Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum

Some time last fall I went with my sister to Hot Springs, Arkansas, which was an experience all its own. It is all very touristy, but also on the decline.  It is weird to watch history fade from a place, and sad. We went to the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum. What once was a casino and supper club in the 60’s, now houses various scenes in wax. The escalator was not working and at some point many of the wax figures had been replaced due to a fire. While a lot of the figures resembled the people they were supposed to, I must say I was expecting them to be more realistic, and I did quite enjoy the characters from the stories, which need not look like anyone in particular. The scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was probably my favorite.

The lighting in this place was terrible, I honestly think it was because they didn’t want you to notice that most of the figures did not look like the people they were representing. Plus, my phone does not have the best camera. But I got a couple of interesting photos.

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Nodds & Nends: Cosplay, Snow White, Knitting, and a Rant

Don’t forget about the Blog Tour hosted by Itching for Books that I’m a part of for the next couple of weeks. Ingrid Paulson’s novel, Valkyrie Rising, is an excellent YA read. Check out the Blog Tour for more reviews, interviews, and giveaways.

Check out this awesome Snow White paper cut out of her putting the dwarfs to bed? Or waking up? Something. Anyway. It is cool.

Here is another Snow White print. The only thing I can think is that I’m pretty sure I would not want this guy with his hand up my skirt. And by that I mean I absolutely wouldn’t.

The amazing detail on this Alice in Wonderland Cake is just so delightful. This is why I love the internets. Thank you internets.

Perhaps my favorite find is this picture of several cosplayers in wonderful costumes enacting a (made-up) scene from The Little Mermaid. Lisa Fabio made the costumes for both herself as Ursula and Ariel’s.

And I stumbled across an article asking knitters to create 5X5 squares and send them to two authors (in February, so you have some time) who will then put all these squares together for baby blankets. They have swag for the person who sends in the most squares and a giveaway for getting the word out. So, get the word out and Knit for Charity.

By Loggie-log (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

And now I’m going to rant for a moment. So you don’t need to stick around all the important things have been posted. OK? You’ve been warned.

Some time ago the structure of my postings changed and I’ve been slowly working my way through a back log of old posts to come  under stricter guidelines regarding other people’s pictures. I’m not perfect at it, and I’m still learning, so I’ve given myself some room to be imperfect in this and to correct the mistakes I find. I’m mostly doing this because I want to avoid future legal repercussions.  But then I realized how many times I have to answer comments about how someone is amazed I’ve made something, even though I’ve posted a link to the original posting, put information on the picture to state who did the photo or amazing thing, and yet people assume I’ve done it. It’s like they didn’t even read the posting! I’m so super careful that I give credit where credit is due, I site to my sources, etc, and it seems to not matter! Uninformed questions that would literally be answered by reading the post and clicking on the links are frustrating to deal with on many levels. And I know this is the price to pay for blogging, but seriously I expect better of you internets. I expect better.

End rant.

Nodds & Nends: Disney Mermaids, Xena Cosplay, and littleBits

Your weekly dose of nerdy odds and ends is here. Honestly, I’m throwing the kitchen sink at you today.

Interested in nerdy corsets? Because who doesn’t want to be bound and wrapped in fabric? Check out the Mary Sue’s gallery of nerdy corsets.

Does this not look like a Medieval Torture Device to you?
Picture Public Domain

Remember back a while ago when I mentioned that my mother was trying to get a job with littleBits, and electronic toy company for adults? Well, she got the job, how awesome is that? So, how about showing the company some love and “liking” their Facebook page?

I’m in love with all the Disney and Fairy Tail illustrations I run across every week. Check out this lovely picture of Snow White by Charlie Bowater. It is gorgeous. Still jonesing for some more Disney? Check out these amazing and fierce mermaids by daekazu. He has some more awesome illustrations, so check out his deviant art page and if you like his art work, you can “like” his Facebook page.

