tattoo on a hot lady. I’m not going to lie, I was right the first time around.  This is one hot lady with some awesome Doctor Who tattoos. Check it out.

DeviantArtist key-o has some great nerdy and geeky art up on his page. Including steampunk werewolves and this Tennant illustration.

The Doctor by

And Stephanie sent me a link to this amazing Doctor Who Book Light Pen that will leaving you wanting a TARDIS floating above your reading material. I sent this out to twitter right away, because I couldn’t hold its wonderfulness back from the world.

Salt and pepper shakers in the form of a TARDIS and Dalek. What could be cooler than that I ask yah? Order them here. [via The Mary Sue]

PabutteGo, another DeviantArtist, has painted an amazing portrait of the 11th Doctor. Gorgeous.

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer:

Doctor Who Sweets

Doctor Who Day

Bow ties may be cool. But cakes with bow ties are cooler. [via]

If a cake is too much to handle, you could make these Doctor Who themed cupcakes. And then send me one. Preferably, chocolate. Thanks. 🙂

Finally, this Doctor Who themed birthday party looks absolutely awesome. Sooo jealous! Now I really want cupcakes.

Whovian T-Shirts for Women

Her Universe by BBC World Wide has created some great new female friendly Whovian t-shirts. They are awesome and are up for sale next week (July 11). [via and thanks to Frivolous Monsters for the tip!]

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TARDISes, Cat Trees, and River Song

It’s a Doctor Who day, well posting anyway. Look at all these goodies I have for you!! ::Squee::

TARDIS Cat Tree, OMG. To view more pictures click on the image. [via]

Just FYI, finding the original source on this one was not easy. Oh Tumblr, how I hate you.

I love minimalism posters for movies or tv episodes, so when I came across these Doctor Who minimalism posters for some of my favorite episodes I reached nirvana, for just a millisecond. You can buy prints at here. [via]

The Last Centurian

Yet another rendering of River Song. Can I say that I’m mostly in love with her hair? Because I am. [via]

River Song and a Gun, ooh-rah.

And Matt Smith is a badass. He’s *my* doctor, and he always will be. Check out the artist, Blue-Fox, on deviantArt.  [via]

Because of Doctor Who, I now call it Pandorica Station. I know, I know.

Doctor Who-ness

Check out some cool holiday commission illustrations of Doctor Who here.

River Song tribute. Buy the poster on Etsy.

Read a hilarious blog posting and illustration of Doctor Who parenting on Book Snobbery. Doctor Who parenting for the Win

Penny Arcade and Doctor Who


The Doctor’s Hat

“I Want My Hat Back” by Jon Klassen is a child’s book, which I have never read, but is apparently quite delightful, has now been parodied. Surprise at that eh? But now there is a Doctor Who parody, and it is quite delightful, called I Want My Hat Back: The Doctor illustrated by Heather Crescenzo. The rest of the story after the break. [via The Mary Sue]

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Fan Art of Doctor Who

I found this lovely blog, The Geek Arts,which just has a lot of geek art, fan art, and loveliness. I immediately went to the Doctor Who pages and enjoyed every single thing I saw. River Song and the TARDIS, the Doctors and the Companions floating out of the TARDIS in order of appearance, and an homage to the Doctor’s Wife episode.

Doctor Who Stuff

Doctor Who t-shirt of Matt Smith’s Doctor as a Clock. He’s holding a sonic screwdriver which is cool. [via Fashionably Geek]

James Hance has some new Doctor Who Stuff. Check out this drawing of The Doctor and River Song. It is a mash up with Toy Story. I love his art!!