Geeky Holiday Haul

The holidays are upon us and I have recieved a lot of wonderful geeky gifts I just have to tell everyone about! I got a TARDIS hoodie that I have wanted for ages! I got a Doctor Who mug which I’ve used the every day to watch the TARDIS disappear for coffee time.  But, perhaps the most unique gift is the Doctor Who t-shirt I posted about earlier on this blog that my best friend sent me. It is soooo awesome and really does glow in the dark!

It’s like my people know me. 😉

I wore this Where the Wild Things Are T-shirt to work today. It was a present from my mother who has always been a huge supporter of my geeky side.  I love that I can wear this to work, yes that’s my hand made TARDIS cork board behind me, and I even have a squishy TARDIS toy that lights up sitting on my desk. No one even blinks that I have these things. Either this is a testament to the power of me being able to get away with anything because I work hard, or people are so used to my weirdness it doesn’t even register anymore.


The Doctor Travels Across the Internets

I found a Tim Burtoesque Doctor Who The Nightmare Before Christmas Special, on Brian of Morbius, is cool and creepy. However, This t-shirt of a Weeping Angel is just weird. I think if someone did that in front of me I would laugh and go, Um, OK. And probably walk away while they were trying to get the shirt back off their head.

The TARDIS has shown up in several places this week disguised as a dress. A 1940’s poodle skirt version showed up on Pinterest. A ruffled version with a TARDIS tie can be purchased on Etsy. Or if you want more of a long t-shirt with leggings look, this screen printed dress would be a good idea. And finally via ThinkGeek this really cool full bustled TARDIS gown with a riding hood appeared. Honestly, this is by far my favorite TARDIS dress I have EVER seen. I. Want. To. Go. To. There. (It’s only $500.)

Of course if you are going to wear the TARDIS as a dress, the perfect shoe is necessary to go with your Doctor Who outfit. I like this particular TARDIS heel, but my friend Sara prefers this one. Either way you can be totally decked out in TARDISes, how awesome is that?!

And finally, the TARDIS landed at a church.


cc mym via Wikimedia Commons

Whovian T-Shirts for Women

Her Universe by BBC World Wide has created some great new female friendly Whovian t-shirts. They are awesome and are up for sale next week (July 11). [via and thanks to Frivolous Monsters for the tip!]

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Harry Potter T-Shirt Full of Spiders

This Harry Potter t-shirt is both awesome and creepy. Definitely from one of my favorite movie bits, the car and the spiders make me smile every time I see them. Which is saying something, because I *HATE* spiders. Blaugh. Though, I do have an awesome spider story I tell children who listen in rapt attention to the spider with armor and boots of each of his eight legs who helps a little lost boy find his way home. So, I guess spiders in stories aren’t so bad. [via]

Doctor Who Stuff For the Mens

It was brought to my attention that a lot of my Doctor Who finds are geared toward women. Generally I find more TARDIS dresses than anything else, but this may be because I’ve an eye out for them. But having noticed a deficiency I went about correcting it. And here are some Doctor Who finds for the mens. As Father’s Day is this weekend, they make excellent late Father’s Day presents. I almost just wrote Doctor Who Day presents, and I have to ask- WHY ISN’T THERE A DOCTOR WHO DAY???????? (There is a TARDIS day, but still, not the same. I want an official Doctor Who Day which requires presents. To me. )

I actually kind of want this TARDIS tie. I love the look of feminie office work and a tie added. Unfortunately I can’t stand things around my neck and have enough trouble with loose necklaces. My greatest fear is being choked to death. So maybe a TARDIS tie is not for me.

Technically this TARDIS T-shirt is for women and men. But it looks like a man’s shirt to me.

If that isn’t manly enough, or doesn’t go with your TARDIS tie, then check out these TARDIS cuff links.

And I’m more than a little in love with this 11th Doctor wallet. But then I’m more than a little in love with the 11th Doctor.

Nodds & Nends in the Theme of Doctor Noo

Doctor Who and Star Wars Mash-up

Doctor Who and Firefly joke- is he joking? 😀

Baby Who Villians, Awww cuteness! For once I think I could stand a Dalek, if it was a baby. But I’m like that with a lot of things, I personally enjoy hanging out more with babies than adults.

10th Doctor T-shirt (thanks to Sara for the tip)

Nodds & Nends: Green Eggs and Bacon Sweets, Upcycled Onesies, and Keyboard Rings

What are Nodds & Nends? Well, Nerdy Odds and Ends of course.

Check out these sweet treats of “Green Eggs and Bacon”

Or revel in these awesome upcycled onesies from people’s favorite T-shirts.

These rings are a bit awkward on the hand, but together they make an awesome brass knuckle type of weapon for bullies. [via]

Trendy T-Shirts

Trendy for nerds that is. Get this t-shirt and never get lost on your way to nerdy meccas. Welp, the t-shirt has disappeared. Still, it was cool while it lasted. [via Fashionably Geek]

Have you seen Sherlock yet? You should, it is awesome. So is this t-shirt. [via Pinterest]

Doctor Whoness

Can you really love DW if you don’t know the proper short form for the show? ::le sigh:: I guess I should just be happy with the pretty artwork.

Looking for a Doctor Who shirt? Check out this blog post of 23 DW shirts.

DW iPhone case.  Frankly, I like this one better than the owl Doctor Who iPhone case. But as I don’t have an iPhone, my opinion matters very little.