Mario Interior Designs

Mario wall decor and storage. This is when I know I’m a nerd and not a geek. Mario will never be on my walls.

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But if at some point I was ever convinced to put Mario up on my walls at home, he wouldn’t go up in my bathroom. I’m sorry, but that is sacred space. Sacred. [via]

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Mario Brothers Post-it Up

Post-it note art as the original level 1 of Super Mario game. Ah-mazing. Apparently it is a rival of the colors and pixel-ated geek art on this street in Seattle. But seriously, who has time to do this? I guess when the vice-president of the company is part of the fun, everyone. Read about it here. [via Geekologie]

Super Mario Sneakers

Super Mario Chuck Taylors. You heard me right. And they are awesome. Check out either link. [via Fashionably Geek]