Super Stormtrooper

This Stormtrooper as Superman just made my day.  Star Wars – Super Trooper by rhymesyndicate. [via]

And enjoy this Superman cosplay.

By J F Willis (Flickr: Up Up and away) via Wikimedia Commons

By J F Willis (Flickr: Up Up and away) via Wikimedia Commons



Thanks to the lovely dragonbug for these little superhero tidbits. I think.

Doctor Who Super Duper Upper

The TARDIS is UP Up and Away! This internet awesomeness seems to have come from no where, I cannot find the original source. Possibly first posted here. But you can find a similar print on Redbubble and get a t-shirt here. [via]

Superman changing in the TARDIS is one of the best mash-ups I’ve ever seen. And I do love me some mash-ups! [via]

Doctor Who As

Doctor Who as Superman, you can buy a print here

Doctor Who as Stained Glass buy a print here 

Doctor Who as Magnets  you can buy them here

Superhero Sleepover

Buy some lovely superhero jamas and have a pillow fight, to the death.

Not serious enough for you? Check out these Superhero vintage costumes. [via]