Nodds & Nends: Top TV 2015, Quidditch Beer Pong, Miniatures, and a Troll T-Shirt

Check out this article by NerdBastards for their Top Ten TV Shows of 2015. I have to say, the one’s I’ve watched at that list, I do love. I may need to check out the others.

You can buy a Quidditch Beer Pong set, once they manufacture more that is, they are currently sold out. Still. This is a thing, peeps. [via The Mary Sue]


I read this really cool article on WordPress Discover about Photographing Miniature Worlds and Jennifer Nichole Wells. A cool article and she makes some amazing scenes. I just love them! I’m totally into miniatures now after making so many cool things for my nieces. I may have to start my own haunted doll house or something.

Bittersweet Icecream

I saw this shirt on Facebook and thought some of you all might like it. Another hurt only nerds/dorks/geeks/fandoms will feel. I definitely am going to need to add this to my collection. Here’s a link to buy this OMG It’s R2D2! I loved Him in Star Trek t-shirt. You are welcome.

Who will hate this?

Doctor Who Fans: That is a Dalek, not R2D2

Star Wars Fans: That is a Dalek, not R2D2, and R2D2 was in Star Wars, not Star Trek.

Star Trek Fans: The images on this have nothing to do with Star Trek. R2D2 is from Star Wars. For some reason these fandoms hate each other. The image is of a Dalek which is a Doctor Who icon.

Who will love this?


Anyone with a sense of humor.

People who like to troll the geek/nerd/dork/fandom community for being so uptight about their fandoms.

Day in Dallas District Bishop Arts

This weekend Chris and I did some exploring of other Dallas neighborhoods. We decided to walk around the Bishop Arts District to see what we could see.

bishop street sign

There were a lot of cool signs and interesting architecture.

bishop street

Also there was this guy with his feet completely turned out. Like you do.

street performance

One of my favorite stops of the day was the antique mall, full of some amazing finds. It was full, really full and kind of amazing.


The top left hand corner is an advertisement for how wonderful the kitchen space was in the new mobile homes. I’ve lived in mobile homes, space is not how I would describe any of them. The top right hand corner is of a rickshaw that had a fan and umbrella attached to it. The middle picture is of the front of a pinball machine. And yes, that is a picture of an old condom dispenser.

nerd antiques

These are my nerd finds. I loved the little book table (upper left hand corner), but it was kind of ridiculously expensive. The Star Wars movie poster was from 1980, and so awesome. And yes that is a signed photo of Brent Spiner. If I had a bigger place I would find some way to decorate with those old wooden filing cabinets. Such beautiful wood. Most interestingly I found a file drawer in another cabinet with an interesting label.


It was full of naked or half naked women. Most interestingly, they were definitely not photoshopped into perfection which I thought was cool. And yes, I giggled a lot I was not expecting to find such a drawer at an antique mall.

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I really enjoy when J.J. Abrams directs action movies. He captures movement and fighting really well, it is always captivating cinematography. As a small disclaimer, while my family did watch some episodes of Star Trek over the years, I make no claim to be a bona fide Trekkie. So my review is based on my viewing of the most recent Star Trek movies. I thoroughly enjoyed the first recent Star Trek movie in 2009 and was eager to watch Into Darkness. I had a recent opportunity to do so when I saw that it was on Netflix and Chris was watching some football game in the living room.


Summary from IMDB:

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction.

I really enjoyed watching the gang get back together again, along with a few new faces. Chris Pine does an excellent job leading the team as Captain Kirk. He and Spock have a hard time understanding each other, coming from different backgrounds, and different emotional mindsets. It was an interesting emotional connection in a piece of work that was mostly fight scene after spaceship chase scene after obligatory half naked women scene. I think Zachary Quinto does an amazing job as Spock and really helps the audience connect to the character. But by far my favorite character is Scotty. I love Simon Pegg, and as Scotty he is the perfect comedic relief in a very heavy movie. However, Scotty is more than comedic relief, he is also wise counsel at a time when Kirk is unsure who is telling him the truth.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Kahn, the movie’s antagonist. It is a wonderful role for him, but I had no doubt he would do a wonderful job. He is an amazing actor. He brought complexity and dimension to the character, and was a wonderful intellectual foil that Pine played off of beautifully. I found the exploration into the background of the Star Trek story intriguing and a great concept for a movie. The slow revelation of who Kahn was and where he came from was well played between all the shoot ’em out scenes. The movie’s pacing was executed with great precision and all the story lines come together in an epic way.

star trek 1

The only comment Chris made about the movie (that he didn’t watch except for the few seconds when he came to check on me during commercial breaks in his football game) was that there were a lot of casualties. Which does seem a bit of an oxymoron because the whole movie is about saving people, but the result of the crews actions are that a lot of people die. In my opinion as long as the people I want to survive do, I don’t care about civilian casualties. After all, it is just a movie. One nice thing about a prequel was that I could rest assured my favorite people would survive (unless they were rewriting the whole franchise). If I know my people are going to survive, then I can just sit back and watch a movie instead of feeling anxious the entire time.