Check out the website Geek x Girls, who have some great cosplay pictures up. My favorite is the Serenity Crew line up. Awesome. More cosplay finds this week include some Xena Cosplay (via). Her costume is one of the more authentic looking ones that I have seen. And if that is not enough cosplay to brighten up your Thursday morning, check out these pictures from the San Diego Comic Con 2012.

cc Twice25 via Wikimedia Commons

Josh Craig’s interesting post about reading poorly written books makes some excellent points. I read a lot of books and interacting with and thinking critically of them helped improve my own writing as I discovered (and continue to discover) what has worked and what has not worked for other people. If we only read the best written books do we really have a broad understanding of writing?  Does bad writing necessarily equal work that bad? Not necessarily. I enjoy many types of entertainment, even if it isn’t the best written. This goes for television and movies as well. What about when you do find that poorly written piece of literature you didn’t even find entertaining, what is the best way to write a good bad review? This article discusses some of the finer points of critiquing other people’s works. [via RIASS]

Disney Princesses on Pinterest

I find some of the best illustrations of the Disney Princesses on Pinterest. You can check out my Disney Done Right board and follow to see more!


Snow White by Sarah Mensinga (you should check out her art, it is all quite gorgeous)

Sleeping Beauty by Howard David Johnson

Copyright 2009 Howard David Johnson


Disney Nodds & Nends: Snow White Cosplay, Pin-up Princesses, Beauty and the Beast Cake

Here are some Disney Nerdy Odds and Ends that have gathered in my queue and I don’t know where the stick them exactly. So like Cinderellie, I shall throw them among the ashes and you can pick out the gems you prefer. Perhaps this Snow White Gun cosplay. [via]

You can view these pin- up Disney Princesses on your own time as they are NSFW. Or sit in your un-air conditioned living room sweating, wishing you were as cool a cucumber as the Snow White above or at the very least gorging on this Beauty and the Beast cake. [via] Either way, enjoy these Disney Nodds & Nends.

Myths and Fairy Tales, Including Disney’s True Love

This picture of Poseidon is awe inspiring, both in its composition and subject. 

Snow White and Rose Red in front of the fire. 

Disney Princesses in vintage clothing. For once, the Disney Princesses with more clothing rather than less. 

Disney Done Right: Gorgeous Illustrations

If you aren’t following my Disney Done Right board on Pinterest, you totally should. Sometimes if I find something on Pinterest I’ll post them to my Twitter account, before they make it to the blog. OK, enough plugging (for today). Here are your pretties.

Snow White by LadySybile on DeviantArt. Check out more interpretations of Snow White here. [via]

Jasmine & The Magic Lamp by Stacey Aoyama [via]

Maleficent in all her glory is available as a doll. Check out the collection here. [via]

Below, an illustration of the Little Mermaid and her sisters.

The Little Mermaid and Her Sisters. By Anne Anderson (1874-1930) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Little Mermaid and Her Sisters.
By Anne Anderson (1874-1930) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Nodds & Nends: Vampires in Infographs, Books, Apple Skins, and More!

Check out these 2012 Comic Con pictures from sCrypt Comics. Did you notice James Marsters?

Missing some of  your nerdy shows that inevitably got cancelled? Check out io9’s reading list to help east the pain. Wishing you had more Angel episodes on TV (when he’s working for Wolfram and Heart)? io9 recommends checking out Harry Connolly’s series starting with Child of Fire. I’ve never read the series, so you’ll have to take their word for it. [Edit: I’ve read the series, it is amazing. Check out my review here.]

Speaking of vampires. This fun post saying we need to kill the sparkly one, is amusing. Ah popular vampire humor.  😀 [via]

Own an Apple? I don’t and never will (again), except of the eating variety. Though I do appreciate the Device Skins of the geek variety for Apple lap tops. These ones are especially cool, and I even found a Snow White Vampire one, to keep with today’s posting’s theme. Aren’t you lucky?

via Copyleft Vampyr ill artlibre jnl

via Copyleft Vampyr ill artlibre jnl

All the Pretty Ladies

Remember my mermaid posting? Oh, right I put up a lot of them. I mean this one. Well, Circles Under Streetlights kindly linked to a whole set of women in that particular style. I think it is supposed to be The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Briar Rose, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, they are awesome. If anyone gets a tattoo of them let me know! I’d love to see a picture. 😀