I thought Star Trek Into the Darkness was a fun film, full of interestingly choreographed fight scenes, an antagonist and protagonist that played off each other well, and an emotional story line that added dimension to the movie.

If you want to read a very very spoiler ridden but in depth review, check out Wil Wheaton’s, he has some really great points. (I tried to find some other wordpress peeps who have done a review of the movie, because I like to support our little online community, but wordpress search engine is a joke. All I was given were a dozen spam posts about how to download the movie online for free. This. This is why wordpress is in the doghouse.)

Nodds & Nends: Baring Skin, Gender Bender, and Fairy Tale Inspired Shoes

Does baring skin mean you’re stupid? A psychological look at the reasons calling women fake geek girls is hurtful. This is a really well written piece and goes into many of the side issues that don’t get talked about often. Things I’ve been pointing out on the internets and in real life for a while, just said much more well (I can’t help myself).

Some cool Gender Bender stuff that I’ve found. The first one is Jennifer Lawrence as Thor. Though I agree with The Mary Sue, not sure why they bared her midriff.  Seems like prime stabbing space now.

If  you’re a writer, cut the bullshit and say you are. An interesting and encouraging piece by Daniel Dalton on claiming what you are.

Speaking of writing and books, I stumbled onto this image of how one person views libraries.  Not as a bunch of dusty books with the library Dewey decimal tag on them, but a world full of wonder. My favorite place downtown is the library. It’s massive and magical.

Check out these shoes (and by shoes she means impossibly high heels that I would never be able to wear even if I do think they are pretty awesome) that have been inspired by Disney’s representation of fairy tales and stories. [via Picture Me Reading]

Finally, Carol Burnett does a Star Trek Gender Bender sketch. While I personally think it plays a little too much into stereotype gender roles to get laughs, it’s a unique and funny sketch. [via The Mary Sue]

Nodds & Nends: Disney Cosplay, Nerdy PSAs, and Book Cakes

Disney Princess Cosplay including Aurora (I think she gets left out all too often). I love the costumes, they are quite good. But I do think the big buildings in the background kind of detract from the overall aesthetics. Which is sad, but understandable. And this Little Mermaid illustration is so lovely I had to share it. I know I put up a lot of Ariel, but what can I say? I have a soft spot for red heads.

The new Star Trek movie pictures have been on the internets for a while, but in case you haven’t stumbled onto them already, here they are. I’m looking forward to this. Is it mainly because the movie will have Cumberbatch in it? Yes, yes it is. I wont even deny it. But I did like the first one that J.J. Abrams directed and I hear this one is to have some cameos. So I’m fairly excited about this movie.

I love finding nerdy wedding cakes, but I especially enjoy this book version because I think it is classy and could be changed for each couple according to their tastes in reading. [via RIASS]

Finally, watch these nerdy PSAs. You are welcome.

Television Review: Warehouse Wednesday: A New Hope

Warehouse 13 is back for its fourth season and was the season opening a doozy of an episode! Last season ended with Sykes having employed a bomb that destroyed the Warehouse, killed H.G. Wells and Mrs. Fredric, leaving Artie, Pete, and Myka standing in the middle of the ruins with Artie holding the watch that MacPherson gave him some time before. Take THAT run on informative sentences! Even though this episode went the direction I figured it would go, I quite enjoyed the season opener. I liked all of Pete’s quips, the artifacts employed were really cool, and the team brought emotion to what could have just been a boring treasure hunt. How any treasure hunt is boring, I’m not sure, but it’s happened. A great start to the season and I’m hoping the rest of the season are as good as this episode is.

As Myka, Pete, and Artie stand there in the middle of devastation they peer around them with tears in their eyes. Everyone feeling utter hopelessness, when Artie realizes that not only is the Warehouse destroyed but the container keeping Pandora’s Box safe was destroyed also. Myka mutters, “And on the bottom of Pandora’s Box, all that remained was hope,” explaining that because hope was not contained any longer in the box, hopelessness and chaos now ruled the world. Artie turns on the TV and news reporters are talking about a collapsed economy and riots in major cities.

The gang figures that Artie must have a plan, because he always has a plan, but especially because he has that oh so famous watch. Only Artie isn’t sure what it does. They all begin to examine the watch closely and realize it has an inscription on it that when Myka-translated reads, Push the button. Artie pushes at the watch and it reconfigured into a stop watch counting down from the moment the warehouse imploded. They presuppose it means there must be a way to go back in time 24 hours and stop the Warehouse from being destroyed, if only they can follow the clues. The first clue are black diamonds in association with a Templar brotherhood in France, even though Claudia would rather being bringing Steve back from the dead, Myka convinces her to come with them and the gang fly to their next clue.

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Star Trek Fan Art

It is Memorial Day weekend here in the states and I thought about having the day totally off (since luckily both of my jobs are closed for the day) and put up a “Sorry” posting this morning. But I have several readers not here in the States, so these postings are for you all. 😀